N&C Inc. provides a regulatory intelligence hub which promotes public engagement, automates analytic capabilities, and accelerates strategic decision making. Founded in 2013, N&C offers an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution called REGENDUS which generates rapid insights from otherwise overwhelming quantities of regulatory data. Through N&C’s public portal, NoticeandComment.com, users can access and research regulations and proposed rules, as well as use unique tools to highlight specific issues and submit effective comments for consideration by federal agencies.

As a technology development partner with N&C, IBM has invested over 5,300 laboratory hours at its Federal Innovations Centers to advance REGENDUS. The solution is built on IBM’s cognitive computing platform known as Watson (which famously defeated several top champions on the popular TV quiz show Jeopardy). The solution commercially available today resulted from three years of collaborative innovation, including technical exchanges with the White House and 23 separate federal agencies.

N&C offers solutions for collecting public comments in whatever form they arrive (email, handwritten, social media, etc.), identifying trends, duplicate documents, and rapidly accelerating the ability of agency personnel to consider and analyze all relevant content. N&C’s solutions not only help manage the rapidly expanding universe of public rulemaking data, its NLP capabilities enable users to discover “needles in the data haystack,” producing valuable insights from regulatory documents.

The only small business invited to do so, N&C participated in the Federal Big Data Commission, co-chaired by IBM and SAP. The blue-ribbon panel was formed to advise the White House and Congress about new developments in the field of big data, and how next-generation data analytic technologies can improve government processes.

Regendus puts the power of cutting-edge cognitive computing into the hands of policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders with user-friendly, intuitive tools that quickly unlock valuable insights and identify important trends. This revolutionary new solution empowers a more engaged citizenry and business community, while enabling a more transparent, efficient, and responsive government — ultimately saving significant time and taxpayer expense.

N&C is a portfolio company with the Baltimore Angels investment group. The company also received early-stage financing from The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO).

For more information about Regendus or N&C, Inc., email us at contact@NoticeandComment.com.