10 Best Auth0 Alternatives and Similar Platforms

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Auth0 Alternatives

Auth0 is a developer-friendly identification platform. You can simply integrate social login, multi-factor authentication, passwordless login, single sign-on, and other features into your mobile app or online application with Auth0. However, there are Auth0 alternatives that do the exact same thing with an extra flair.

IAM solutions include a variety of security features that are essential for establishing a solid information security program. These are just a few of the issues that security professionals must think about when designing effective identification and access control systems to secure their businesses.

Controlling and auditing who enters and exits your organization’s network is critical to operationally sustaining and safeguarding an environment. Thus, it is important to find a solution just for your organization.

What is Auth0?

What is Auth0?

Auth0 is a safe and comprehensive service that allows for authentication and authorization. It operates on the principle of tokens and makes use of a variety of directories. It is compatible with a range of platforms, notably social media. As a result, the technology is ideal for integrating additional security to apps.

You may even utilize security-related features to avoid identity theft. Database migration, embedded authentication, account integration, and log retention are among the functionalities available.

Developers may establish universal login credentials for staff and regulate user credentials, multi-factor authentication, and many more for connected apps using the service.

Admins may utilize Auth0’s user management dashboard to manage passwords, role-based authorization, and the provisioning of user accounts. It keeps track of hacked credentials in a database, allowing security professionals to monitor and stop unauthorized access in real-time.

Auth0 supports Zoom, Dropbox, and various other third-party apps. It uses a plugin to perform logins, which identifies users via push notifications or by issuing a one-time password by email or SMS.

Organizations may also link apps across devices, add and delete employees, build unique authentication screens, and set up access controls.

Why is Identity Access Management Important?

An IAM program can give you peace of mind and keep track of your staff’ activities. Knowing that only specific personnel have access to particular software and apps will help an organization’s security and operational procedures.

The system’s variables can also be customized to identify any questionable user behavior, correspondence, or anomalies that can often go overlooked. Without an appropriate management system in place, tracking login details, whether it’s credentials or usernames, may rapidly become a challenging task.

IAM helps admins guard against security breaches by automating a variety of user account-related activities. This means the capability to establish an automated onboard procedure for individuals, allowing access to systems and software that they are allowed to access depending on their position.

It also features a simple ability to deactivate access permission to all systems to which employees had been granted access via the platform.

IAM solutions include a variety of security features that are essential for establishing a solid information security policy. Controlling and auditing who accesses your organization’s assets is critical to operationally sustaining and safeguarding an ecosystem.

Best Auth0 Alternatives

1. Passport


This Auth0 alternative is a Node.js authentication framework. Passport is a highly configurable and adaptable online application framework that can be simply incorporated with various web applications.

Authentication using credentials for many apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, is supported by a diverse collection of mechanisms. Passport is a session management and authorisation tool that works with a wide range of services, including social networks.

For integrating security in contemporary apps, Passport provides a variety of authentication options. You can also choose your preferred provider from a list provided by the system. They all support Passport authentication and give hundreds of schemes to the host module.

You can use a database record to authenticate, or you can use an SSO with OAuth supplied by various social networks. Modules for certain platforms and databases are also available.

2. Keycloak


JBoss’s Keycloak is an excellent free Auth0 substitute. It is also an open-source program that is presently released under the Apache License 2.0. The entire list of supported systems varies depending on the protocol you choose. Keycloak presently supports three protocols.

The list of KeyCloak capabilities is extensive, and it includes user management, SSO, LDAP server connectivity, and even more. Moreover, it supports three alternative authentication methods, allowing you to address a wide range of apps with just one solution.

You also can select any protocols you consider would be better for your business. There are many samples you can follow and you can rely on people to assist you with your challenges, evident in its large community.

Keycloak may be quite beneficial because it provides a built-in method for syncing with databases, such as LDAP or Active Directory, when your users already are registered on. If you use Social Login for social platforms such as Facebook, Keycloak might be a great tool for your organization.

3. Okta

This alternative to Auth0 is a cloud-based IAM solution that helps businesses secure the adoption of their web services. Okta helps many organizations to integrate their cloud-based web applications, such as Google Apps and NetSuite with a reliable firewall.

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Okta provides a solution that meets the demands of the IT department, end-users and business leaders, with no lengthy service engagements necessary. You can use Okta to secure cloud and web-based software across the whole organization.

