15 Best Crossword Solver Apps and Sites

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Crossword Solver Apps and Sites

Solving crosswords is one of the perfect ways to sharpen your brain. However, some crossword puzzles are so difficult that you can’t solve it by yourself. The good news is, you can find the best crossword solver apps and sites to help with the riddles.

There’s a bunch of Android-based and iOS-based apps that actually work to get the puzzles done. But if you don’t want to install anything on your device, some websites can help when you’re stumped. Scroll through to find available choices on the market.

Best Crossword Solver Apps [Android & iOS] and Sites

There are dozens of apps and sites that promise you to solve even the most difficult crossword puzzles. However, the best one should include a complete set of features so you can learn something from it. Take a closer look at apps and sites below.

1. Crossword Solver King

Crossword Solver King

There are no crossword puzzles you can’t solve with Crossword Solver King. Created by MPD Bailey Technology, it features a vast library of words, synonyms, and phrases. All you have to do is enter crossword clues and let the app do the rest.

With this app, you can use question mark (?) to represent missing letters. Then it will provide you with possible words that meet the criteria. It also has a built-in thesaurus that allows you to find related words.

This app is more than a crossword solver—it’s also a reliable anagram that allows you to find hidden words from random letters. As a bonus, it also supports the definition feature to look for the definition of the words. If you need help, the hints and tips features are also available. 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Anagram Solver

Anagram Solver

From the same creator as Crossword Solver King, Anagram Solver is a great app to search for thousands of words and phrases. Designed with simple and clear visuals, this app supports multi-word anagrams to help you solve crossword puzzles.

For your convenience, it features powerful filters to sort the results. And if you’re playing tile games, it comes packed with blank letters to help you.

Looking for definition of words made easy with Anagram Solver. All you have to do is internet connection and it will work to look up definition of words online. And of course, anagram is the main star in this application.

This crossword solver online supports dark mode for better view in low light. Not to mention it includes hints and tips to guide you on how to use the app.

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3. Crossword Clue Solver

Crossword Clue Solver

Whenever you get stumped in a crossword puzzle, this is an app that you need. Crossword Clue Solver is designed to help you search for words only from a clue or a pattern. Unlike most anagram solvers, it offers a fast and easy solution according to your clue.

Additionally, this app supports thesaurus with which you can find synonyms and related keywords. For instance, you’re going to find related words of condiments. Then this app will show you mustard, ketchup, and many more.

This is a simple, quick, and effective solution to solve your crossword puzzles. It requires internet connection to work properly, so make sure your device stays connected.

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4. Crossword Help Free

Crossword Help Free

As one of the best crossword solver apps and sites, Crossword Help Free offers a brilliant solution to solve complicated puzzles. Designed with simple, clean, and easy visuals, using this app won’t get you overwhelmed.

This crossword solver works in several ways. First, it helps you find words that contain a series of letters. Alternatively, you can also find words that cross a set of letters. It supports thousands of words with definition, so it always has the right answer for your crossword puzzles.

Best of all, Crossword Help Free works just great without internet connection. Even if you’re out of range or you have poor internet connection, it has got you covered. However, it may contain ads that disturb your experience.

Download on Google Play

5. Word Solver

Word Solver

Word Solver is a powerful word database that helps you with crosswords, anagram puzzles, scrabble, and many more. It contains a vast library of words which allow you to browse through them with just entering one letter. There’s no crossword puzzle it can’t solve.

This app also contains scrabble solver and anagram solver, just in case you get stumped with those games. Simply enter maximum of 8 letters for scrabble or up to 16 letters for anagram and get prepared for the right answer.

For your convenience, Word Solver sorts the results by word length and score so it is much easier to decide the right answer. Not to mention it highlights blank letters and score it as zero.

This best crossword solver app and site is free to download with all features and functionality, but it may contain ads. Upgrade to a paid version to remove ads and enjoy this application in offline mode.

Download on Google Play

6. Word & Anagram Finder

Word & Anagram Finder

Scrambling letters to find a word made simple with this app. Created for iPhone, Word & Anagram Finder can be your best companion for crossword puzzle games. Results are sorted by popularity, so your answer should be at the top of it.

This app is super easy to use—all you have to do is type letters to find words. Featuring a large database containing up to 330,000 words, it is more than enough to help you with crosswords. Plus, it also features more than 70,000 words with definition.

The crossword dictionary app comes packed with several modes. First, you can select Unscramble 1 word to get a word which uses any of typed letters. Alternatively, it allows you to choose 2 words to find 2 words with provided letters.

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What’s interesting about this app is that it supports up to 18 letters to unscramble. You can also search by pattern to find the right words.

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7. Crossword Solver

Crossword Solver

If you’re looking to solve English crosswords with the help of an app, Crossword Solver is worth the thought. This app is designed to solve word games like crossword puzzles, scrabbles, and anagrams. Simply use the letters that you have to find possible answers.

There are so many things you’ll like about this app. For instance, it contains a bunch of words including proper nouns (name, nationality, places, etc) which are not supported in similar applications. Not to mention it provides a filter to sort the list.

On top of that, Crossword Solver has five different modes to select: crosswords, anagram, synonym, cryptic crossword, and codeword. For better user’s experience, it allows you to view the list of possible answers in multiple columns to optimize the use of your screen. 

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8. FSolver


FSolver is the best crossword solver app and site that works effectively to get your crossword puzzles done. Designed as a word search engine, it is equipped with a large selection of words to choose from. Plus, it features an efficient search box for quick navigation.

How to use FSolver is completely simple. All you have to do is enter the word and you’ll find a list of synonyms, definitions, and best match to the word. Find a word that suits the crossword puzzle so you can proceed to the next level.

This crossword solver application is equipped with a number of features, including crossword and arrow words search, search by word, and also search by definition. If you need a quick and easy to use app then FSolver makes a good choice for you.

Website Download on the App Store

9. Word Expert

Word Expert

Word Expert is a crossword cheat that you need to win every crossword puzzle. