Reasons Why Spotify Shuffle Not Random and How to Fix It

by Hashir Zuniga

Spotify Shuffle Not Random

Spotify is none other than a must-have app for music lovers nowadays. Based on Spotify Usage and Revenue Statistics 2019, Spotify is the world’s biggest digital music streaming platform. The reason why is Spotify immediately appealing is that people can simply access the contents for free. But, what if Spotify shuffle not random?

Once you signed in, you can get access to your favorite songs, podcasts, videos, playlists, and videos from artists all around the world. There’s also a feature to play all those things randomly, called Spotify shuffle play feature. Sometimes, people complained because this Spotify shuffle not working. In case this might happen to you, I’m going to tell you how to fix this Spotify shuffle problem.

Reasons Why Spotify Shuffle Not Random

Spotify shuffle feature can help you to mix up and switch up your listening. It’s really great for such long playlists or when you don’t really feel like following the orders. To turn shuffle on, you need to tap the big shuffle button in the pop-up window. Thus, the big icon in the button will turn green. Then, you can expect for your tracks to play in random orders, one after another in some interval.

The problem is when Spotify shuffle not working properly. You know this problem occurs when a song or an artist play repeatedly twice in a row. Usually, Spotify shuffle not random due to a bug that fails the system. When the system fails, there will be an unexpected result that can lead to a problem.

Also, another reason is that Spotify already updated the shuffle algorithm in its latest version. So, when you still use the older version, the algorithm is not working anymore. Moreover, don’t let these two common reasons why the shuffle is not working rush you to uninstall the app. Fortunately, you still can fix it.

Tips in Fixing Spotify Shuffle When It’s Not Random

When your Spotify shuffle not working, you have to constantly change the tracks you want to hear manually. Of course, it’s pretty annoying, frustrating, and also very time-wasting. For that reason, here below are some tips on what you have to do when it happens:

1. Log Out and Restart your Spotify

The first thing you should do when your Spotify shuffle not working very well is to log out of the application. Next, you also need to restart your Spotify—not your device. The purpose is to reset or reboot the application from a bug. To do so, you need to:

  • Head to “Your Library”, then go to “Settings” (the one with a gear icon) in your right corner. And click “Log Out” with the white button.
  • After you logged out, close Spotify. Then, clear or remove it from your running apps in your background. Also, clear the app caches and junk in your phone “Settings”.
  • Then, go back to Spotify, and log in again.
  • See if it works by trying to play a playlist. Also, make sure the shuffle mode is on.
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2. Update your Spotify to the Latest Version

Another reason why the Spotify shuffle not random is that you’ve been using the older shuffle play algorithm. Meanwhile, the app is updated with the newest one in the latest version. So, all you need to do is to update the version of your Spotify. If you’re on iOS (iPad, iPod, Mac, iPhone), all you need to do are:

  • Go to your “App Store” app.
  • Head over to the “Updates” on the right side, and see if your Spotify needs to be updated.

However, if you’re on Android, you can do these following steps:

Spotify on Google Play Store

  • Go to your “Google Play Store” app.
  • Tap the “Menu” button on the left side (the white icon with three horizontal lines), then select “My apps & games”.
  • Thus, scroll down to find the Spotify app on the list. See if there’s an “Update” next to it, then select “Update”.

3. Sort All Your Tracks by Title

If those two methods didn’t help, and your Spotify shuffle not working still, you can try this method. Actually, this method is quite popular among the Spotify community through their threads discussion. Most of them successfully fixed their Spotify shuffle crisis with this method. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your “Spotify” app, and select a playlist that you want to listen to.
  • Next, swipe down the screen. Then, there will be a “Filter” search bar pops out at the top. Also, there’s a white icon with three horizontal lines next to its right.
  • Select the three horizontal lines icon. Then, you’ll be on the “Sort By” menu, and choose for “Title”.
  • Thus, go back, and tap on “Shuffle Play” button. Now, see if the playlist plays your tracks randomly.

4. Use Spotify Shuffler Site

If you’ve tried those methods above, but your Spotify shuffle not working still, then you can use the Spotify Shuffler app. This app is free and safe as a third party to fix the shuffle problem. However, some people believed that this Spotify Shuffler app shuffles the tracks more randomly than Spotify ever will. Also, this site works well for both mobile and desktop. To use this app, you need to:

  • Go to from your device.
  • Next, you need to log in with your Spotify account (click on big green button). But, make sure the shuffle mode on your Spotify is off (so that Spotify Shuffle doesn’t interrupt your already-randomized playlist).
  • Once you’ve signed in, you can choose any playlist you want to listen to and just randomize it.
  • Now, the Spotify Shuffler has randomized your playlist.
  • You can just go back to the site whenever you want to listen to your new randomized playlists.

Besides its title as the biggest digital music streaming platform, Spotify is still prone to some problems that can afflict its millions of users. One of the most common problems on Spotify is the shuffling issue. Now, you can try one of the four methods mentioned above if your the shuffle not working. If one method doesn’t work, then move on to another method.

Therefore, the users better to keep updating their Spotify app into the latest version to prevent problems such as Spotify shuffle not random happen due to a bug or junks. As we know, a bug or junk on an older version of an app can cause unexpected issues or problems. Furthermore, you can visit the Spotify community site for more information about your ongoing problem with the shuffle feature.

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Robert J. de Boer March 31, 2020 - 6:40 am

Just wondering: is it possible that Spotify is not random to maximise profits. Not all songs incur the same fee to artists, and so it is profitable for spotify to play cheaper songs (live versions, lesser known songs or artists) more often. Any thoughts?

kemal October 12, 2020 - 2:14 pm

Jesus didnt even think of that

H***** January 1, 2022 - 11:27 pm

Jesus would. It’s obvious. If someone has 10K tracks in a playlist then Spotify pays a royalty fee for every song played (?) and the bandwidth to download what is going to be streamed. If they instead just repeat 200 different tracks then this won’t happen. The question mark is what hit me right now. Actually, the royalty fee should be the same whether or not the song is already in your cache or not. So it’s all about bandwidth then? Or is it that they suspect that people will use it as a general radio in the background and therefore use it more? Perhaps leaving it on in the kitchen speakers while going to bed in another room? Why would Spotify want their customers to do that? If someone actually plays songs on it 24/7 then that’s a customer they are losing money on. I guess that’s it. So charge me twice the price for a functioning shuffle and I’ll pay it. It’s not only Spotify, it’s all of them. Can confirm Tidal too from my own experience, which is why I dropped it.

H W November 3, 2022 - 9:37 am

Spotifys shuffle algorithm is so poor that I’m convinced it must be hyper optimized for their monetization/expansion needs.

It’s truly the worst shuffle that ever existed. Quite possibly the simplest feature that has existed since Walkmans– the shuttle feature. Spotify recycles the same songs over and sometimes in the EXACT order. It’s freaky. Days apart and i get the same ordering and pairing for 10+ songs in a row.

Unacceptable in my opinion.


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