OCTOBER 12, 2017

Notice and Comment (N&C) Inc., a provider of Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions that augment human capacity for solving complex analytical challenges entailing unstructured data, on Friday received the 6th Annual Tech Startup of the Year Award from Technical.ly Baltimore.

Founded in 2013 and based at the Emerging Technology Center (ETC), N&C traces its origins to nearby Washington, DC, where the company’s founders participated in the White House Big Data Commission — the only small business invited to join in the blue-ribbon panel, co-chaired by senior representatives of IBM and SAP.

N&C’s initial product offering called Regendus, an NLP-solution based on IBM Watson and configured for the regulatory rulemaking space, spun out from technical exchanges with the White House and more than 20 separate federal agencies. Developed through 5,300 hours of engineering lab work at the IBM Federal Innovation Center, Regendus became commercially available earlier this year.

Today, N&C works with leaders in technology, business and public policy, providing game-changing applications of NLP to solve some of the most difficult analytical challenges faced in the public and private sectors. N&C garnered the highest number of votes to win Tech Startup of the Year award from a broad spectrum of technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors in the emerging Baltimore technology community.

“This recognition of N&C’s accomplishments to date means a lot to our founding team and employees, as we continue pressing forward to achieve major technical and commercial milestones,” said John W. Davis II, the company’s founder and CEO.

“From the start, we have received tremendous encouragement and support from various visionary leaders, including some of the most accomplished individuals in business and government around the region. Technical.ly serves as a vital resource to the tech community, and we are gratified to share this recognition from them with all the great people who have shared faith in the vision behind N&C, contributing their insights and resources to our success thus far.”

In August, the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority (MSBDFA) led a $275,000 equity financing round for N&C, which is also a portfolio company with the Baltimore Angels investment group. N&C received early-stage financing from The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO).

About N&C Inc.

N&C’s solutions automate time-consuming manual processes for analysts and subject matter experts, freeing up professionals to focus on what they do best — creatively conquering important business and policy challenges. Whether it’s influencing a proposed regulation, building a coalition of interest groups, or anticipating governance risks, N&C’s products provide users with world-class intelligence. For more info visit http://www.regendus.com.

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