6 Easy Ways to Fix Android Is Starting Optimizing App

by Hashir Zuniga

Android Is Starting Optimizing App

What does across your mind when hearing “optimizing” word? It is a great thing, right? It means you get something upgraded to be better than before. Unfortunately, it is not a good issue for Android users. Some people who use Xiaomi, Samsung, and other Android phones might get frustrated when this word appears. If you won’t get stuck in that situation, read this whole article because you will find how to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” appears on your screen.

Before we step further to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App”, you should know what Android does when it says that. Just like its statement “optimizing app”, you Android indeed creates an upgraded version for the apps. So, hopefully, after the process finished, all apps could adjust with the new version of Android. But unluckily, the problem sometimes occurs. For example, it reboots for 24 hours straight then nothing changed. Or, this message keeps on the screen and bothers your view.

The Root Cause of “Optimizing App” Issue

Hold on yourself to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” for a little while. You should understand why this condition happens. By knowing the root, you can prevent the same mistake in the future or help your friend later. These are the reasons:

  • Android Version Upgraded

As we mentioned at glance before, when your Android says optimizing, it is optimizing itself. Android upgrades to the newest version, so you get updated. Honestly, this process gives you benefit because the app will run faster. But remember, this could happen once the optimization is done well, and your apps can adjust. If both are not achieved as you wish or need longer time, this message will appear.

  • Unsuitable Apps

All application in your Android must be suitable with the Android version. Maybe you don’t concern or not paying details to the app when it is downloaded. You just realized once the “Optimizing App” message occurs for a long time. At that time, you understand that only “equal” app allowed for installation. Yes, “Optimizing App” might be caused by the unsuitable app with the Android.

  • Broken Apps

This cause means something happened when you downloaded and installed one app. It is probably an unfinished installation, but your battery suddenly runs out. So, the process positively stopped and cannot achieve completion. That app could be broken and make the optimizing message appears.

Methods to Fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” Problem

It is time to find out how to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue. Don’t be frustrated with this problem. Luckily, there are many methods you can try to fix it. Just try one by one the trick below. Hopefully, you get one method that eases your situation now:

1. Wiping the Cache

This method might is one of the common solutions, including to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue. Wiping the cache could be an effective way. It is safer than you do a factory reset. When you are wiping the cache, your Android won’t delete your data. The cache is temporary data saved by your device. The data stored in a hidden place, but it saved because your device thinks you might need it later. So, it is easier for it to re-call.

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2. Uninstall the App

Uninstall the App

Have you just downloaded and installed a new app? If the “Optimizing App” appears right after you add a new app, it probably caused by that app. Simply try to delete the new app first and see how the Android going. Uninstall the app from Play Store and make sure the program is no longer on your phone.

3. Do Restart Without Plugging

The more the apps optimized, the more battery energy consumed. It is similar to when you are trying to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App”. Your battery probably runs out faster. But if you want to try restarting the phone, please unplug the device first. Disconnecting your phone from charging, sometimes help you when rebooting process is running.

4. Remove and Reinsert the SD Card

Don’t forget that your Android has an SD card inside. This thing could solve the problem too. Wait after rebooting or shut down process complete. Then take out the SD card for a minute, then insert it again just like before. Once your Android turns on, change the default storage setting to the device. After that, go to the setting and choose the storage option. There is an offer to format the SD card or erase the SD card. If you think the root problem is came from an SD card, you can decide to format or erase the SD card.

5. Factory Reset

This could be the exit way to fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” problem. Remember, once you decide to do this, you will get the Android like a brand new. All data and settings are deleted, your phone will go back to the default. So, you should back up the data first. You can copy the data to your laptop or sending them into the cloud. Well, using the cloud is more recommended. Because you will be easy to access it again once you Android gets normal.

Doing factory reset is like wiping the cache. Thus, you should enter the recovery mode first. Then, there you choose the factory reset as shown on the screen. PIN or password to log in Google required here. If the login process passed, swipe the syncing of old apps to disable. Then, you can reboot the phone after erasing all data.

6. Contact the Factory

Use this last method when you already gave up. When you tried all the previous methods but there is no sign of any change. Call the factory of your Android. Tell what happens, also about what has just done to your phone. You might hear similar suggestions like the point above. Tell the customer service if you have tried those five methods. When you call the factory directly, hopefully, they have a better solution and effectively solved your problem.

Fix “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue needs patience. You can’t do this in a hurry because some possibilities might happen. Also, there are many hacks to deal with it. Sometimes a certain method is a success, but it doesn’t happen the same way in another phone. It is normal because many possibilities make the “Optimizing App” showed.

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