Apply the power of REGENDUS to your regulatory strategy with IBM Watson

Government Regulation Analytics and Business Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence in the Cloud

Regendus provides an intelligence hub that combines documents from agencies participating in federal eRulemaking, public comments, and proprietary customer datasets.

IBM Watson’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology quickly identifies trends, patterns, and connections in structured and unstructured data sets — no matter how large.

Regendus mirrors technology and best practices employed by U.S. intelligence agencies, configured for regulatory analysis, enabling  actionable insights to accelerate and enhance your strategic decision making.

How can Natural Language Processing can help your regulatory strategy?
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"We recognized the promise of Regendus early on, during our Big Data work together on behalf of the White House. Regendus allows users to gain valuable knowledge from otherwise highly disparate and fragmented regulatory information."
Andras SzakalCTO, IBM US Federal

Optimize Regulatory Affairs

Regendus is a Regulatory Intelligence Platform that monitors federal regulations, assesses impacts and compliance risks, and ultimately allows public and private sector clients to accelerate their strategic decision-making. Government affairs professionals and federal regulators save time and money with Regendus’ cutting-edge search and data analytic capabilities, enabling deep insight based on real-time data.

Innovation at the Core

The first IBM Watson cloud solution developed for commercial use, Regendus was built over the course of more than 5,300 lab hours by engineers at the IBM Analytics Solutions Center. Configured specifically for regulatory analysis through technical exchanges with the White House, OMB, and more than 20 federal agencies, Regendus offers a powerful platform for producing intelligence from otherwise overwhelming amounts of data.

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Conquer Regulatory Challenges


  • Agency Overlap
  • State Patchwork
  • Political Climate


  • Manual Processes
  • Incompatible Formats
  • Time Constraints


  • Compliance and Approvals
  • Impact Analysis
  • Competition Research

Accelerate Insight

Strategic decisionmakers identify valuable intel hidden within huge volumes of data, making better informed choices – faster.

Identify Opportunities

Public affairs professionals detect emerging policy “hotspots” and engage stakeholders sooner to maximize influence.

Spot Issues

Regulatory affairs experts uncover trends in the evolving regulatory environment, enabling them to address relevant issues earlier.

Expedite Approvals

New product and technology developers efficiently navigate the maze of overlapping jurisdictions and uncertain authority.

Analyze Sentiment

Policy makers instantaneously detect positive and negative expressions to determine issue-specific public sentiment, or develop more effective comment strategies.

Augment Intelligence

Regulators and the regulated alike benefit from the most advanced intelligence hub for analyzing regulatory actions, supporting documents, and public comments.


No matter your industry, Regendus identifies key issues on the regulatory radar, in real time. Stay ahead of the rulemaking curve and drive strategy for the future regulatory environment.

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It is no easy to task for your organization to monitor, manage, and understand complex proposals. Use Regendus to protect member interests with timely insight, and influence outcomes.

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In an era of increasingly unpredictable spikes in public interest, Regendus enables comment consideration in minutes, not months. Improve resource and personnel allocation while meeting tight deadlines.

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