How to Fix Audio Services Not Responding Windows 10

by Hashir Zuniga

Audio Services Not Responding Windows 10

Do you ever find audio services not responding on Windows 10? This may be annoying, especially when you are in the mood to listen to your favorite songs. While the error message can happen in any Windows, here you will find how to fix audio services not responding Windows 10. You don’t need to be a computer geek to solve the problem.

Audio services not responding is actually an error message which indicates a problem with the computer’s sound devices, be it unresponsive device or not responding. This message is generated through the sound troubleshooter of your Windows. Although this is a common error, you may need to know how to fix it whenever the message pops up on your computer screen.

Ways to Solve Audio Services Not Responding Problem

The fact that audio services not responding can happen in any Windows, the following discussion will focus on Windows 10. There are several solutions to make your audio services running such as restarting the audio services and installing default sound drivers. Here are several solutions to bring your audio services back to service.

1. Restart audio services

Restarting audio services may be the easiest and simplest way to fix the problem. It is advised to try this solution before taking more complex action to get rid of audio services problems. On your computer, there is an audio service that is responsible for managing audio. A simple restart can help solve the issue. To restart audio services, follow the steps below.


  • On your computer, press Windows + R, then type ‘service.msc’. Press Enter.
  • You will be navigated to computer services. Find Windows Audio, then right-click and choose Restart.
  • Right-click the entry then choose Properties. Change the startup type to Automatic. Save the changes you have made by clicking Apply.
  • Next, navigate Windows Audio Endpoint Builder on the service. When you find it, right-click and choose Restart.
  • On the same entry, right-click and select properties. Choose Automatic on startup type and click Apply.
  • Restart the computer.

2. Check audio components

Another possible cause of the error message is audio components that are not running. It is necessary to check all audio components to find if there is a certain problem. You may also need to disable antivirus temporarily as some of them may block audio services.

  • Press Windows + R at once, then type ‘service.msc. Press Enter.
  • You will see several entries, navigate to RPC Endpoint Mapper, Remote Procedure Call, and DCOM Server Process Launcher. Make sure each of them is running. If you find a service that is not running, fix it by right-clicking and select Start.
  • Make sure the services are set to be ‘Automatic’
  • Check if the problem persists. You may need to restart the computer and make another check.
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3. Execute command prompt

Audio services not responding Windows 10 can also be solved by executing the command prompt. This can be considered if the previous solutions don’t help you out. Executing the command prompt may be a bit trickier, thus you need to be careful in doing the task. In addition, you will need to run as administrator to execute this operation.

Execute command prompt

  • On your computer, press Windows + S at once, then type ‘command prompt’. On the application, right-click and select Run as administrator.
  • Once you are in it, type command below and press enter.

net localgroup Administrators/add networkservice

  • After getting done with the command, you can continue to enter another command below then press enter.

net localgroup Administrators/add localservice

  • After executing both commands, type exit and enter.
  • Now you can restart the computer and find out if the message remains pop up on your screen.

4. Install default drivers

To optimize its work, operating system updates automatically at a specific period of time. The update may include sound driver. But your computer already saved the basic default which allows the device to recognize connected hardware when the current drivers are uninstalled. Installing default sound drivers is believed to be effective in solving audio services not responding problem.

  • Together press Windows + S on your computer for search menu, then type ‘system’.
  • Once you are in the system, navigate Advanced system settings and click on it. This menu usually can be found on the left side.
  • Click Hardware, then choose Device Installation Settings. Choose ‘No’. Click Save Changes then exit the dialogue box. This step prevents your Windows to update audio drivers automatically.
  • Then press together Windows + X for the quick start menu and choose Device Manager.
  • On this menu, click on Sound, video and game controllers dropdown. Navigate to the Uninstall device.
  • Check the checkbox to uninstall.
  • On Device Manager, right-click on empty space and choose Scan for hardware changes. The computer will detect audio hardware and install the default drivers automatically.

Those are four different solutions to solve audio services not responding Windows 10. You may need to try from the simplest one, preventing you from taking the complicated steps. But when the problem persists even if you try the hardest one, you may need to call a professional technician.

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