11 Best Lip Sync Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Lip Sync Apps

You don’t have to be a professional singer to create a stunning music video. Even if you don’t know how to sing, there’s a ton of apps that will help you make a lip sync video. Simply choose the best lip sync apps that meet your criteria and you’re ready to have fun.

Lip sync videos offer a great way to upgrade your social media contents. With each app supports a built-in sharing feature, you can easily share the results with your friends and social media followers.

Best Lip Sync Apps for iOS and Android

Making lip sync videos seems easier with iOS and Android-based applications. Using these apps you can focus on your dancing or actions you’re planning. If you need help to find the best one, we’ve compiled the most recommended apps that will work for you. Check them out!

1. Dubsmash


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Dubsmash is one of the most widely used video creator apps. Millions of content creators have trusted this tool to make their posts worth the likes, thanks to algorithm that helps promote your creativity and diversity.

Coming with a boast of vast music libraries, you can create lip sync music videos over famous TV show quotes and famous movies. If you need a spark of idea, this app highlights Dubsmashers feature that enables you to search for inspiration.

How to make videos with Dubsmash is super simple. All you have to do is choose a song or sound and tap the Record button. If you can’t find a good one, upload your own music and share with other users. You can also improve your videos with text effects, filters, and even stickers.

Are you satisfied with the results? You can either save videos to your local storage or share via social media platforms. Hit the Download button to save videos or press the green arrow button to share with your friends.

2. VideoFX


Download on Google Play

VideoFX is an intuitive lip sync video maker app that will give you an awesome experience. Creating a lip sync music video using your favorite songs in a snap is what you’ll get from this app. Just pick your soundtrack from the music library and start recording.

To enhance your masterpiece, you can apply live video effects while shooting. Feel free to pause and resume recording to change or retake scenes as needed. Don’t worry about losing track of your music.

For your convenience, VideoFX offers a number of features—automatic lip sync is the main highlight with which your video will be in perfect sync with the music. It also features a vast library of music with a variety of supported formats.

What’s more, you can instantly preview or edit videos to make sure your recording really suits your preferences. And if you’re done, you can easily share footage on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

3. Musixmatch


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Lip sync is all about syncing your lips and the words of the song you’re covering. That’s why knowing the lyric of the soundtrack becomes essential. Good news for you, now Musixmatch comes in handy to help you with lyric synchronization while recording video.

This app has a vast collection of song lyrics with which you can optimize your performance in lip sync apps. Simply pick a soundtrack you want to cover and use the real-time notification to display your floating lyrics. No need to worry about forgetting the words!

What’s great about this lyric app is that you can easily identify any song that’s played around you with just a tap. Find your favorite songs by artist, title, and even only with a single line. You can also share a favorite song lyric on a stunning background with LyricsCard.

New features have been added to the latest version, including full-screen YouTube playback, instant notification when new lyrics are available, and also a feature to fetch song info.

4. TikTok


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TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most popular social platforms ever. Millions of new content creators were born because of this app, thanks to abundant features brought to your table. Not only can you sing and dance, but you can also create an amazing lip sync music video.

This best lip sync app makes it easier to cover popular songs even if your singing skills are next to zero. Feel free to combine your music performance with dance or other actions that are currently trending among other TikTok users.

To improve your videos, this application comes packed with a bunch of filters, special effects, music, and many more. And if you’re running out of ideas, watch a limitless amount of videos to inspire yourself. This app uses algorithm to provide you with videos that meet your preferences.

Recording a new music video with TikTok is completely simple. Besides allowing you to pause and resume video with one tap, you can also shoot as many times as needed.

5. MadLipz


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Want to create a hilarious lip sync music video? MadLipz is a great app to help you get the task done. Using this application you can either record your acting or lip syncing as a character in a video clip. You can also dub voiceover and record your own dialogue.

Find a large collection of scenes to work and create a funny video content of your own. You can also fill boxes for the character dialogue to get perfect synchronization. For a better result, use voice filters for dubbing different characters in the video clip.

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What’s more, this best lip sync app enables you to combine video clips with funny subtitles, especially if you’re working with foreign clips. Add subtitles to your voiceovers to help others understand what you mean in the video.

