13 Best Pregnancy Workout Apps for Android & iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Pregnancy Workout Apps

Keeping your body fit and healthy during pregnancy isn’t easy as pie. However, there are lots of benefits to staying active during your pregnancy. If you can’t make time to gym or yoga class, the best pregnancy workout apps have got your back.

Rigorous workouts aren’t recommended during pregnancy, instead, you can opt for moderate workouts to stay healthy. Regular exercise can help you reduce unpleasant symptoms like leg cramps and back pain. What workout options are available?

Best Pregnancy Workout Apps for Android and iOS

We’ve put together the most favorite pregnancy workouts to help you stay active. These apps are safe for pregnant women. But it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before starting a regular exercise using one of these apps.

1. Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is among the best exercises during pregnancy. Without involving intense physical activities, it helps you achieve a healthier body and mind. Prenatal Yoga app offers a new pregnancy yoga practice to your mat, allowing you to maintain your health from home.

To meet your specific needs based on pregnancy development, this tool provides you with various yoga practices. The exercises are targeted for each trimester—simply choose your phrase and get an appropriate yoga position.

This pregnancy exercise app is designed to help you relieve back pain. All practices allow you to stretch not only the side body but also the low back. It also has a Boost feature that is made specifically to boost your low back and side body.

Are you a beginner? There’s nothing to worry about. This app is completely easy to use and follow. Simply choose your guide and select your favorite instructor.

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2. Juna


Soon-to-be moms need to stay fit and healthy. And if you’re looking for an ideal app to help you achieve the goal, Juna has got you covered. Created by moms and for moms, this best pregnancy workout app provides you with fitness programs that’s suitable not only for pregnancy but also conception.

How this app works is quite simple. Once downloaded, you need to launch it and sign up. Submit your due date and let the app determine where you’re at, what nutrition you need, and what workouts are recommended for you.

Juna includes a variety of key features, such as 12-week Trying to Conceive program, over 200 pregnancy workouts, labor preparation workouts, daily breathing exercises, and more. You’ll also find useful daily tips, recipes, and advice for your pregnancy.

Best of all, Juna is completely free to download. But you can upgrade to the premium version for more features.

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3. Pregnancy Workout Program

Pregnancy Workout Program

Find pregnancy exercises for 3 trimesters in the Pregnancy Workout Program. This app is made with health and convenience in mind, providing you with safe exercises for relieving pains and aches during pregnancy on a daily basis.

Preparing for childbirth is made easier with this app. Not only can you maintain overall health through regular physical activities, it also helps enhance your mood. Many moms-to-be have trusted their pregnancy workouts to this tool and now it’s your turn.

What’s interesting about this app is the 30-day healthy pregnancy challenge. Through this challenge, you will learn how to exercise, prepare for childbirth, eat right, and get everything organized without getting overwhelmed.

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4. Move Your Bump

Move Your Bump

Move Your Bump is one of the best pregnancy workout apps to ensure your pregnancy fitness. This is one of few apps recommended by medical specialists, thanks to safe fitness programs and useful features it offers.

This tool highlights more than 400 on-demand workouts for conception and pregnancy. These exercises are so flexible that you can do it on your own pace and time. Feel free to choose between a 30-minute workout and a 60-minute option before getting started.

Furthermore, Move Your Bump is featured with meal planning that guides you to keep a healthy diet and nutrition during pregnancy. Whether you want to go meal by meal or snack by snack, this app has got you covered.

Though it comes packed with a preloaded program, this app allows customization. Set your goal, adjust your fitness and nutrition plan so you can get the best result—customized plan helps meet your specific needs.

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5. Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise by PregNur comes in handy to maintain your overall health during pregnancy. Featuring exercises for all trimesters, each set is designed specifically to help you enjoy all changes in your body no matter where you are at.

This modest app includes tons of features, such as pregnancy tracker that allows you to keep track of your pregnancy and due date; weekly exercises for all trimesters; and useful tips to improve baby development.

What’s more, Pregnancy Exercise provides animations and pictures alongside description for each exercise that helps you follow the instructions. Plus, you can get useful information about pregnancy for each week of each trimester.

If you are looking for the best free pregnancy workout app then Pregnancy Exercise is just for you. Designed with an intuitive interface, this tool is highly accessible to everyone.

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6. Pregnancy Exercise & Workout for Women

Pregnancy Exercise & Workout for Women

This is a powerful pregnancy exercise app for every mom-to-be. It promotes safe pregnancy and normal delivery through sets of workouts that are completely suitable for pregnant women. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t get overwhelmed using this app.

Exercises found in this app are designed to help prepare your body for childbirth. But if you are not comfortable with some of the included workouts, feel free to modify or choose only exercises that suit your preferences.

Featuring an attractive and user-friendly interface, this is a very simple tool to enjoy your pregnancy. In addition to promoting your health, it helps you maintain normal weight. Not to mention you can feel more energized and experience a better night’s sleep.

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7. Pregnancy Yoga Exercises

Pregnancy Yoga Exercises

Yoga could be the best exercise for pregnant women. And if you’re looking to practice yoga without hiring a professional instructor, downloading Pregnancy Yoga Exercise could be a brilliant solution. It is dedicated to all mothers who want to keep their body healthy and fit during pregnancy.

