Anticipate. Align. Influence.

Track daily regulatory actions, synchronize government affairs, and affect rulemaking outcomes.

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Influence Outcomes

Identify allies and adversaries through the leading knowledge hub connecting regulators and stakeholders. Optimize messaging and lobby more effectively.

Align Strategy

Unify company policy ahead of regulatory change. Equip government affairs staff with collaborative capabilities. Generate executive reports based on advanced analytics.

Anticipate Impacts

Accelerate awareness and pinpoint actions affecting company interests. Determine the most likely regulatory impacts in real time.

Counter the Cost of Regulation

Regendus identifies key patterns, trends, and deviations related to specific issues on the regulatory radar, in real time, providing insight into rules, comments, supporting studies and other documents. The platform supports powerful tools to analyze and better understand the implications of that information, to quickly and effectively align company goals, submit comments, and ultimately influence outcomes. Regendus can also be customized for proprietary datasets, such as customer surveys, producing valuable business intelligence. For companies striving to comply and stay ahead of the rulemaking curve, Regendus helps strategize for the future regulatory environment.

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