How to Install DLC on Steam That Absolutely Works

How to Install DLC on Steam

Since it was launched in September 2003, Steam became the biggest digital distribution platform for PC games. In 2013, almost 75% of the market was held by Steam. Until last year, in 2019, the active users have been millions over the world. For the first time, it was created to provide an automatic games update from Valve. But the developers made it more convenient by expanding into online web-based, mobile digital, until third-party publishers’ updates. Since Steam works for the third-parties, now Steam offers for selling and distributing DLC (downloadable content). In this article, you will find how to install DLC on Steam that is popular in video games recently.

There are several types of DLC. It might be a range of characters, new objects, or challenges. The DLC is also offered in various forms. For example, by adding new levels, in a pack of expansion, or the new storyline. Even though not all forms are necessary for DLC, there is a market demand for it. Steam supports two types of DLC: free and paid version. Once you get the DLC from the Steam store, the downloaded file will appear as a single application on your list. That file will be integrated to be a part of the game. So, Steam will automatically update the content. Get this convenient gaming experience by following the steps on how to install DLC on Steam below.

How to Install DLC on Steam in an Easy Way

Steam is a brilliant platform with its easy-to-install DLC. Besides it is useful for gamers, the DLC is also the best solution for the developers. They can fix bugs and issues and add new features easily. Perhaps you might find a bad review about the DLC. But hold on yourself and give it a try. Follow the steps of how to install DLC on Steam below, then decide whether it is annoying or not.

1. Enter Your Steam Library

The first important thing is, of course, entering your Steam Game Library. After that, you need to decide which game to expand with DLC. Select the game that you want to add.

2. Find More DLC

DLC on Steam Library

Now, enter the Steam Store by select “View DLC in Store”. Once the new page appears, you can select the DLC you are interested in buying. There is no special process in purchasing. It is like buying a base game.

3. Check the Purchased DLC

If the purchasing process succeeded, the new DLC will appear in the center under DLC. You can find it when you go back to your Steam Library. If you cannot find it, the download process hasn’t been done yet. The download process might take time, it depends on the size and your connection. The other way to check your download is through “Game Properties Window”.

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Check the Purchased DLC

4. Continue to Check

Check DLC Installed in Steam Library

Keep staying in Steam Library because you need to check further the DLC. Click right on the game in Steam Library and select Properties. Then, click the DLC tab until you see the pop-up window. There you can find the installed items based on what you have chosen.

5. Remove the DLC (if necessary)

Remove the DLC on Steam

The properties menu is the place where you can find all the registered DLC. You do this step if only you want to remove one DLC. You just uncheck the item you want, then the DLC will be deleted from your game.

How if The Steam DLC Not Installed?

You might find the situation when you already downloaded the DLC, but it is not installed yet. As we mentioned above, it is probably due to the unfinished process or your connection. A big size really takes time to be completely wrapped. Also, a bad connection might affect the whole process. After that, if you still cannot run the DLC even though it said completed, then you have to do something.

Indeed, in some Steam users, the checkbox is already checked, but the DLC is shown as “not installed yet”. The easiest thing to do is to quit Steam and then enter it again. It is like refreshing what is inside the Steam. Or, you can uncheck the box, then check it again. These two easy ways sometimes help the users to run the DLC. If these methods cannot solve your problem, then you can try another way.

Now, right-click on the game you have added the DLC after opening the Properties. Then, click on the “Local Files”, choose the “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. Let Steam do its thing until it finishes. Once you have done, you will know the missing files from your DLC. The next thing to do is download the files again.

Sum Up

Those are above about how to install DLC on Steam to increase your gaming experience. One thing for your information, even though the DLC is from the Steam Store, you are able to purchase the DLC from outside the Steam. But it has to be manually added inside your Steam. Furthermore, you can also redeem Steam codes from another online provider. Once you purchase the DLC separately from the game, for example from the online store, you need to print the code or get it from e-mail.

Remember, the DLC codes consist of numbers and letters that should be input into Steam. After that, you will get the additional content for the game you choose. Each key has different instructions, so make sure you understand what you have to do when adding it manually. If you miss one step to do, then Steam won’t activate the codes.

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