11 Best Handyman Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Handyman Apps

There are two types of people: those who are good with tools and want to make money with the skills and those who need help with odd jobs. Whichever group you belong to, the best handyman apps provide you with everything to achieve your goal. 

When it comes to handyman apps, you’ll have an extensive range of applications to choose from. These mobile apps are loaded with a wide variety of features that are useful for both handymen and customers. 

Best Handyman Apps for Android and iOS You Should Use

Although there’s a large selection of handyman apps on the market, only a few are the best. Whether you are running handyman business or you are a prospective customer, here are top handyman apps to download.

1. KnockNok


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Whether you have a dishwasher problem or fridge issue, KnockNok is there to solve your problem. This app is supported by experienced handymen that provide you with 24/7 service with instant response for appliance repair, home improvement, and plumbing.

KnockNok not only saves your time but also money. The service starts from $10 for every repair, which is significantly lower than scheduled services. It also highlights instant service with which you can talk directly with the handymen without making an appointment.

And if you want to try to fix the appliance with guidance, this app supports 1-on-1 live guidance. You can share appliance problem to the service provider, ask questions, and get personalized live guidance to fix it.

Using this on-demand handy app you can browse appliance category and click on a handyman you want to hire. Select the service you want to get between live chat, audio, visual, and talk with the handyman. Your problem will be solved and you’re ready to get back to work.

2. Eazy Pizy

Eazy Pizy

Download on Google Play

Eazy Pizy is one of great apps to find handy professional in your local area. The developer is committed to help the customers get their household restorations and repairs. Only with a single platform, you can get the ultimate comfort without leaving your home.

This app provides the best interface for improved communication between the customers and professional handymen. User-friendly design makes it the perfect choice to enjoy hustle-free home service for electronic devices, plumbing, home improvement, and many more.

Using Eazy Pizy you can check all details of handymen before booking, making it possible to find a professional worker who meets your preference. It also supports simple tracking that shows different statuses, allowing you to find out how far the project progresses.

One of the best features to enjoy in Eazy Pizy is WhatsApp integrated chat. With this feature you can call or chat with available handymen before booking. Select between services and get your problem fixed with Eazy Pizy.

3. Handy


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Handy is possibly the most downloaded and used handyman app in the US and UK. Featuring an intuitive design, it offers an easy way to book professional handymen and home cleaner without breaking the savings. Just select the service, find a handyman, and pay from your phone.

This handyman app like Uber is supported by top-rated and experienced handy professionals who are friendly, insured, and background-checked. With 24/7 customer service it lets you make appointment 7 days per week with next day availability. 

Handy provides a handful of home services to fix a variety of problems. Whether you need a smart solution for home cleaning, interior painting, air conditioner and shelves installation, plumbing, and electrical services, this app has got you covered.

Using this app is quite easy. Once downloaded, select a type of service you need and choose a preferred handyman. Feel free to manage your bookings and check the progress to see how far the project progresses. Don’t forget to rate to help Handy maintain their service.

4. TaskRabbit


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If there’s a list of the best handyman apps, TaskRabbit should be on it. Finding a handyman to handle home services made simple, effortless, and efficient with this tool. With the ability to tackle various popular tasks like furniture assembly, delivery, and mounting, tell TaskRabbit and get the job done.

On top of that, this platform comes packed with an extensive range of features. Besides quick and easy booking in minutes, it enables you to find help on the same day. Not to mention TaskRabbit is supported by trusted handy professionals with years of experience.

Pricing becomes one of the main concerns of using handymen platforms. Fortunately, this mobile app features transparent pricing and secure payments to give you some peace of mind. Backed with Happiness Pledge, TaskRabbit promises to make you happy with their services.

Overall, the on-demand handy application has been widely used to handle a variety of home issues. Download this tool right away and chat with your handyman to get your problem solved.

5. Thumbtack


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Thumbtack is all you need to reach nearby handy professionals. With this platform you can connect with local handymen for getting things done, from plumbing issue, home improvement, electrical problems, and many more. Finding contractors and cleaners is also possible with this app.

As one of the best apps to find handyman, Thumbtack has much to offer. In addition to effortless way to get a professional for your project, it provides you with transparent pricing. You can also read reviews before booking a handyman.

Do you want to chat with a handy professional? Thumbtack comes packed with a messaging feature that allows you to communicate with handymen. That’s how you can book a professional who meets your criteria and budgets.

