11 Best Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Sight Words Apps

Teaching sight words for kids is not an easy job. Good news, the best sight words apps offer a great way for parents and teachers to help kids learn high frequency sight words on mobile device. These apps are specifically designed to promote easier reading and memorizing.

Repetition is a key driver to successful sight word learning. There’s a vast selection of apps providing the same words and a variety of exercises to keep your kids engaged during the practice. Here’s a closer look at app choices available on the market.

Best Sight Words Apps for Android and iOS

When you scroll through the App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll face an extensive option of sight words apps. If those choices get you puzzled, you’ve come to the right page. We’ve gathered the best tools to teach your kids high frequency sight words in a fun and attractive way. Check them out!

1. Kids Reading Sight Words Lite

Kids Reading Sight Words Lite

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Tammy the frog is one a journey through exciting activities. Join Tammy and learn some sight words as she jumps between screens. Five different levels of vocabs for child is available to promote intuitive and engaging learning.

Designed for Android, this app encourages your kids to listen to common English words and identify the correct ones. They will also learn to recognize high frequency sight words at their levels. Not to mention it helps improve kids’ reading skills and reading fluency.

Kids Reading Sight Words app is ideal for kindergarten kids up to 8 years old. It is suitable for kids and parents who need distraction-free games thanks to its clean layout. Your kids won’t see unnecessary images or listen to unnecessary sounds including disturbing ads.

This reading games series has been trusted by millions of parents to help their kids learn and recognize common English words. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Kids Reading Sight Words can be your kid’s best friend.

2. Sight Words Learning Games

Sight Words Learning Games

Download on Google Play

Preparing your kids for reading can be daunting. Try Sight Words Learning Games to help with kids’ reading program and see how they progress. This free app is suitable for children age 3 to 7 who are ready to boost their reading competence.

 In this app you can find categories such as Word Machine, Spelling, Bingo, and Memory Games. With different games available, learning reading and new vocabularies become more fun and enjoyable. That’s why millions of parents have downloaded this app to support their kids’ reading success.

On top of that, it includes attractive flashcards that help your kids learn their new words. These flashcards are spoken by female and male voice with crystal clear sound, promoting easier understanding.

Some new features are added, including cute avatar selection, individual words practice, and choice of upper-case or lower-case letters. Your kids can also view their achievement by seeing their best scores. Try this app and see how your kiddos love it.

3. Sight Words Coach

Sight Words Coach

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Sight Words Coach is a top-rated, free sight words app that emphasizes fast recognition. It claims a dramatic difference in your kids only with five minutes of practice each day with this app.

This app provides your kids with essential sight words frequently used in English language. Featuring colorful graphics, your kids find that learning to read is so much fun. A large collection of sounds and animations are also available for engaging reading and learning.

What’s interesting about this app is that it analyzes words that require more work. It automatically creates a list containing 10 different words that your kids need to try harder. This is a great method to make sure your kids master all the common words.

Feel annoyed with ads? Sight Words Coach is ad-free so your kids can enjoy learning to read without interruption. You will also love its record feature that uses your kid’s or your voice for custom words.

4. Sight Words Sentence Builder

Sight Words Sentence Builder

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Next on the list, there’s Sight Words Sentence Builder that is possibly the best sight words game for Android. This app encourages learners to practice Dolch sight words in context for their reading success in school. With a simple and intuitive interface, this fun game is hard to resist.

With this game kids can use given words to assemble short sentences. To make it more fun, every player receives auditory and visual feedback, so they know if their action is correct. Once the player answers correctly, they can move to the next step.

Kids can find over 100 sentences and 220 Dolch sight words that are frequently used in the language. With colorful and attractive graphics, it allows your kids to learn to read while having fun. Plus, it provides 3 visual themes for a better user’s experience.

Overall, this fun game is super easy to use. Whether your kids are at preschool or kindergarten level, you will find it is useful to promote their reading skills.

5. Sight Words Pre-K to Grade 3

Sight Words Pre-K to Grade 3

Download on Google Play

Brought to you by Edubuzzkids, this educational game app is ideal for preschool to grade 3. It helps your kids learn about Dolch sight words as well as nouns for successful learning. Not only can students learn how to spell, but they can also recognize frequently used words in English language.

A list of 220 Dolch sight words come standard in this tool. You can also find a separate list consisting of 95 noun words for better recognition. With regular practice, your kids are expected to recognize sounds and are able to put words into syllables.

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There are two different modes to choose from: easy and normal. Kids can drag and drop letters to create new word as described in the word or sound. Since players can listen to sight words, it is possible to improve their listening skills while playing.

