11 Best Apps Like Life360 for Family Tracker

by Emily Barrow

Best Apps Like Life360

The presence of apps like Life360 is such a helpful tool to keep the safety of your family on top of priority. Even though some people don’t like being tracked, this thing is somehow important, especially if you have kids.

Well, in this article, you will find a series of information about apps that serve similar functions with Life360. Those options allow you to pick the right platform that fits your needs when it comes to tracking the location of each family member.

Best Apps Like Life360 for Android and iOS

All in all, Life360 offers thorough features that will help you to know the location of your loved ones. However, according to survey and observation, this platform collects user data and sells it to another party. Thus, if you still need this kind of app but don’t want to deal with safety or privacy concerns, check out the list of apps below.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

The presence of Google Maps shouldn’t be a stranger for anyone who lives in today’s world. You can even say that this app is among the legend platforms which allow you to see the routes. As technology develops, the functions of Google Maps also get lots of improvements.

Today, you can put this map tool among the apps similar to Life360. The GPS feature helps users to track locations of their loved ones. Of course, the other person has to allow location sharing from their devices. Once the feature is activated, you can track where your friend or family member is currently at.

Google Maps is a perfect choice because you can use all the features for free. If you are using an Android phone, this app is part of its default apps. Yet, iPhone users can download Google Maps for free on the Play Store.

However, this platform might not offer sophisticated features like other apps on this list. Still, you better give Google Maps a shot.

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2. Family Locator

Family Locator

Another app that will help you to find the location of your family is called Family Locator. The presence of My Family Locator app surely makes things easier to locate your family. And if you are looking for another option of Life360 then this app is surely a perfect candidate.

This app is suitable to monitor your kids, especially if you are worried that your kids are at school or not. Later, the system will send notification once they have reached the destination. In case you don’t want your kids to get outside the house, you can set Family Locator GPS. Thus, if the kids step outside then you get notified instantly.

Generally, Family Locator comes in both free and paid versions. You can get enough features by using the free app. Yet, the free Family Locator comes with limitations – upgrading the app for USD39.99 a quarter allows you to unlock all sophisticated features offered by this platform.

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3. Map My Run

Map My Run

Under Armour creates and develops an app called Map My Run. As its name suggests, this platform is mainly to track your running routines. You will need to connect the app with wearable before making the features functions as they should be.

If you sign up for the premium version of Map My Run, you can enjoy the Live Tracking feature. As its name suggests, this feature will share your live location – of course, it is in real-time. Keep in mind that this tool is developed for exercising and tracking your health.

Thus, even though Map My Run can be touted as one of the best alternatives to Life360, you might not be able to use it to track your family members. Yet, all the features will only function if you connect the app with wearables – as well as paying for subscriptions, start at USD5.99 per month.

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4. FollowMee


If you are looking for reliable Life360 similar apps that work seamlessly on iPhone and Android devices then you should consider using FollowMee. By installing this app, you can turn your smartphone into a GPS tracker – the one that works like a professional.

Once you install the app, it is easy to find out the location of people, through their devices. According to the company’s claims, FollowMee doesn’t share any information with other parties. So, if you are looking for a tracker app that promotes safety then these tools should be on your consideration list.

FollowMee is a free app with a bunch of useful features. Also, you can track more than one phone at the same time. The only thing that makes FollowMee a bit green is its limited features, especially if you compare this app with others on this list. Yet, it won’t hurt to try, after all.

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5. FamiSafe


Talking about the alternatives to Life360 app, it won’t be fair if you don’t include FamiSafe on the list. Many users consider this app as a reliable and trustworthy tool to track your family locations. Even though the main function is to track the location of the loved ones, the features are not limited to that thing only.

FamiSafe comes up with other safety functions. For instance, you can block people, apps, websites, and a lot more for privacy concerns. Thus, this tool will be a perfect tool to control the information consumed by your kids.

The information provided by this app is also thorough. Other than coming up with a perfect GPS tracker feature, you can check the battery percentage of others’ phones. However, FamiSafe is not a free app.

You have to pay USD60.99 per year or USD10.99 per month to enjoy all the solutions offered by this platform. The only thing that makes users a bit overwhelmed is the setup process. Still, FamiSafe is a worth-considering location tracker app, regardless of your device.

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6. Glympse


Talking about a professional location tracking tool, the presence of Glympse is surely not a stranger to some people. This is why the keyword Glympse vs Life360 is quite popular on search engines. As two of the most popular tools that track the location of other phones, you should check out this review then.