Do you need some fresh ideas? Watch Lipz and find tons of inspiration for your upcoming video. There are so many videos to adopt, ranging from Trending, Hot, and specific categories.

6. Wombo


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When it comes to lip sync app AI, Wombo should be on the top of the list. This application is powered with artificial technology that helps improve your video making experience. Get an idea, start recording, and share your hilarious lip sync music video.

Do you have zero experience with video editing? There’s nothing to worry about. Wombo is a simple app that is extremely easy to use. Simply add a selfie photo, pick a soundtrack, and this app will work like magic.

Creating a bizarre video has never been this easy. Either you need to upgrade your timeline or you want to make your friends laugh with hilarious video then Wombo has you covered. No singing lessons are required in this app.

What’s more, it comes with a simple and intuitive interface—easy to use tools won’t get you puzzled. It also has a built-in feature to share with your friends.

7. MuStar


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MuStar is one of the best lip sync apps to download on your Android. Using this app you can create a short video and dance along with your favorite soundtrack. With a large collection of sounds, it is possible to pick a trending song for the video.

In addition to lip sync, MuStar has many other features to offer. You can make a bizarre video by combining video clips as well as editing lip sync move with your favorite music. It also serves as a professional MV maker with abundant effects.

To make a better video, it comes packed with fast rotate tools—they are useful for glitch editing. You can also crop and export video in HD quality, aside from adjusting video speed.

MuStar works like magic. With just a few taps, you can make creative videos that will go viral. Don’t forget to share with your social media followers.

8. Triller


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Triller is a social media platform loaded with rich music library for creating a lip sync video. Just like TikTok, you can easily find trending videos, add comments, and share them on your post. You can also record the similar video with just a tap of a button.

Recording a lip sync video made simple with Triller. Thanks to the large Capture button that allows you to start and stop video recording. In order to get a better composition, you can zoom in and zoom out while you’re recording.

What’s spectacular about this best free lip sync app is the auto editing algorithm with which you can render video after hitting the stop button. You will be able to improve the video by adding stickers, filters, and emoji to the lip sync videos.

Don’t keep your masterpiece for yourself. Triller has a sharing button that enables you to share video with your social media followers. Are you ready to go viral?

9. Funimate


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Funimate is a fantastic video editor and video maker app for Android and iOS. This too has upgraded the video making process of millions of users worldwide. Featuring a user-friendly interface, working with this application is easy as pie.

Lip sync is one of the main highlights to find on Funimate, in addition to dance, freestyle, and a set of effects. All you have to do is pick a soundtrack, tap the record button, and start your acting.

In order to help you improve videos, this application is featured with awesome anime edits. Make an amazing video with anime characters and choose from tons of different effects for a professional touch. You can also select intro and outro animations for images, videos, and texts.

What’s great about this best lip sync app is that you can trim and cut the videos. Classic editing tools are also available, including cropping and merging.

10. SpeaKr


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Do you want to play around with deepfake? SpeaKr is a cool lip sync app that helps you achieve the goal. The AI-based tool brings unique technology, providing you with high quality lip sync by animating the mouth of an image.

With this app you can create amazing lip sync deepfake videos—feel free to use any images, be it your friends, families, celebrities, and even public figures. The perfect lip synchronization works just like magic, allowing you to create a bizarre video to share with others.

There are many things you can do with SpeaKr. In addition to lip sync deepfake, this best lip sync app supports easier sharing via private messages or social media platforms. It also has a vast library of images and gifts that are posted every day.

11. Funny Dubbing

Funny Dubbing

Download on Google Play

Enjoy a fascinating combination of dubbing and lip syncing in a single app. Funny Dubbing is a professional application for voiceover and lip sync that comes packed with a bunch of features.

Using this mobile app you can experience fun film lip sync and movie dubbing. There’s a long list of collections to work with, from short video clips to anime, and popular soundtrack. You can also share your short video to social platforms or send it to your phone gallery.

What’s more, Funny Dubbing allows you to add subtitles, mix music, and edit videos—basic editing tools are available. Join millions of users worldwide and upgrade your content creating experience.

There’s a ton of lip sync applications out there but finding the best one can be bewildering. Use this list of the best lip sync apps for iOS and Android as your reference before downloading one.

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