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Optimize Regulatory Affairs

Regendus is a Regulatory Intelligence Platform that monitors federal regulations, assesses impacts and compliance risks, and ultimately allows public and private sector clients to accelerate their strategic decision-making. Government affairs professionals and federal regulators save time and money with Regendus’ cutting-edge search and data analytic capabilities, enabling deep insight based on real-time data.

Knowledge as a Service

Based on intelligence community best practices, Regendus unlocks regulatory insight from structured and unstructured data using the world’s most powerful cognitive computing system. Configured specifically for the regulatory space, Regendus is a knowledge hub built on IBM Watson that delivers only the most pertinent data while uncovering trends, patterns, and relationships.

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Accelerate Insight

Gain 360 degree visibility of the policy landscape. Spot undue influencers using duplicate detection. Realize better outcomes with positions supported by direct evidence.

Seize Opportunities

Detect issue hotspots and allies. Engage stakeholders and build coalitions to maximize influence. Refine strategy to leverage new programs.

Spot Issues

Uncover legal issues buried in mountains of data. Prioritize strategic direction consistent with the evolving regulatory environment. Avoid costly litigation by preemptively addressing issues.

Expedite Approvals

Maximize market potential. Accelerate new product and technology approvals. Navigate the maze of overlapping jurisdictions and uncertain authority.

Analyze Sentiment

Match positive and negative expressions with subject matter to determine issue-specific public sentiment. Identify risk, align interests, and develop comment strategies.

Augmented Intelligence

Subscribe to the most advanced knowledge hub of federal regulatory actions, supporting documents, and public comments. Over one million documents and growing.


No matter your industry, Regendus identifies key issues on the regulatory radar, in real time. Stay ahead of the rulemaking curve and drive strategy for the future regulatory environment.

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It is no easy to task to monitor, manage, and understand complex proposals. Protect  member interests with timely insight to influence outcomes.

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In an era of increasingly unpredictable spikes in public interest, Regendus enables comment consideration in minutes, not months. Improve resource and personnel allocation while meeting tight deadlines.

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