Rulemaking Augmented

Engage and collaborate securely, render manual methods obsolete, and embrace intelligent governance.

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Connect Teams

Collaborate across departments and agencies. Manage workflow seamlessly. Provide strategic value to leadership with powerful executive reporting.

Assess Impact

Identify, predict, or review disparate impacts on specific industries, sectors, or groups. Analyze rule redundancy and overlap across the federal spectrum. Support cost-benefit analysis and review.

Unlock Insight

Detect trends and anomalies not otherwise discernible by human review. Rapidly gauge public sentiment from large comment datasets. Pinpoint substantive issues, duplicate comments, and undue influencers.

Transform the Discourse

Created over four years of technical exchanges with the White House, eRulemaking Program, OMB, and 20 other agencies, Regendus automates the rulemaking process with a knowledge hub modeled after intelligence community best practices. Workflow tools powered by IBM Watson Explorer give agencies complete control over their data to handle the enormous flow of regulatory information and make better decisions.

Designed for rulemaking staff, managers, and executives, Regendus is hosted in the FISMA Moderate, FedRAMP compliant SoftLayer Federal Data Center. Agencies can now collaborate securely during any stage of the rulemaking process with other regulators, stakeholders, and the general public.

Regendus alters the historic reliance on the manual consideration of public comments, reducing time spent by orders of magnitude and allowing for more efficient allocation of human and capital resources. For the first time, cognitive computing unlocks insight from unstructured data contained in millions of regulatory documents, transforming the discourse between the regulators and the regulated.

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