10 Best DisplayFusion Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives

DisplayFusion is a must-have component to your monitor setup if you’re passionate about it. It is a well-known tool in the OS & Utilities category. It can make controlling your numerous displays effortless with strong features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars and completely customizable functions. For a range of systems, there are more than 10 DisplayFusion alternatives.

What is DisplayFusion?

What is DisplayFusion?

DisplayFusion is software that can improve your multi-monitor experience by adding new capabilities. You may, for example, configure personalized hotkeys and enable multi-monitor taskbars and other features.

It may even be used to change how your multi-monitor configuration shows your preferred wallpaper. You might think that Windows’ built-in wallpaper manager isn’t user-friendly when it comes to tweaking.

As you may be aware, each software application on the market has its own list of requirements. DisplayFusion is no exception in this regard, since it will not operate on almost any PC that you install it on. The list of requirements, on the other hand, is rather short.

In actuality, DisplayFusion requires merely a PC capable of running Windows 7 or above to function correctly. This software also works properly on Windows 10. As a result, you won’t be complaining about incompatibility concerns.

Is DisplayFusion free?

Regretfully, that kind of brilliance does not come cheap. While there is a free version of DisplayFusion, it lacks several useful functions. Some functions are completely absent from the free edition, while others are only restricted.

The free edition, for example, allows you to personalize wallpapers but does not allow you to load random pictures from your PC. And it does not offer you with many online image sources, and does not correct the wallpaper settings if the display’s setup changes.

Luckily, you can try out the Pro edition of DisplayFusion for 30 days. Simply download the free edition and you will be instantly awarded a 30-day Pro trial.

Best DisplayFusion Alternatives You Should Consider

There is no question that DisplayFusion is an excellent program for dual monitors, but there are plenty more options on the market. DisplayFusion alternatives that are free and have comparable capabilities are listed below.

1. Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools is not only open source, but it is also a free alternative to DisplayFusion. Actually, it is a collection of modules that may be mixed and matched. Dual Wallpaper, for example, is a stand-alone application that allows you to have separate backgrounds on each screen.

So, if that’s all you need, you only need to download it. However, DMT allows you some very interesting feats. DMT cursor, for one, allows you to adjust the movement of the mouse pointer.

You have the option of locking the pointer to one monitor, making it more difficult to travel between displays, or allowing unfettered mobility. If you have an instance where the pointer mistakenly ends up somewhere it shouldn’t, this is quite useful. This might save you from some troubles.

DMT is located in the notification area, where you can instantly navigate all modules. These tools aren’t flashy or attractive, but they’re really useful.

2. MultiMonitorTool


It is not necessary for every DisplayFusion substitute to be complex or over-engineered in order to be helpful. MultiMonitorTool is an excellent demonstration of this. It’s a simple, lightweight tool that puts a lot of customizations at your disposal.

For starters, it accepts command-line inputs and displays a live representation of the multi-monitor arrangement you are now utilizing. This makes it ideal for PCs with several displays in a public setting.

Aside from the command-line interface, keyboard shortcuts may be used to do typical activities such as switching between displays. This utility is compatible with Windows versions ranging from XP to the most recent versions of Windows 11.

MultiMonitorTool is a lifesaver if you have to use a public computer, such as in a lecture hall. Or if you are running outdated hardware on multi-monitor setups, this might help immensely.

3. Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors is a software application that provides a comprehensive solution for improving the functionality of the Windows user interface for pleasant and successful multi-monitor work.

This DisplayFusion competitor adds a taskbar to the second monitor, and the second taskbar has all of the primary taskbar’s features, including the Start button, toolbars, clock, and tray area with notification icons.

Actual Multiple Monitors will allow you to modify the secondary displays and improve them with interface components and features that would not be available otherwise. More specifically, this tool may put up unique taskbars for the monitors, allowing you to organize the screen separately.

You may either activate a mixed taskbar, which displays only the required apps in the secondary area, or use the mirrored mode, which displays the main taskbar on all screens. Monitor layout, resolution, background picture, and screen saver settings may all be changed.

And there are also specialized options for changing mouse behavior and actions. Hotkeys are available, and the application’s already excellent list may be quickly expanded.

4. Input Director

Input Director

This free DisplayFusion equivalent is a platform that allows you to handle numerous screens and computers while sharing a single keyboard and mouse across all connected devices. Thus, you can work conveniently.

