12 Best Secret Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Secret Messaging Apps

As technology advances, protecting your messaging privacy and security becomes essential to keep your conversation safe from prying eyes. Fortunately, there’s a long list of the best secret messaging apps to enjoy hours of chats with peace of mind.

Secret messaging applications are designed with privacy in mind, making it possible to protect your personal data from bad guys. Additionally, they also offer an option to hide text messages to get rid of nosy friends or family.

Best Secret Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

Plenty of secret messaging tools can be your favorite option to ensure your messaging privacy. While some apps offer end-to-end encryption that prevents third parties from reading the messages, others come packed with a built-in key to lock the app. Check out the following list for more details.

1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is one of the most used secret messaging apps to stay connected and safe in a virtual world. With more than 50M+ downloads on Google Play alone, this Editor’s Choice offers free, simple, and instantaneous communication anywhere anytime.

Signal highlights advanced technology to preserve your privacy. With the technology is always enabled, you can focus on enjoying fun conversations with people all over the world. It also features cutting-edge end-to-end encryption to keep your messages secure from third parties.

Aside from privacy and security, Signal also focuses on providing fast messaging—your messages are sent real quick even on a slow network. You don’t need to spend a dime for enjoying these features because this app is completely free to download. 

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2. Wire


Wire offers a savvy solution to enjoy a conversation while keeping your information secure and private. This secret texting app is featured with end-to-end encryption which has been widely used in its secret messaging app counterparts.

Using Wire, you can share information without worrying about data leaks. Whether you want to share files, messages, or even conference calls, this app has you covered. It also features a secure 1-on-1 chat as well as group chat for improved communication.

When it comes to features, Wire has much to offer. For instance, you can start an encrypted voice conference only with one click. It also enables you to invite other users to collaborate through guest rooms—this is a unique feature you can’t find elsewhere.

What’s more, Wire helps increase your privacy through device fingerprint feature and ephemeral messages. Overall, this could be the best option if you’re concerned about safety and security. 

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3. Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Keeping your messages private made simple with Wickr Me. This best secret messaging app is created to help you connect with friends, either 1-on-1 or in groups, with encryption. Now you can feel safe to share your images, files, videos, and messages.

Whenever you want to send secret messages then you can trust Wickr Me. It has a complete set of features, such as encrypted messages, configurable expiration timer, and shredder that overwrites deleted content.

To keep your personal data, this tool doesn’t require your email address or phone number for registration. It also doesn’t store your address book and metadata linked to your communication activity. Plus, it has verified code for improved security.

Best of all, this particular app is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps you use this platform without getting puzzled. Stay connected with the world and keep your privacy with Wickr Me.

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4. CoverMe


CoverMe is a private text messaging and secure calling app to ensure your communication safety. Through this app you can send private texts and calls using a second phone line, allowing you to keep your main phone number safe.

Aside from second phone number, this platform offers a better messaging experience with encrypted messages, disappearing messages, anonymous SMS, and more. You also have options to hide private call logs, hide secret messages, and keep personal contacts from bad guys.

This best secret messaging app provides easy to use tools for your convenience. In order to lock private messages, all you have to do is shake your device. You can also use decoy passwords to disguise this app so others won’t notice it.

Do you need some extra security? CoverMe has a private vault feature that keeps your private photos, videos, personal contacts, secret documents, and more. 

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5. Confide


If you’re looking for a secret messaging app with a complete set of privacy features then Confide is a name to mention. Using this app, you can stay in touch privately without leaving any digital trace. Featuring end-to-end encryption and anonymous chat, feel free to send your secret text messages.

Disappearing message is another highlight feature to improve your communication. When you use this tool, your messages will disappear automatically once the recipients read it. Thus, your secret messages will remain secret.

What’s more, Confide is featured with spy protection that hides your text messages. This tool enables you to read secret messages line by line with your finger. This is a great way to prevent your nosy friends or family from reading over your shoulder.

And, you’ll also like screenshot prevention feature that prevents your secret messages from being captured by the recipient. It comes in handy to send personal documents like passport or credit card.

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6. Skred Messenger

Skred Messenger

Skred is a leading peer-to-peer messaging app that keeps your personal data secret. Without requiring your email address or phone number, you can get connected to the world. Feel free to send text messages, voice calls, messages, and voice calls anywhere, anytime.

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What’s great about this best secret messaging app is that you can go anonymous. Enjoy a unique and secure connection with anyone in your contacts without worrying about hackers or data loss. Featuring a user-friendly interface, using this app is completely simple.

