8 Best Pupillary Distance Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Pupillary Distance Apps

Glasses with different lenses can overcome several vision problems. There are essential aspects to take into consideration when choosing glasses, among which is interpupillary distance. Surprisingly, you can transform your phone into a measuring tool with the best pupillary distance apps.

Those applications help measure the distance between your pupils so the lens of the glasses can be put in the right position. How to use PD apps are typically simple as you just need to take a picture and follow the voice instructions.

Best Pupillary Distance Apps for iOS and Android

Measuring pupillary distance is made simple with PD measurement apps. Some applications are medical grade with reliable and accurate results to provide you with glasses prescriptions. If you think you want a PD measurement app for your smartphone, here are the best choices.

1. GlassesOn


GlassesOn is a top interpupillary distance measurement app to extract your glasses details. The medical grade application makes glasses parameter a lot faster and easier, thanks to useful features. Whether you want to buy new AR headset or glasses, it promises measurement comfort.

Experience free pupillary distance measurement with high accuracy on GlassesOn. Listed on FDA, CE, and TGA, this is a reliable and trustworthy app to get your glasses details in a matter of minutes. Rushing to the optical store or medical center is not necessarily needed with this app on your phone.

Learning how GlassesOn works helps you operate it correctly. To use this best pupillary distance app, you will want a standard magnetic card—light colored cards are preferred. You will also need to prepare a 12-inch to 27-inch computer screen and your glasses.

To start measuring, tap Start PD on your screen. Further, follow the instructions and this app will do the rest. Manual adjustment, mirrors, or rulers are not required. Anyone who needs to extract their glasses Rx information can use this app to get the task done.

GlassesOn can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Premium version that offers unlimited scans, especially if your cylinder measurement is up to -2.50 or your single vision prescription is between -6.00 and +3.00.

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2. GlassifyMe Pupil Distance PD Glasses & VR

Pupil Distance PD Glasses & VR

Let’s jump into the top-rated pupil distance measurement app brought to you by GlassifyMe. This is a fantastic tool to measure your interpupillary distance accurately and quickly from your smartphone. All you have to do is take a picture with a standard magnetic card with your face facing the camera.

This pupil distance app is ideal for various purposes. Let’s mention glasses prescription that requires Rx details of your glasses and accurate information about the distance between your pupils. The measurement can also be used to craft your Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

PD measurement app by GlassifyMe is worth trying for reasons. First of all, it measures and reads your pupillary distance quickly and easily—even you can do it at home. Simply take a picture of your face with a magnetic card and let this app do the rest.

Furthermore, this best pupillary distance app automatically detects your eyes area and pupils. It is equipped with advanced technology and sensor that helps locate your pupil spots in the picture. This means you don’t have to make manual adjustment on your selfie.

Not least of all, GlassifyMe PD app is powered by advanced algorithm that promises precise and accurate results. The algorithm helps measures and calculate the distance between pupils so it can give precise calculation for your glasses or VR headsets.

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3. Pupil Distance PD Meter Pro

Pupil Distance PD Meter Pro

Check your interpupillary distance in no time with Pupil Distance PD Meter Pro. This mobile app comes in handy to extract important details of your pupil distance which is essential before you get glasses, VR headset, or AR headset.

This application helps perform accurate PD measure with ease and accuracy. Crafted with beautiful design and intuitive interface, operating this app will neither drain your brain or waste your time. Take a picture of your eyes facing the camera and it will handle everything for you.

No more manual measurement using ruler at home as you can use this app to check your pupil distance. One great thing about Pupil Distance PD Meter Pro is that it is suitable for various purposes. However, it is not yet medical grade so you can’t use it as a prescription.

Do you have any concern about safety when using this app? This application doesn’t share your data with third parties including organizations and companies. Your data is also encrypted during transfer to ensure secure connection.

If you are looking for a free measure pupillary distance app, this one might not be a good option as it costs you a few dollars to enjoy the features. That said, the cost is much less than the charge you have to pay for PD measure on medical centers.

Download on Google Play

4. EyeQue PDCheck

EyeQue PDCheck

The best pupillary distance app that boasts fast and accurate measure is just right here. EyeQue PDCheck is an easy-to-use and fast PD measure application to get to know your vision details. Be sure to use this app before you order glasses or VR headset.

Thousands of people have used EyeQue PDCheck to measure their pupillary distance and you might be the next one. To access your favorite features, you will need to purchase PDCheck frames on EyeQue.com and you will be ready to measure pupillary distance.

Using this app, you can measure pupillary distance in 3 steps. Begin with putting on your PDCheck frames and continue taking a portrait picture using this app. You can either take a selfie or ask a friend to take a picture for you.

Further, you can manually adjust the markers to the center of your frames and pupils. Let this application calculate and measure your interpupillary distance for crafting glasses or making VR/AR headsets.

