How to Embed a Video in Google Slides

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Embed a Video in Google Slides

Google Slides comes in handy to create presentation slides and collaborate with your team. The free, web-based presentation program is packed with tons of features, allowing you to perform various things from inserting pictures to embedding videos. How to embed a video in Google Slides?

You can include both YouTube and non-YouTube videos in Google Slides presentation. Whether you want to attract the audience’s attention or provide a clear presentation, it only takes a few steps. Read on and see how Google Slides can boost your performance.

How to Add a YouTube Video in Google Slides

YouTube has countless videos that can be used to improve your presentation. This platform has got you covered from tutorial videos to help your audience catch the materials or funny videos as a variation. Fortunately, embedding YouTube videos in Google Slides is a piece of cake.

Without the need for taking long, complicated steps, you will have a video in your slides. Things just get better as the web-based program has an editing feature that enables you to cut and edit a video without third-party apps.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Open Google Slide.

Open Google Slide

  • Select a slide in which you want to embed the YouTube video.
  • Click Insert, choose Video. This action will open a new window.

Click Insert, choose Video

  • Search for a YouTube video that you wish to embed to the slide. Once you find it, click Select to embed the video to the desired slide. Adjust the size to your preference.

Click Insert, choose Video

  • Or if you have the link or URL, select By URL then you can paste the URL in the provided field. You will be able to see the video preview.

Or if you have the link or URL

  • Hit Select to embed the video you prefer to the slide.

Hit Select to embed the video you prefer to the slide

Arrange the placement to make your presentation slide more attractive. Be creative with the graphic element to result in a beautiful design.

How to Insert Non YouTube Videos in Google Slides

What if the video is not available on YouTube? Luckily, Google Slides allows you to add a video which is not from YouTube. Whether it is your own video or you simply get it from the web, these videos can also be included in the presentation slides.

Please note that a video that is not from YouTube must be kept in Google Drive. This means you will need to upload the video to your Google Drive account. From this cloud storage, you can select the video to insert.

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Google Drive and sign in to your account.
  • Drag the desired video to Google Drive. Or, you can click New and choose Upload files. Locate desired video in your computer then upload.
  • Once uploaded, open your Google Slides presentation. Choose the slide to include the video.
  • Click Insert, select Video.
  • In a new window, choose Google Drive and you will see all videos uploaded in Google Drive. Click a video you wish to insert and hit Select.
  • You will see the video successfully inserted to the slide.

Now you can set the video to your liking. Choose the right size and placement so your audience will be attracted to see it.

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How to Edit Your Video in Google Slides

Only few people know that Google Slides has features to edit video without using a third-party app. Now that you know how to embed a video in Google Slides, it’s time to learn how to edit a video from presentation slides.

Even though it offers basic editing features, it comes in handy to adjust the video to your liking. Not only can you set the start time and end time, you can also trim the video and enable autoplay during the presentation.

Follow step-by-step instructions below to edit a video in Google Slides:

  • Open your Google Slide presentation and go to the slide where you locate the video.
  • Select the video you have included to the presentation.
  • Click Format on the toolbar. Alternatively, right click the video and select Format.

Click Format on the toolbar

  • Hit the drop-down arrow of Video playback to see the available options. You can adjust various settings like start and end time or trim the video. You can also mute the audio if needed.
  • Edit the video to meet your preferences.

The format option comes with many tabs that enable you to make adjustment to different things. Besides muting audio or adjust start/end time, you can adjust the size including modifying the width and height. There is also aspect ratio option to keep your video proportional.

What’s more, there is Drop shadow tab that allows you to add a shadow. The shadow box can be modified to your liking. There are various colors to change the shadow and other options like transparency, distance, angle, and blur.

How to Add Text and Objects in Google Slides

How to embed a video in Google Slides is completely simple, be it a YouTube or non-YouTube video. But if you are a new user, you might need to know how to use this web-based program from the basic like creating a presentation, adding text, and inserting objects to the presentation slides. 

Just as with Microsoft PowerPoint, creating a new presentation comes easy. Only with three steps, you will be able to start a presentation. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to
  • Click + icon to create a new presentation.

Click + icon to create a new presentation

  • This will open new presentation slides. 

You can choose to create a blank presentation slides or use templates. Next, you can add text, objects, and even videos to the slides. To insert a text box, follow these steps:

  • Go to the presentation slide, click the provided text box. There are title and subtitle boxes as default.
  • If you want to add a new text box, click Insert and select Text box

Click Insert and select Text box

  • Type your text.

Type your text

After adding a text box, you can insert objects like image, line, and shape. Here is how to insert an object to the slide:

  • Go to the slide where you want to add the object.
  • Click Insert, select the object you wish to insert like Image, Audio, Shape, Chart, Diagram, and many more.

Click Insert, select object you wish to insert

  • Browse from your computer and choose a desired object.
  • The object will be added to your presentation slide.

Arrange the object to make your slideshow more attractive. You can also use format options to make adjustment however you want. If you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, using Google Slides will not give you a huge problem even though you are a newcomer.

How to embed a video in Google Slides is a simple task. This program lets you insert a video from YouTube or Google Drive depending on your preferences. Besides embedding a video, it comes in handy to make your presentation catchy through audio, images, text, and objects.

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