Additionally, Skred highlights the SkredBoard that can be easily accessed by swiping down. This action allows you to generate different identities which are separated from each other. You can also take benefits from group feature to exchange with friends.

For ultimate security and protection, Skred doesn’t store your data on any server. The end-to-end encryption technology makes it possible to protect your conversation from third parties.

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7. Dust


Dust provides you with a safe place to send text messages. This platform offers a protected environment to keep your conversation free from prying eyes, hackers, and data mining. All you need to control your digital life is here.

Using Dust, you can share text messages, photos, and even sensitive information like credit cards, bank information or passwords. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, it provides you with secure private messaging for a variety of purposes.

Furthermore, this best free secret messaging app enables you to unsend messages anytime, detects and notifies screenshots, and erases your conversation history after 24 hours. Once deleted, your messages are removed permanently and there’s no way to retrieve it.

If you are looking for a platform to keep your secret then Dust is worth your consideration. Get this app and enjoy a better control over your messages.

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8. GO SMS Pro


Nearly 100 million users trust GO SMS Pro app for their messaging. It comes packed with a simple and intuitive interface to personalize your texting experience, thanks to beautiful themes, pop-up windows, and lovely stickers.

This platform is not specifically designed for secret messaging but it has a useful feature to protect your privacy called Private Box. It comes in handy to encrypt your messages and prevent other parties from viewing your conversation. That means you can enjoy conversation with peace of mind.

There are many other features to enjoy in this app: sticky conversation to focus on important contacts; pop up messages for quick replying and viewing; SMS blocker to filter spam messages; and delay to send to correct wrong messages.

GO SMS Pro is completely free to download. But if you need additional features like advanced private box, unlimited cloud storage, and paid themes, feel free to upgrade to the Pro version.

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9. Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+

No, this name isn’t a mistake. This best secret messaging app is called Calculator Pro+ to fool your curious friends. No one will notice that you have private conversations because your messages and call logs are hidden behind a calculator app. No need to worry about your messages being checked by others.

How to use this messaging platform is quite simple. To keep your secret messages and call logs, add the particular number as your private contact. Once added, any messages and calls from saved contacts will be automatically moved inside the application.

For a fun messaging experience, Calculator Pro+ comes loaded with more than 300 emoji characters. Use them to make your conversations more attractive and represent your emotions.

There are many other things you can find in this app. To get rid of unwanted people, it has a filter feature to block spam calls. You can also customize text and icon for private messages. To avoid losing your conversations, this app has an auto backup feature for you.

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10. Privacy Messenger

Privacy Messenger

Privacy Messenger is one of the best secret messaging apps to replace your default. Using this tool, your messages will be saved locally, so you don’t need to worry about breaching, hacking or snooping. Now you can send text messages privately and safely.

This particular app has a number of features. While secure messages are the main highlights, it also offers funny emoji to make your conversations livelier. More than 3,000 faces and emoticons are available to choose from.

Furthermore, it has SMS delay that allows you to correct or cancel the wrong messages—no more regretting what you’ve sent. SMS scheduler is also available to make sure you don’t miss big moments. And if you’re bothered with particular messages, SMS blocker is what you need.

Privacy Messenger knows that your conversations are so worthy. That’s why it features SMS backup and restore so you’ll never lose any messages. If it disappears from your device, simply restore from your backup.

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11. TextU


Do you need a feature-rich secret messaging app that allows you to send messages privately? TextU could be the best bet. This functional platform comes loaded with features like private box to send messages safely, SMS blocker to block spam messages, and also SMS backup.

On top of that, it allows you to lock private messages so you can get rid of snoopers. To keep your contact private, clear call history so your nosy friends won’t be able to get any clues from it.

Are you bored with text? This secret chat app provides you with funny emoji to represent your emotions, so the recipient knows what you feel.

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12. Silence


Last but not least, here’s Silence, a private messaging app to keep your messages free from snoopers. Through this platform you can send messages and share media privately—no registration required. On top of that, Silence is free and open-source, which means you can verify the security by auditing the code.

Sending messages is as easy as using other apps. Featuring end-to-end encryption, your conversations are safe from third parties who try to view your messages. With your messages encrypted locally, your messages remain protected just in case your device is stolen.

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Private messaging is a great way to achieve peaceful conversations. Try these best secret messaging apps and improve your messaging experience without worrying about snooping or data breaching. 

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