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Advocate for members’ interests, build coalitions, and influence outcomes

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Advance Interests

Further the mission. Achieve strategic goals. Make the world a better place.

Maximize Influence

Submit comments supported by superior evidence. Build broader coalitions to leverage a position. Amplify messaging and lobby more productively.

Accelerate Awareness

Monitor for regulations impacting member interests. Gain deep insight quickly to respond more effectively. Stay ahead of every relevant issue.

Persuade With Proof 

Advocacy lies at the core of the inspiration for Regendus. Designed to level the playing field in the rulemaking process, Regendus enables organizations to find the right evidence to support their positions, despite limited resources. Public interest, watchdog, and civic rights groups can now augment their core capabilities using cutting-edge cognitive computing tools to rival the best-resourced opposition.

Regardless of size or resources, Regendus allows organizations to never miss a regulation impacting their constituents. Powerful analytic capabilities help bridge the intelligence gap to evaluate strategic impacts, anticipate the policy horizon, and identify allies and adversaries.

Regendus produces the data-driven intelligence that empowers an organization to influence rulemaking decisions. Case-supporting facts can now be extracted from the sea of regulatory data, creating transparency and ensuring greater fairness.

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