Funny Steam Names That Surprising The Other Players

by Hashir Zuniga

Funny Steam Names

For gamers, they might be already familiar with Steam. Valve is the one that has this biggest video game distribution platform. As the developer, Valve keeps improving the features during the time. Since it was first launched only for automatic update all Valve’s games, now it is able to deal with third-party developers. If you want to enjoy this thing, you should have the Steam account first. The Steam account is also known as Steam ID or Steam Name which identifies you as a user. Once you make yours, it is surprising once you find funny Steam names outside. Because it is up to the users to show how unique they are.

Before you make one, you need to know one thing. There is a difference between Steam Username and Steam Name (ID). Steam Username is on your profile page and you can change it anytime. Just click the “Edit Profile” button, then change the name. But, Steam Name (ID) is permanent, because it is a unique identifier for each user. If you want to change it, you need to contact the Steam Support Staff member. It will take the process to change as you want. So, think about the funny Steam names now, instead of waiting for the process.

Samples of Funny Steam Names That Already Exist

Maybe it is your first experience in the gaming world. Or, you just know the Steam and want to make a new account. Some people need the inspiration to create theirs. If you get stuck in thinking the right name, perhaps you can get ideas from the list below. Here are the surprisingly funny Steam names:

1. ask_yo_girl_about_me

Indeed, this name is so insulting. But, for some users, it is a funny name. It’s like making fun of your opponents when you win a game. As your information, some funny Steam names can begin with the combination of mockery and rebellion. The other example that we have found is “kiss-my-axe”. This ID was one of the players mentioned in a Steam forum.

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2. Imzda_N00b!!1

This name was also taken from the Steam forum. When someone asked for a funny name, the other gamer answered with this ID. The other way to make your ID name funny is by combining the letters, symbols, and numbers. Sometimes it contains a certain meaning, but it often has no reason. You can make a combination as you want.

3. Jesus Burger

If you are brave enough to use a religious attribute, then it would be a funny name. Some people do this to show their sarcasm. “Jesus Burger” name is only on samples from many names using God’s name. Again, it is up to you to combine with any kind of words. Remember, the pairing word might result in a certain meaning and impression for the holy words.

Funny Steam Names

4. Lemonfridge

While other people try to be sarcastic, there are several others who want to show cuteness. It is not only for women gamers. There are men who do this thing too. “Lemonfridge” is a name that uses fruit to visualize the user, whether he/she likes that fruit, love yellow, or the personality. Choose any words that describe yourself will ease you to play a role inside the game.

5. “I Take Chances to be Better”

Yes, it seems like not a name. It is a sentence that is placed as the Steam ID. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes the user uses jargon to show themselves in the game. It could be an assertive sentence or even a threat. As our recommendation, it is better for you not to make the long one. Besides it is hard to remember by your friend, you will be detected as a strange user.

How to Make Funny Steam Names

Actually, we have mentioned at glance above about it. There is nothing special to do if you want to have funny Steam names. Just explore your creativity and get to know more about yourself. If you still feel hard, try to relate yourself with things, hobbies, behavior, favorite things, dreams, or anything.

Your Steam ID should represent yourself, even though you cannot avoid camouflage in the virtual world. Get some suggestions from the internet or forum, but, remember, never make exactly the same with the already existing one. You never know whether the first owner likes a follower or not.

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