How To Add Friends On Steam Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How To Add Friends On Steam

Steam is a service platform that can distribute games. The game played on Steam has a social network feature so that it can connect several players to interact. That way Steam users must add a friend’s account to be able to play together in a game. The following is an explanation of how to add friends on Steam which is easy to do.

Ways To Add Friends On Steam Easily

Actually on the Steam application, to add friends is very easy to do. This can be done in two ways. The first is by adding a username. Then the second way is by adding friends through the profile.

1. Add Friends with Username

Everyone who has Steam must have an account to be able to play freely. That way, adding themes through a username is one way you can add friends. Adding friends with a username is the answer to how to add friends on Steam. The first thing to do is to open the existing Steam application on the PC.

Then in the lower right corner of the Steam session, click Friends & Chat. After that, a small window will appear containing people who are already friends. For some people, this view friends option will not be displayed correctly because the computer settings or browser are different. Therefore, Steam users must enlarge the browser window.

Add a Friend icon on Steam

Then at the bottom of the window that appears, click the Add a Friend icon. After that, select the desired friend then fill in the link with the friend’s name. First, ask your friend’s username first to make it easier to find it on Steam.

Add Friends with Username

Or to add friends who are not yet known by clicking Search members of the Steam community or View users you’ve recently played with. That was the way to add friends on Steam easily. That way, Steam users can immediately play the game with new friends.

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2. Add Friends via Profile

Every Steam account must have a profile as the identity data of the account owner. And from that profile, Steam users can easily add friends.

Add Friends on Steam via Profile

The method is almost the same as before, namely first open the Steam application on a PC. Then look for other people’s account profiles that will be friends. You do this by searching for the username you want.

Or find users who could interact by clicking “Groups”. Then under the Actions option Click “Add to your friends’ list”, located on the sideline of the user’s profile page. That way the user will be added to the Steam friends list. So that the person can play the game together with his new friends on Steam.

Overcome Steam Account Can Not Add Friend

Although those two methods are easy to do, there are obstacles that can’t add friends. We can be sure that the problem is caused by the Steam account is still new and has never bought anything via the Steam store.

Apparently Steam has a requirement that you have to open a Steam account limit by filling in a Steam wallet of at least 5 USD. So people who just have a Steam account must fill the Steam wallet with a fixed nominal. The first way is to first have an application and the Steam wallet account.

After that, fill the account with 5 USD via credit card. If the Steam wallet has been successfully filled, then that person can add friends to play.

Indeed playing on Steam is very fun. Most of the games are made by famous developers, so there is no doubt about the quality. In addition, some of these games must be played in groups. Therefore it is important to add friends on Steam.

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