4. OneLogin


This substitute for Auth0 makes IAM easier by providing secure access to the organization’s cloud and on-premises apps from any device. It applies IT identity policy by promptly removing access for employees who no longer need it.

Organizations may gain control over application access and provide users with simple access to all of their web services across all devices. The developers want to save businesses time and money by removing the agony and burden of managing complex identification policies.

OneLogin, according to the developers, lowers the cost of IAM and complicated integration efforts for each new app while also extending identity policies. Long-term integrations, credentials resets, and other lengthy processes are all avoided with OneLogin.

5. FusionAuth


Like Auth0,  FusionAuth is a powerful user management solution with a lot more to offer. Getting started and setting up FusionAuth takes no time because it is compatible with databases, such as Java and C#.

This guarantees that FusionAuth can be simply incorporated into whichever programming environment you prefer. Websites may manage all of its users, whether they are individuals or organizations.

Moreover, SSO and secure email authentication make protecting client identification and authorization management a breeze. FusionAuth’s robust JSON REST API allows you to access all of its features and functions.

This only enables single-tenant data structure, making it one of the secure alternatives available because it prevents unauthorized data access by other companies or hackers. FusionAuth provides multi-platform implementation, allowing businesses to deploy it with ease on Linux, Mac, or Windows.

6. Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Web Services launched this Auth0 competitor as IAM for mobile apps by. It enables easy and secure user authentication, authorization, and administration for online and mobile applications.

The service saves and syncs end-user data, allowing application developers to focus on developing code rather than creating and sustaining back-end infrastructure. It aids in the proliferation of mobile app development.

Using the service, a user may sign in with credentials via Amazon or a third-party app such as Facebook or Google. With Cognitо’s built-in user interface and simple configuration, you can simply add user credentials and access control to their apps.

The Cоgnitо соnsоle is a part of an organization’s AWS ecosystem, where users may view all information related to their Cоgnitо profile and billing.

7. Akamai Identity Cloud

Akamai Identity Cloud

This competitor of Auth0 is an IAM service that allows organizations to provide a personalized user experience while maintaining appropriate security. It’s designed to provide organizations the flexibility they need to manage millions of clients.

In addition, built-in capabilities, such as configurable registration, authentication, and more, provide for sophisticated data analysis and monitoring. By gathering customer data with flexible fields, the tool helps to boost conversion rates in a smooth manner.

The Akamai Identity Cloud may be linked with marketing systems to allow for reciprocal access management and customization. It also has a centralized cloud directory and a configurable schema that can handle a large quantity of user data.

Furthermore, an SSO inside the same system ensures that all functions are available at the same time. Organizations can also utilize the data for operational intelligence, marketing, and security insights.

8. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

This Auth0 alternative is an IAM platform that uses multi-factor authentication and SSO to secure organizations against threats. It enhanced organization by securely allowing communications with stakeholders, as well as giving on-site and remote access to apps.

Productivity tracking, behavioral analytics, endpoint management, user activity monitoring, and more are what it offers. Organizations may use the program to secure account credentials by creating authentication and access restrictions.

Administrators may also deploy the tool to map the user experience and manage authentication. Through APIs, Azure Active Directory may connect to a variety of third-party services, including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and more.

Administrators may also utilize the OAuth system to create, delete, and manage login credentials, as well as give authentication to other cloud-based apps.

9. Simeio


Professional services, IAM services, and IDaaS are all available through this Auth0 competitor. Simeio is growing as awareness in IAM, as well as IT governance, risk, and compliance, keeps developing.

It offers secure authentication and an SSO experience for any on-site and cloud apps, as well as network resources. As a hosted management service, it provides data security solutions for big data and all sorts of databases.

10. LoginRadius


This Auth0 alternative is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade customer IAM solution. It enables organizations to provide a great customer experience without sacrificing security.

This software allows organizations to use their customer identity platform to expedite access information. However, it still manages to maintain digital accounts and data protection standards. It shows to be an effective CIAM solution for businesses in a variety of industries.

It offers comprehensive client registration and authentication services, as well as identity consolidation throughout your digital ecosystems. It also offers a unique managed service and incorporates customer authorization into your operation with ease.

It is a highly recommended identity and access management software because of all of these features and benefits.


The greatest Auth0 alternative is still dependent on your needs. With precise statistics and a diversified collection of user-friendly tools, Auth0 offers the most comprehensive capability for ensuring user authentication and authorization. However, Keycloak is a wonderful open source Auth0 alternative.

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