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It allows users to effortlessly manage these many devices and arrange them on the monitor grid using the drag and drop functionalities. It is a multi-monitor manager that serves as a desktop management solution for all displays that are linked to the primary monitor.

This tool is primarily intended for developers that want a huge screen in order to do their tasks in a larger area. Users can benefit from the Input Director by simultaneously locking all PCs and syncing screensavers and backgrounds across all linked displays.

5. JeS Multi-Monitor Suite

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite is a collection of tools that will assist you in properly configuring PCs with multiple monitors. This DisplayFusion option includes features like keyboard shortcuts and multi-monitor taskbars that boost user productivity.

This tool enables you to handle a computer with two or more linked displays more effectively. It will give you distinct task bars on each monitor.

Furthermore, it allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to flip between the many windows that are open on numerous displays. This makes it much easier to work with multiple monitors.

Another intriguing feature of the program is that it allows you to create as many virtual desktops as you need and tweak all of their characteristics. As a result, switching between computers will be much easier, and you will be able to work more efficiently.

6. MaxiVista


This DisplayFusion replacement was designed as a simple application that allows users to interact with several computers using a single keyboard and mouse. You can pick between a 32-bit and a 64-bit version.

Among the most notable features of the application is compatibility with extended screen mode. This is intended to enlarge the primary system’s desktop on up to three other PCs.

In addition, the application may be used to remotely operate the systems, including clipboard synchronization features. It allows clipboard material to be shared with other workstations.

Furthermore, the software’s capability includes the ability to copy the contents of one computer screen on another. All of this is performed using computers connected to the same local area network.

7. UltraMon


UltraMon is a high-end DisplayFusion counterpart that allows you to swiftly move and maximize windows around the desktop. Movement and maximization options are introduced to the open windows to do this.

The system tray icon provides access to additional customization choices. You may manage open windows by allowing cascading or adjusting the orientation by right-clicking on the program icon.

You can also change the primary monitor, enable or deactivate the secondary taskbar. You can also disable the secondary display, change the background and screensaver, and customize display settings.

Mirroring is a valuable addition for earlier operating systems, since Windows 10 includes an integrated display duplication option. UltraMon is a premium utility with a ton of customization and handy features.

8. Windows 10 Multi-Display Feature

Windows 10 Multi-Display Feature

Microsoft has introduced native support for multiple monitors in Windows 10, taking a hint from third-party dual monitor programs. You can go to the Display option to access the customization settings.

You may rearrange your displays on the tab with a simple drag and drop. Other fundamental options that you may change include display resolutions, orientations, and scaling. Furthermore, Windows 10 natively enables assigning various backgrounds to each display.

Then there’s a modest but effective multi-monitor taskbar function, as well as some useful shortcuts for switching between several screens. The CTRL + T tab, for example, is easily a switch between previously used windows.

When you right-click on the Windows taskbar, you’ll discover options such as presenting windows side by side. Thus, it is easily a free DisplayFusion substitute.

9. NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager is a DisplayFusion alternative that allows you to be more productive while working on your Windows desktop. You may establish unique user profiles that arrange your windows and programs on startup.

Moreover, you can set custom areas on your desktop and instantly snap application windows into those regions. To increase productivity, NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager also features window management tools and hotkey support for easy feature access.

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager is included with the NVIDIA RTX Enterprise/Quadro driver and may be installed as part of the driver installation process or as a separate program that can be downloaded. It is, however, available for NVIDIA Kepler-based Quadro or later GPUs.

10. MurGeeMon


MurGeeMon is a DisplayFusion competitor for the Windows operating system. The dual-monitor software given here allows you to easily and quickly operate your multiple displays.

For instance, shifting the primary display to an external monitor linked to a laptop or desktop, or vice versa is easy to do. Or if you need to, deactivate and enable the secondary monitor.

The software utility allows you to simply change the backdrop of any selected monitor rather than imposing single wallpaper over your whole desktop, which may include several monitors.

You can now change the resolution of multiple displays via a desktop shortcut or with a single click, which is just another feature that may help you get the most of the power of your dual or more monitors connected to your Windows PC.

MurGeeMon’s current version allows only two monitors. You can quickly change the backdrop of the two displays linked to your computer, operate an external monitor that is connected, and do other things.


Hopefully, you can use one of these DisplayFusion alternatives instead. If you choose the software, Dual Monitor Tools provides the majority of the capabilities that you search for in a program like this.

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