How To Disable Steam Auto Updates Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How To Disable Steam Auto Updates

Steam is a service market for digital goods specifically games that function as collectors or distributors of game data owned by the developer. Like other internet-connected services, Steam has an auto-update. The purpose of this is actually to facilitate its use, but some people feel a little annoyed. Therefore the following will be explained about how to disable Steam auto-updates easily.

Steam is the default application that automatically configures to update the game every time it is connected to a network connection. In people who have limited connections, this will be a nuisance. Until now there has been no specific way to turn off all automatic updates. But apparently there are some alternatives to stop this auto-update.

3 Ways Of How To Disable Steam Auto Updates

1. Disables Automatic Updates For Games

The first way of how to disable Steam auto-updates is by disabling automatic updates for games. To disable all automatic updates on the game can be done in several ways. Some of these methods are quite effective and easy because you can do it through a Steam client only.

How To Disable Steam Auto Updates

Choose the game you want to change its settings by clicking right and select Properties. Then open the Updates tab located at the top of the window after the Property is opened so that options regarding automatic updates will appear. After that, a drop-down menu will appear and the steam user must choose three available options.

only updates the game when the user launches it

The first choice is to always keep this game up-to-date. In this default option, Steam will update the game whenever it has a network connection. So Steam only updates the game when the user launches it. This option will disable all auto-update games and force the game to update only when the steam user wants to play it.

The last High Priority: Always automatically update this game before the others. When updating, this option will give priority to the game compared to the others automatically. Of course, Steam users will really like this one method.

2. Set An Automatic Update Time Limit

The second way of how to disable Steam auto-updates is by Set An Automatic Update Time Limit. If a steam user has a slow internet connection during business hours because Steam is updating the game, the user can set a time limit for automatic updates.

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So that Steam only updates the game at a certain time, this time limit configuration will do it. So the user can always set a time which will be very useful because when the steam user does not use his computer. The first step that must be done is to open the Steam client.

In the upper left corner, find the option named Steam and then select Settings. Then select the Downloads tab on the left side. Steam users will see an area in the Downloads setting that says Download Restrictions.

Set An Automatic Update Time Limit

Here the user can set the time when Steam updates itself. Steam will pause the download if the time window has passed through this setting. Then the game will be waiting in line again when the time comes.

3. Limiting Bandwidth

The third way of how to disable Steam Auto is by Set An Automatic Update Time Limit. Sometimes excessive data usage will make use of a PC or other applications. That way this problem must be done by limiting the running bandwidth.

This solution applies so that users don’t get a lot of data usage in the background. Steam users will leave all Steam settings as they are and limit the download bandwidth. That way Steam won’t pick up speeds that are greater than they should. So PC or Steam users can still do other work without interruption.

This is the purpose of this method. The first thing to do this is to open a Steam client. Then find the option named Steam in the upper left corner. Select Settings after clicking and dropdown. After that, navigate to the Downloads tab on the left side.

Limiting Bandwidth on Steam

Then in the Download Restrictions section, click the Bandwidth Limit option. That way, the user will own various speeds that will be owned for accessing the drop-down menu. Choose which one suits the internet connection so that the entire system can run at its maximum. Finally, save changes and exit the entire menu for good.

Those are 3 ways to answer the question of how to disable Steam auto-updates. This method is easy to do and will not be risky. Precisely with auto-updates on existing applications this steam can reduce PC performance. So it’s not just annoying when playing games, but when doing other work.

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