Deezer vs Spotify, Which One Is Better?

by Hashir Zuniga

Deezer vs Spotify

Do you love music so much that you need the right music streaming platform to jam out? The fact that there are plenty of platforms available out there, choosing the best one is a headache. Among available choices are Spotify and Deezer. The two are excellent streaming platform with millions of users worldwide. But which one is better? There is no other way than to compare Deezer vs Spotify.

Head-to-head comparison gives you insights of what each platform offers and how it suits you. While some of you might be familiar enough with Spotify, you might need to take a closer look to Deezer. But you should not overlook this France music streaming platform as it has its own strengths. Let’s get to know more about each platform and make your decision.

What Is Deezer?


Deezer is a music streaming service that enables the users to jam out to a variety of music choices. Created in France, Deezer provides you with music content from high-class record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Today, this streaming platform serves over 14 million active users and 7 million subscribers by January 2019.

In addition, Deezer also has 30,000 radio channels and 56 million tracks, each of which is licensed. Not only does Deezer enables the users to stream online, but this service also offers an offline mode that allows users to listen to music anytime and anywhere.

Deezer is available for web service, Android, iOS, Windows PC, macOS, and web player. This streaming service offers 6 account types including Deezer Free, Student, Premium, Family, Annual, and HiFi. Each subscription type provides an offline feature except the Free type. The subscription cost varies depending on the account type that you have.

What Is Spotify?


Spotify is a famous music streaming platform with millions of users throughout the world. This service enables users to stream music online or jam out through offline mode. Currently, Spotify comes with millions of tracks both from large and small record labels. No need to worry as the company already has the license. The service also provides user with podcasts.

Spotify delivers two account types, including Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. The Free account enables you to enjoy the music without paying the monthly charges, but you should be satisfied with the available features. The users can upgrade to Premium account which offers ad-free, high quality streaming as well as offline mode.

Spotify is available for Android and iOS devices. It also works well for computer, game console, Spotify web player, and HiFi. You can listen to favorite tunes from the playlists and customize the setting. With excellent audio quality, it makes no surprise that Spotify becomes one of the favorites.

Deezer vs Spotify Comparison

A side-by-side comparison needs a variety of aspects to compare. To compare Deezer and Spotify, we are going to reveal several aspects including music library, audio quality, music discover, and others. Check this out!

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1. Music library

Library refers to how many music collections you can find in the platform. The more tracks it has, the more you can listen when streaming. Currently, Deezer has 56 million songs from major and minor record labels. With a sizable number of collections, you can easily find music from any genre in Deezer.

Music library Deezer vs Spotify

Meanwhile, Spotify as the world’s top music streaming service boasts 30 million tracks that you can listen online and offline. This platform offers a wide array of songs from different categories such as genre, artists, and popularity. Spotify also enables you to listen to exclusive albums even when they are not released yet. This makes Spotify one step further than its competitors.

2. Audio quality

Audio quality becomes an important consideration when choosing the right streaming platform. When it comes to audio quality, Deezer delivers a 28 million hi-definition audio files which are encoded in FLAC. This format helps keep more data so that the audio is not compressed.

Audio quality Deezer vs Spotify

In addition to audio quality, Deezer plays the songs at 320Kbps for the Premium account and 128Kbps for Free account. If you have Sonos and are using Deezer Elite, you will be able to enjoy CD-quality audio.

Spotify comes with slight differences as it delivers the highest audio quality at 320Kbps in Ogg for Premium users. But if you are Free account users, the audio will be played at 192 Kbps in Ogg. Unfortunately, Spotify does not provide CD-quality audio as of Deezer.

In short, it has been clear that Deezer offers higher audio quality, particularly for its Elite Plan. But for Free account, Spotify is much better with 192Kbps.

3. Music discover

It is always exciting to discover something catchy on your ears. Deezer lets you explore, thanks to the many tracks available in the library. You can also benefit from several features to discover new music such as Channels, Flow, Playlists, Search, and Mixes. Deezer Flow, for instance, is your personal soundtrack consisting of your music combined with the recommendation from Deezer.

Spotify also provides you with excitement to discover new music. This is among the best parts offered by Spotify, thanks to the available features such as Discover, Discover Weekly, Browse, Release Radar, Daily Mix, and others. Discover Weekly, for example, is a feature that lets you find tracks based on listening history. It is also synchronized with other fans with similar tastes in music.

4. Design and UI

Deezer comes with simple, light and clear design and user interface. Whether you access the service through smartphone or desktop, it is easy to understand and to navigate. Even new users won’t find any difficulties when accessing this platform. Meanwhile, Spotify delivers dark mode that looks impressive. But you might need a little more time to understand the interfaces that look rather complex.

Design and UI Deezer vs Spotify

Now that you know Deezer vs Spotify side by side comparison, it is much easier to pick a music streaming service that suits your preferences. Both Deezer and Spotify are excellent streaming platforms in their own way. If you need a music streaming service with easy design, Deezer could be the one. But if you need an impressive performance, Spotify is good to go.

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