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EyeQue PDCheck is made with an intuitive interface and beautiful design so you can use it without difficulties. Only with PDCheck frame purchase, you can start exploring the app and measuring pupillary distance from home.

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5. Liingo Rx Reader

Liingo Rx Reader

Liingo Rx Reader is picked into the list of the best pupillary distance apps for Android and iOS. This is an innovative application to read your vision details of your current glasses. Whenever you want to get new glasses, it offers a super easy way to read your prescription.

The best free pupillary distance app makes sure you can look through the lenses appropriately. With high accuracy, it calculates the distance between the pupils and provides you with a reliable prescription for new glasses.

There are several things you need to prepare before getting started including current glasses, smartphone, laptop with camera, and standard-sized magnetic card. When everything is around, you can start taking a picture.

How this app works is simple. To get started, you will want to scan your glasses with your smartphone or laptop camera and magnetic card. This application is going to tell the prescription of the glasses including sphere power, pupillary distance, cylinder, and axis. 

Liingo Rx Reader has been clinically tested to be accurate, which means it provides you with legit results. If you are a healthy individual, have stable vision, or satisfied with the current prescription, you can use this app to get to know your prescription.

This application is not suitable for individuals wearing progressive lenses or having prescription with a prism measurement. It is also not recommended for individuals who have any condition which affects eye health.

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6. PDCheck AR

PDCheck AR

Made for iOS users, PDCheck AR is a fascinating application to measure your pupillary distance using augmented reality technology. All you need is your iPhone and you will be able to measure interpupillary distance at home.

As the name suggests, this application is powered by advanced AR technology that makes pupillary distance measurement fast, easy, and accurate. Whether you want to measure far pupillary distance or near pupillary distance, PDCheck AR has you covered.

With this best pupillary distance app on your iPhone, you no longer need tape, credit card, or other objects to measure PD. All you need is an iPhone with Face ID capability and this app will handle it like magic. Manual adjustment on your pic is not required.

Made with a user-friendly interface, PDCheck AR has easy operation. All the features are completely easy to access so you can do it without the help of expert. If you want to share the result, it supports a built-in share feature via email.

Use this versatile application when you are ordering eyewear or adjust VR headset. For the perfect result, it recommends you to use EyeQue’s Try-On Glasses. Be sure your mobile device is iPhone X or later that supports Face ID technology. 

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7. Optical Measurements for ECPs

Optical Measurements for ECPs

You can use Optical Measurements for ECPs to measure the distance between pupils fast and accurately. No more manual measurement using rulers and by making contact with your eyes as this best pupillary distance app gets the task done with just a few taps on screen.

How to use this application is completely simple. Once downloaded, launch the app and take a portrait with your phone screen towards your face. Take measurement by pressing the volume button and your device will vibrate when the reading has completed.

Optical Measurements for ECPs supports binocular and monocular pupil distance measures that let you take up to 300 accurate results. With a quick and easy operation, your reading will be completed in 3 seconds. Thanks to AI-based algorithm that has been developed over the years.

Another plus point for this PD measurement app is the patient history feature. It tracks record of people who have used the front camera to measure their pupillary distance and the data is presented in Patient History. It contains detailed information like the patient’s name, photo, and measurement size.

With a boast of contactless operation, it offers a safe tool for your patient and you. This application requires an iPhone with TrueDepth front-facing camera. Be sure your device comes packed with this feature to support its performance.

New features will be added to this best pupillary distance app. These brand-new features are available at no cost so you can use them without hesitation. The upcoming features include frame wrap, optical center heights, vertex distance, and more.

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8. EyeMeasure


When it comes to the list of PD measurement apps, EyeMeasure should be on the top of it. This application transforms your iPhone X or later into a versatile and smart measurement device and body scanner. Whenever you want to purchase glasses prescription, it has got you covered.

EyeMeasure offers a series of features that upgrade your PD measure to another level. It has instant interpupillary distance measurements which work for far and near local lengths. You can also benefit from its segment height feature to order progressive lens online.

But there’s nothing more interesting than Home Try-on glasses feature. It comes in handy to help you try different glasses, which was previously impossible when you purchase online. Thanks to EyeMeasure, it has a special tool that lets you try glasses before buying.

Along with it, the application comes loaded with a built-in share feature that allows you to share the precise results with retailers. Thereby, your retailer can make further analysis and measurements in 3D to craft your personalized glasses.

EyeMeasure is the first pupillary distance application that gives you the chance to order prescription glasses online. Without having to measure manually with rulers or rush to the medical center, this application is built to help you with PD measurement.

Unlike most apps that require magnetic cards, mirrors, or tape to measure, this app works like magic. All you have to do is launch the downloaded app and start to measure.

Download on the App Store

Getting the precise and perfect prescription glasses is now possible with the best pupillary distance app. Whether you want to purchase glasses online or you simply want to know the details,  you can always find one that suits your thought.

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