This prenatal yoga app not only provides you with sets of exercises but it also offers valuable information about pregnancy. Read everything you need to know, from pregnancy tips to childbirth preparation and get yourself ready for being a great mom.

Good news, most exercises in this application are safe for pregnant mothers. If you find some movements are not comfortable, feel free to choose any movement that makes you feel better.

Since every pregnancy is unique, it is suggested to consult your midwife or healthcare provider. If you get workout approval, then go ahead.

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8. Pregnancy Workouts for Every Trimester

Pregnancy Workouts for Every Trimester

Safe pregnancy workouts should be modified according to your pregnancy stage. This app is designed to meet your need for ideal exercises for every trimester—these exercises will be good not only for you but also your baby.

Yoga during pregnancy helps improve flexibility, not to mention it helps enhance your ability to breathe through muscle contraction. It also plays a role in improving your ability to relax under stress.

In addition to yoga, Pilates is great for moms-to-be. This kind of exercise keeps you stay in shape during pregnancy, not to mention it helps strengthen your core. Strong core is beneficial to improve flexibility, reduce back pain, and maintain your posture.

There are some other exercises to find in this best pregnancy workout app, such as pelvic floor exercise and pregnancy ball exercise. Always consult your doctor before getting started to make sure your pregnancy won’t be affected.

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9. Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy Workouts

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Pregnancy Workouts is among the best apps for prenatal exercises. All workouts found in this platform are safe for expecting moms. With just a 20-minute workout today for each stage, you can stay fit and healthy in every trimester.

There are dozens of features brought to your table, such as breathing exercises, pelvic floor exercises, and daily exercise trackers. With short and effective workouts, maintaining your health is no longer overwhelming. Besides, it helps you build a healthy habit.

One of the best parts about Pregnancy Workouts is it allows you to exercise from home. Whether you can’t make it to the gym or you don’t have equipment at home, this application lets you enjoy a variety of exercises at its most.

Doing the same workouts everyday can make you feel bored. Fortunately, Pregnancy Workouts provides you with new exercise every day, so you will never lose interest in this app. 

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10. Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

This is a prenatal workout app that you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Featuring a bunch of exercises from gentle yoga to safe AB exercises, it comes in handy to keep you active at home. With regular workouts, you can expect a healthier body and baby.

With regular exercises in this app, you can carry your weight gain during pregnancy. It also helps you prepare for childbirth, especially for the physical challenge. One of the most important benefits of this app is improved mood and energy to live your day.

Some pregnant mothers may experience sleep issues. Regular exercise helps you get rid of this problem, allowing you to gain a better sleep quality. Doing prenatal workouts also contributes in getting back your shape after the baby is born.

For your convenience, this pregnancy exercise app features a timer and calorie tracker. You can also find workout animations, so you can easily follow each instruction.

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11. Yoggy


Find a simple and easy-to-follow yoga program with Yoggy. This pregnancy workout application helps maintain your health through regular practices. Your healthy body is the key to a healthy baby and happy pregnancy.

Yoggy contains 7 different exercises that are suitable for pregnant mothers. Only with 10 minutes for each practice, feel a healthier version of you. Doing regular exercise helps you build a healthy habit even after labor.

Good news, this best pregnancy workout app comes with easy to understand animation. As a bonus, it also provides movement instructions and benefits. Read the instructions to do each movement properly.

Yoggy is a simple pregnancy workout made by moms for moms-to-be. This app is free to download but you can unlock premium features by accessing the paying option.

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12. YogiBirth


Flex your muscles and refresh your mind during pregnancy with yoga exercises from YogiBirth. Featured in more than 74 countries, this powerful workout app allows pregnant moms to stay active and healthy during their precious time.

Designed by pregnancy yoga teacher and midwife, YogiBirth is a combination of meditation, yoga, and childbirth education. This program has helped millions of expecting mothers out there to get to know more about pregnancy and labor, so they can be more informed, calm, and confident.

With this app, you can join classes designed to give you more insight and practices related to birth and early parenthood. Classes are tailored to your stage and designed to be a powerful support system for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Best of all, YogiBirth is free to download. It offers in-app purchases for additional features.

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13. Baby2Body


Designed for pregnancy wellness, Baby2Body helps you optimize your nutrition, fitness, and emotional wellbeing. This application provides you with safe and fun workout plans, tasty and healthy meal plans, and meditations to support your pregnancy.

It also includes insightful tips from coaches, quick activities to promote healthier habits, updates on baby development, and also relevant reads. Plus, it allows you to track activity for water intake, weight, and exercises.

Even if you’re in a conceive program, Baby2Body can be a great app for you. It features a Trying to Conceive program that supports fertile window prediction and cycle tracking. Best of all, this application is free to download. Baby2Body Premium is available for additional features.

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The best pregnancy workout apps are designed to help moms-to-be maintain their health during pregnancy. Featuring safe exercises, expecting mothers can stay active at home. Pick your ideal application and build healthier habits while pregnant.

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