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According to users, Life360 may provide better accuracy when it comes to tracking other devices. However, you have a better visibility because Glympse comes up with a GPS tracing feature. Also, there is no need to register an account before using this tool.

Thus, in case your loved ones are in an emergency situation, you can immediately find the location as long as they hit the emergency button. The system will inform you immediately, though. Glympse is surely a free app and you can use it for tracking multiple devices simultaneously.

However, since the app is free, security and privacy matters might be a bit concerning. Other than that, the UI design is not as sophisticated as other apps on this list.

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7. GeoLoc


Several free alternatives to Life360 come up with excellent services. To enhance the features, you can go for in-app purchases. One of those apps is GeoLoc – the app is free to download and use but you can unlock other features by accessing the app’s in-app purchases.

According to the company, this tool allows you to track your loved ones precisely. Compared to other apps on this list, GeoLoc is quite descriptive on showing the location of each person you are tracking. The markers are clear and easy to read, after all.

Even though the IP address might not be showing the physical location of a user, you can always use that aspect to track the location in the first place. GeoLoc is quite reliable while won’t be consuming your battery in the first place.

Other than that, you don’t need to create an account to enjoy all the features offered. However, there was a rumor that GeoLoc may share your data with third parties. Be sure to check about the terms and conditions before choosing a specific app.

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8. Pathshare


What app is similar to Life360? Well, there are many apps that provide services like Life360 – you can see almost all the best apps with similar features on this list. 

One of those apps is called Pathshare. Just like other apps in this article, this tool will share locations in real-time. By that, you can find out the location of your family as well as the specified time. 

Pathshare is considered as the best family tracking app because you can track your kids easily. Also, you can use this app just like the spy in the movies – your kids don’t need to know. 

Pathshare doesn’t require its users to create an account. While it comes with a free trial, you have to commit to a paid plan that starts at USD3 per month. Still, this option will be worth trying in many ways, whether you are using iPhone or Android devices.

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9. FamilyWall for Sprint

FamilyWall for Sprint

Can you use Life360 for free? Yes, you can – but you have to deal with ads and other limitations. While some people are okay with those things, some others prefer to upgrade the subscription in the first place.

Another alternative that will help you to detect family locations is called FamilyWall for Sprint. This app is pretty cool since everyone can exchange information, photos, and locations with everyone registered on the app.

Other than tracking other people through the app, FamilyWall also provides a space to organize tasks and promotes better communication – it has an in-built chatting tool. 

In case you have a family meeting or other things that involve other family members, you can list the activity on the app. The system will send notification before the due date.

You would love using this app because the UI design is neat and pretty. Other than that, FamilyWall for Sprint is one of a very few apps that keep the entire family in the loop.

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10. iSharing


Are there other apps like Life360? Yes, there are quite a lot – you have seen the best ones on this list, after all. And if you are looking for a robust app that allows you to track location then you should consider iSharing as well.

Other than providing the best service to track your family and loved ones, iSharing also comes up with the Find My Phone tool. It means that you can track where your phone is at, in case it got stolen or you left it somewhere.

One of the best features offered by iSharing is that you can shake your phone and your family will receive an emergency. Some users also incorporate this tool as a walkie-talkie. iSharing, on the other hand, allows you to check the history tab where previous activities and locations are stored.

However, some people said that location detection is not as accurate as other apps on this list. Still, the free version is worth trying.

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11. GeoZilla


When it comes to the best apps like Life360, you better include GeoZilla on the list too. This app is quite popular and comes with a series of useful features in the first place. Other than knowing the location of each registered member, you can use GeoZilla to connect better with your loved ones.

It comes with an emergency button that will notify other family members if you push it. Since GeoZilla has a GPS tracking tool, the information and location that are given to you is highly accurate.

Users love GeoZilla because everything is listed and you can track everyone easily, especially your kids. However, some limitations may appear even though you’ve purchased the plan. It costs USD47.99 annually with a three-day trial plan.

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It is very possible that you will find a free app similar to Life360. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, you can find plenty of options when it comes to apps that help you to track your family locations.

Even though it sounds contradictory with privacy, the use of apps that locate your family members might be necessary. All the apps like Life360 mentioned above, for instance, will help you to monitor your kids. So, which tracking app do you prefer the most?

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