The game is designed to encourage learners to think logically. At the end of the program, every student is expected to identify the structure of different words in English language. For more effective outcome, the frequently used words should be learned before Grade 1.

6. Sight Words Flash Cards Free

Sight Words Flash Cards Free

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This could be the best sight words flash cards app for interactive and attractive learning. The educational tool is designed to stimulate kindergarteners and first graders to learn and practice common sight words. With fun learning experience, kids are expected to gain better outcome.

Flash cards are among the most effective tools in language learning even for native speakers. This sight word app features attractive flashcards with amazing graphics to help learners recognize frequently used sight words and improve their reading proficiency.

One of the best things about this tool is that it features clean interface to minimize distractions. Each word is shown without picture to help learners get familiar with the shape of each word instead of their pictures. Plus, parents are allowed to mark sight words that your kids need to work more.

The ad-free app has a number of decks to choose from, such as basic, people, animal, and color. Select a deck and start learning sight words. You can also change the app’s settings if necessary.

7. Sight Words & Phonic Reading

Sight Words & Phonic Reading

Download on the App Store

Designed for kids age 2-8, the sight word app includes over 500 reading games in one. It offers a fun and attractive way to prepare your kids for advanced reading in school thanks to abundant activities and exciting reading missions.

Sight Words & Phonic Reading is a comprehensive reading program that allows your kids to learn through games. This app brings essential reading skills through letter recognition, letter-sound relationship, phonemic awareness, spelling, sight words, and many more.

There are plenty of features to find, including fun and educational activities, step by step reading paths, sound effects, voice-over and animations, and offline games. It also features kids-friendly design that makes it super easy to use.

The developer constantly updates this app, providing you with improvements and bug fixes. This best sight words app is also ad-free so your kids can enjoy learning without interruption.

8. Sight Words List

Sight Words List

Download on the App Store

If you are seeking out a simple, fun, and customizable educational tool then Sight Words List is worth trying. Designed for iPhone, this game app brings Dolch sight words that encourages your kids to learn common words in English language.

The sight words are divided into different age groups to help young readers instantly recognize high frequency words for reading success. Your kids will also love engaging voice artists, unique games, and customizable fonts.

What’s more, this app allows you to add an unlimited number of new words alongside the record of your voice. You can also add new flash cards into a customizable list that are considered ideal to support the learning process.

There are 3 different learning modes to try out, including word with audio, word without default audio, and word with audio on click. Combining voice, audio, and written words, this is a powerful multi-sensory learning tool for young readers.

9. Sight Words Reading Games ABC

Sight Words Reading Games ABC

Download on the App Store

Kids naturally love games. Adopting popular fun games to help kids learn sight words could be the best way to ensure their reading success. This educational app includes 6 different games that are useful to boost kids’ reading skills, such as bingo, memory game, spelling, and word machine.

These games are considered effective to help young learners recognize sight words quickly. As a result, they can master these high frequency words and are ready for the next step toward a better reading improvement.

In order to boost sight words mastery, this best free sight word app is featured with flash cards. Your kids can practice using flashcards to help them understand and memorize each word. They can also listen to how the words are pronounced.

This fun educational app comes with some additional features that makes it more enjoyable. Kids can choose a large collection of individual words to practice. It also includes attractive avatar selections every kid will love.

10. Learn Sight Words

Learn Sight Words

Download on the App Store

Reading comprehension plays a role in kid’s success in school. Helping kids learn to read can be challenging but the result is worth the effort. And if you’re looking for a simple tool that facilitates fun sight words learning then Learn Sight Words is made just for you.

In this app you can find more than 1,000 flash cards of sight words with their audio. Presented in classroom-style print, each flashcard is easy to learn and remember. Your kids can also hear pronunciations in crystal-clear voice recorded by professional.

Plus, Learn Sight Words encourages every learner to gain 25 words at a time. With efficient practice every day, kids are expected to master sight words quickly. In the event your kids find difficulties in specific words, mark them and try harder.

11. Sight Words by Photo Touch

Sight Words by Photo Touch

Download on the App Store

Want to get your kids addicted to sight words learning? Try this app and see how your kids will like it. The educational app is designed to provide every kid with a fun and easy learning to master sight words.

Coming with a kid-friendly interface, this sight word app enables you to add your own voice and items. That’s how your kiddos can learn new words of their favorite items in their mom’s or dad’s voice.

What’s more, it is a multi-sensory learning tool that combines voice, audio, and written words to optimize the outcome. Not to mention it supports multiple languages as per your preference.

To sum up, the best sight words apps come in handy to help your kids learn high frequency sight words. Which one could be the best app for your kids?

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