How to Unblur an Image / Photo in 7 Ways

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Unblur an Image or Photo

The blurry image occurs for many reasons. It is the most common problem of photography that can happen to everyone. Probably it doesn’t matter for professional photographers because they have a source to fix it. But for regular people, a blurry image is a disaster and they need a quick solution of how to unblur an image or photo.

On the other hand, a blurry image isn’t something nice to upload on a blog or website. Clearly, beginners need to know how to unblur an image.

Reasons Why Image or Photograph Got Blurry

Actually there are several causes of blurry images and everyone must have experienced it. Whether it is because of lens quality or human error, bad things happen. Please pay attention to the below recommendation when you take a picture:

1. Motion Blur

The cause of motion blur may vary. For example, it is because your subject is moving. Moreover, when your shutter speed is too low, surely it cannot catch moving objects. Furthermore, motion blur somehow because your hand is shaking when you’re holding the camera. Some people are sure that they hold still but as a result, it is not always that way.

Meanwhile, motion blur also often occurs in night mode selection. It is because the shutter speed is lower in night mode. So, it will produce a blurry image because of handshaking or your subject is moving. Perfect lighting is needed to avoid motion blur.

2. Dirty Lens

Believe it or not, this is one of the reasons why an image gets blurry. You better notice this one before digging on how to unblur an image. Better to clean your lens the moment before you take a picture. The lens may get dirty from handprints or dust. Additionally, mist and greasy smears can also cause dirt on your lens.

Dirty Lens

Be careful when you clean your lens. Don’t just use any towel but only microfiber cloth or towel. Moreover, using a regular cloth can scratch your lens and make your photo blurrier. Also, don’t store the camera or cell phone in a humid area. It can cause dirt as well.

3. Wrong Focus

To get a sharp photo, the lens must focus on the target. Meanwhile, your camera must focus on the target because the lens doesn’t just miss it. Furthermore, if the camera refuses to focus then you need to set the focus. Set it to a single point focus and then aim the object you want to capture.

Today’s camera, whether it’s on a smartphone or DSLR has installed autofocus. Simply activate it and let the camera do the rest. Not using autofocus means you have adjusted your camera and lens properly to avoid blurry images.

4. Weather Condition

Fog or mist is one of the reasons for a blurry-image. Taking a picture of sunrise may turn into disappointment because of the mist. If you insist on taking the picture, surely it will be blurry. Moreover, some people or photographers don’t have much time to wait until the weather gets better.

This condition also happens when you move from place to place with different types of weather. For example, snowy or cold places must be different from warm places. The lens might get watery due to the humidity or temperature. All you need to do is simply wait until the lens acclimates and then clean it carefully.

5. Improper Holding Technique

This one is so important. You can say that you can avoid this by tripod but still, you need to know why holding technique is important. Additionally, being still is the thing you need to learn at the first thing. Beginners tend to ignore this one so no wonder that their image is always blurry. A proper holding technique delivers stability.

The first thing you must do when holding the camera is standing still correctly with one foot staggered forward. Hold your breath when you’re about to press the button. Also, press the button gently to avoid camera shaking. Once again, stability is a must.

Easy Way to Unblur an Image / Photo

Back then, a blurry image cannot be fixed and you have to deal with it. But now, since photography blends with digitalization, things get more sophisticated. Fortunately, thanks to technology, blurry images can now be fixed. Moreover, it is easy and allows you to do it from your smartphone. Below is some recommendation on how to unblur an image. Check these out:

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1. Do it with Paint.NET

Paint.NET has a feature to unblur an image or photograph called the unsharp mask. Basically Paint.NET is a graphic design program that is so easy to operate. The unsharp mask allows the user to fix the blurry images by sharpening it.

Steps to do it click the Layers and Duplicate option on the screen. This step is to create a layer that will be used with a Layer mask. Simply adjust the clipping, strength, and radius until it suits you. To create the final image, adjust the opacity and click layer section on Merge and also on Merge All Flatten.

2. Unblur by SmartDeblur

Another way to unblur an image is by using SmartDeblur. The blurry and unfocused images easily fix by using SmartDeblur. Meanwhile, all you need to do is install it from the official website. However, it is compatible with Windows and macOS. Fortunately, it is very easy to operate.

Unblur by SmartDeblur

Simply drag your blur photograph to the screen and then use the Blur Parameter to fix the image. Modify the blurred image by selecting the blurry type and then adjust Radius and Smooth until it looks sharpen or clear. One thing that crosses the mind is that this software may sharpen blur files that for some reason need to be blurry.

3. Using Snapseed


Download On Google Play Download On The App Store

Android and iPhone users may cheer because they can fix the blurry images by simply installing Snapseed. This app is awesome because it saves your time since it fixes blurry images quickly. How to blur in an image using Snapseed? The answer is very easy.

Simply upload the blurry image and then select details. The next step is choosing a sharpener and then choosing structure after unblocking. Once you choose the structure to continue with click show more details. Another great thing about this app is that you can use both options to give a better quality to the picture.

4. Unblur with GIMP


Sometimes, editing the blurry images on a smartphone is not as good as doing it on a PC. But, don’t worry about it. PC lovers can install GIMP, a free tool to unblur images easily. Once GIMP is downloaded, directly open it and open photos.

At GIMP’s toolbox, you can choose blur or sharpen. To sharpen the image, simply choose sharpen and drag to make your image sharpen. Also, you can just tap part of the image you want to be sharpened. Once it all finished, your image is no longer blurry. Quite simple right?

5. Unblur Using Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor

If you want to unblur your image online the Fotor Photo Editor is the right choice. The website itself is so interactive and elegant. It gives you a simple and interesting way of how to unblur an image. There, users will easily find all the adjustments they needed to unblur an image. Eventually, the best part is all of the services are free.

Also, it allows the user to import an image from the device and adjust the staining intensity. Not just that, there is a complement of other features to be added on the image such as stickers, filters, and effects. This website also provides college creators and designs that suit Facebook or Instagram purposes.

Fotor Photo Editor also available on Android and iOS devices, so you unblur your images on the go using your smart devices.

Download On Google Play Download On The App Store

6. Using Blurity


Another way of how to blur an image caused by motion moving is by using Blurity. As stated above, that motion moving weather because of an object moving or handshaking is the main reason why the picture gets blurry. To be able to operate it, simply download Blurity, and is suitable for Windows.

Despite its simplicity, Blurity left watermarked on edited or unblur images. Furthermore, the user must pay around $79 to get rid of it. Meanwhile, you can also unblur text images that incidentally blurred. There is an amount to pay, but Blurity gives you a satisfying result.

7. Sharp The Image with PineTools

PineTools Sharpen Image Online

PineTools Sharpen Image Online is also an online tool to unblur an image. Even though it is very easy, Photo Sharpen can only sharpen the image. All you can do is just upload your blurry image and then sharpen it. Fortunately, it is compatible with any kind of browser as well as Windows and Mac.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore about how to unblur an image. The above reason and solution may give you revelations and get you a better photo collection.

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