Bittorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent, Which One Is Better?

Bittorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent

You might hear about “torrent”. Sometimes it is followed by Internet piracy issues or other threats. Well, you don’t have to be that scared of this thing because torrent is not kind of a virus or dangerous thing for your computer. Unluckily, it is popular with the safety and legality discussion. For your better understanding, read this article because we will tell you a glance about BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent. Even though we won’t discuss deeper, at least you have a concept to explore more about it.

The important thing you must know about torrent, it is a kind of file-sharing technology. It allows many users to connect and share files without relying on one server only. If you are one of the users, you can download files, not from the original source. You can get the files from other users with the same torrent facility. Thus, you might need a faster higher speed to make the process smoother. There are kinds of torrents with their difference. So, let’s move to the next discussion about BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent.

Is It Safe and Legal?

As we mentioned above, torrent is always followed by these two issues: safety and legality. We might say that downloading files from torrent is full of risks. Since you get the files, not from the original source, the virus potentially infects your computer. Even though some users have their way to overcome this issue, virus still possible hits you. Also, you never know what the main source uploaded. Then when you get the files from your peers, you might get prank files that cause the bad things to you.

BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs Qbittorrent has its own users. But, no matter which one you choose, you are potentially get caught due to copyright issues. For worse, the other risk is being sued. Today many anti-piracy activists campaign this crime. Thus, several countries have shut down file-sharing sites. However, there are reasons why people use torrents for their needs. It is not only because downloading becomes free and quick. But also, it is easier to manage download that you can pause and resume it.

BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent

Choosing the right torrent has become an issue for some people. You might be one of them that is considering the best one. Within the list below, we hope you can find the solution. This might not a deep discussion. Because there are lots of debates among BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent. However, whatever we share below can be your references:

1. The Developer

Each torrent has a different developer. BitTorrent, as the first torrent, was created by Bram Cohen and Ashwin Navin in 2001. They made people can download files using BitTorrent clients through the peer-to-peer sharing method. Within the software, you can get the file from the users that previously downloaded. You might not get a complete file. Thus, you need the other source for the chunks.

Next is Utorrent, as the “brother” of BitTorrent, which was released in 2005 and owned by Bittorrent Inc. Since Ludvig Strigeus developed the software, it has over 100 million users now. It makes Utorrent popular for Bittorrent users outside Asia. One year later, Christophe Dumez developed qBittorrent. But now many contributors around the world develop the qBittorrent program. Thus, it has various features than the previous two torrents.

2. The Platform

For the first time, Bittorrent only runs on Windows and Mac. But now, it works well on Linux, iOS, and Android too. Just like his “brother”, Utorrent also runs on major platforms, such as Mac, OX, Linux, and Windows. But, because Utorrent is written in the C++ language, it is available in many languages. Because both of them are from the same company, that is why they are quite the same.

When you are talking about BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent, qBittorrent will be more interesting. This software deals with cross-platform. So, it is available in various operating systems, like Linux, macOS, Windows, FreeBSD, OS/2, and many more. Another difference is qBittorrent written in C++ and Python (for an optional search engine).

3. The Interface

The reason why people choose Bittorrent because it is good at managing the ads. Thus, the security doesn’t really concern about it. Contrarily, ads are an issue for Utorrent users. However, the interface design is better. You can see tabs for files, peers, info, and others. Also, Utorrent has another options menu that is versatile. It is suitable for those who love basic functions with complete features.

In a battle of BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent, we recommend Qbittorrent for a newbie. The menu displays minimalist icons which ease you to use this software. The other controls, like play, pause, and settings, are also displayed in icons. It has a very clean interface and straightforward instructions. You won’t be confused to do anything inside.

4. The Speed

One most important quality of torrent is the speed. It is the main factor when you decide the best torrent. Once the user’s torrents are downloading at the same time, it might cause the speed drop. Thus, speed is an issue for the torrent’s mind. If you compare between BitTorrent and Utorrent, then Bittorrent has a better speed. It is because of its ability to manage and block the ads. That is why BitTorrent is faster than his “brother”, Utorrent.

qBittorrent Speed Faster

Now try to download the same file with this three software. You will find that qBittorrent is the best in BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent battle. Downloading using qBittorrent is faster and surprisingly you might finish less than one minute. Even though it is not really significant for the file with a smaller size, but still qBittorrent is helpful. Moreover, within its mobile client, you are able to remote the torrent on your computer. It would never be easier managing it from distance.

5. The Price

No matter you use BitTorrent, Utorrent, or qBittorrent, each of them has a paid version for more convenient use. BitTorrent has four different price offer which one is free. If you install the free version, you will only have a basic feature. There is no additional function you get. The second plan is that blocking all ads, thus, the name is an AD-FREE version. There is no ad while you are downloading. Move to the higher level, the Pro plan offers you faster download, no ads, file conversion, and better protection from the virus. And the last is Pro+VPN with all Pro features with a Cyber Ghost VPN.

BitTorrent Pricing

Utorrent has a quite similar pricing with BitTorrent. The offering feature is not really different. But you can check the amount because Utorrent might be a little more expensive than Bittorrent. While on the other hand, qBittorrent is an open-source BitTorrent client. It is an alternative software for Utorrent users. Since it is an open-source, the program is developed by volunteers worldwide. Thus, there is no paid version for qBittorrent. However, if your life becomes easier because of this software, you can donate to the volunteers.

As you can see the difference among BitTorrent vs Utorrent vs qBittorrent, you can decide which torrent to choose. Explore more the torrents, moreover about how to use it safely. Because sharing file actually doesn’t break the law. But the copyright is a serious issue. For your hint, to safe dealing with torrent is by using a VPN. It privatizes your connection even the torrents have their offer to fulfill every user’s needs.

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