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Using Thumbtack is incredibly simple. Select a service and find your preferred local pro. Read detailed information and see cost estimates before booking. If necessary, read reviews and compare prices to find a pro that meets your criteria. You may also chat with a handy pro prior to booking.

6. Angi


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Built for iOS and Android devices, Angi is undoubtedly a widely used handyman app to find nearby home services. This platform is comprised of highly rated handy professionals and contractors in your local area, providing quality service with fair pricing.

Happiness Guarantee is a great feature to give you some peace of mind. If you are not happy with the result, the team will do their best to satisfy their customers. Whether it is home renovation, regular maintenance, or electric repair, Angi has the best local pro to get things done.

When it comes to payment options, this platform features efficient payment that allows you to pay service directly in this app. You also have an option to see cost estimates and compare costs before booking. That’s how you can find the best pricing for the best service.

One of the best parts is that you can find over 500 home improvement categories. No matter what services you need, Angi can find the best professional worker to tackle it.



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Getting on-demand service from handyman is brilliantly easy with HOMEE. This powerful platform offers a great way to solve a range of problems in your household, from plumbing to installation and repair.

Only with your smartphone, HOMEE enables you to get 24/7 home service from highly-rated professionals. Check the background of the handymen before booking and find your favorite worker to get the job done.

For your convenience, this app enables you to monitor the whole process. It also boasts easy payment with transparent pricing with which you can find a service that meets your budgets. 

8. Jobber


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Jobber could be the perfect app to help grow your handyman business. Designed with a user-friendly interface, this app can be used by handymen to make money. It offers an extensive range of features to create estimates, send invoices, schedule your team, and many more.

Using this app you can keep your operations organized. It lets you see the team’s location and progress, not to mention it can optimize your routes. This app also promotes better team communication with notes and photos.

Customer-oriented businesses are more likely to grow. As one of top handyman apps, Jobbers has a set of features to impress your customer such as tracking customer records, easy online payment, and messages to tell customers that your team is on the way.

The latest version is added with new features like client communications, GPS tracking, chemical tracking, expense tracking, and many more. Overall, this is a mobile app designed to streamline your workflow.

9. Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator

Download on Google Play

Handymen need a versatile calculator to calculate a lot of things like materials, cost, and many more. And if you are a handyman who needs an accurate calculator app then Handyman Calculator is surely for you. Designed with an easy interface, it works well to help you with odd jobs.

Handyman Calculator offers a simple way to calculate time, track invoices, and even manage to do list. Using this mobile app won’t get you puzzled. It provides not only simple input but also a complete set of calculator functions, such as basic calculator, concrete calculator, and more.

What’s more, Handyman Calculator is featured with note pad that allows you to store calculation to notepad. Whether you are a pro or recreational handyman, this calculator app comes in handy to help you with the job of calculation.

With millions of downloads on Google Play Store, this app has been one of the best free handyman apps available on the market. Give it a try and see how it streamlines your work.

10. Handyman Toolbox

Handyman Toolbox

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Handymen typically bring a toolbox to get the job done. The toolbox usually contains a complete set of tools such as plumb bomb, measure, leveler, torch, and anything needed during the service. But if you are into the idea of simple work, the Handyman Toolbox mobile app is worth trying.

This versatile app transforms a wide variety of equipment into digital tools. Whether you need to calculate materials, level some surface, or measure the length or width of an area then Handyman Toolbox has you covered. Skip a heavy toolbox and use this application instead.

Plus, there are many other things to do with this app. You can easily add side notes and convert an extensive range of units. It also has an option to create a new project without hassle. Or if you forget to bring a torch, this app uses your phone’s flash to deliver bright light.

Do you need to share some information with others? Handyman Toolbox is equipped with a built-in sharing feature that enables you to send data via email.

11. The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

From a home improvement magazine with the same name, The Family Handyman is a great app to hone your DIY skills. This tool is not specifically designed to connect you with professional handymen, instead it helps you become one.

Find understandable advice to save money on home improvement. With upgraded handy skills, doing odd jobs by yourself won’t be a big deal. View step-by-step photos and watch tutorial videos so that you can fix plumbing issues, mount shelving, and even learn about awesome tools eventually.

Designed for Android and iPad, The Family Handyman supports offline reading. All you need to do is long press the cover and download to your device. Now you can read the digital magazine anywhere anytime.

The best handyman apps help you find experienced and professional worker handle odd jobs. These apps come with different features, making it possible to find a tool that suits your preferences.

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