How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets Easily

How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets, do you know that there is no limit to the number of cells? Therefore, you can use cells in Google Sheets indefinitely. However, sometimes this confuses the user on how to set print area in Google Sheets.

This is because if you don’t know how to print a certain area, you will print all the sheets. Not only from wasting paper but it also makes your work ineffective. Before you know how to set print area in Google Sheets, let’s find out about the Print area in Google Sheets.

What Is Print Area In Google Sheets?

Printing on Google Sheets is certainly different than printing in Microsoft Excel. This is because there are several differences in the toolbar that is on Google Sheets. Google Sheets is one of the features of the Google Online Office Program that works similar to Microsoft Excel.

So, now you know that even though it looks the same but Google Sheets is quite different from Microsoft Excel. Therefore, the way to print on Google Sheets will also be a little different compared to printing in Microsoft Excel.

For example, if you want to print a specific cell area, there are several ways you must do. Moreover, the method is different when you want to print via Excel. Before knowing how to set print area in Google Sheets you better know first what the print area is.

A print area contains a number of cells that you choose to print. So, you don’t need to print all the cells on the Spreadsheet. So, you can determine for yourself which area you will print. You can also change the print area and add cells to the print area.

How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets

It is not difficult for you to set the print area on Google Sheets. However, you must do several steps so that you can set the print area correctly on Google Sheets. The following are the steps on how to set print area in Google Sheets:

1. Open The Google Sheets

Open The Google Sheets

The first step you have to do is you have to open the site, Google Sheets. You can visit it through your email, choose Google Drive, click New select Google Sheets. Or, you can also open Google Apps, click 4 dots and select Google Sheets to open it.

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2. Open the Spreadsheet You Want to Print

Before you open the Spreadsheet, you must log in to your Google account first. This is because to access Google Sheets, you must have a Google account. After you have successfully logged in, you can open the spreadsheet you want to print.

3. Highlight the Area

Highlight the Area on Sheets

You can highlight the area of several cells or areas that you want to print on the Spreadsheet. You can use the cursor on your mouse to highlight the area. Or, you can click a cell, press Shift and press the directional button so you can highlight multiple cells.

4. Print The Spreadsheet

After you highlight the area of cells that you want to print, you can print them. You can click the printer icon on the toolbar or you can also click File then select print. If you use a MAC, press together both the command and p keys.

Additionally, if you are using a Windows OS device, you can press ctrl and P keys together. Thus, you can choose one of the three methods that you think is easy for you to do.

5. Set The Print Menu to Selected Cells

You need to remember that how to set print area in Google Sheets is easy for you. This is because you just need to change the print menu on the top right to be Selected Cells.

Set The Print Menu to Selected Cells

You will see the area that you will print in the left panel or Print Preview. Besides, you must ensure that all areas that you have highlighted will be printed. If you see a mistake in Print Preview, you can click cancel and repeat the third step.

6. Make Any Changes

After you change the print menu, you can make any changes according to your needs. For example, scale, paper size, page orientation, formatting, margins, headers and footers, and so on. If you make changes, the appearance of Print Preview will also change.

7. Choose The Destination

If you want to print spreadsheets directly, you can select your printer in the Destination menu. However, you can also save it on Google Drive or your computer or laptop. Then, you can choose the destination according to your needs.

Choose The Destination on Google Sheets

You can decide the pages and choose the number of sheets you want to print on one page. If you have finished making changes, you can click Print or Save.

Now you know how to set print area in Google Sheets that easy for you to do. Although it has quite a few steps, you will easily do it if you open Google Sheets directly. By knowing this, your work will be more effective and finished faster.

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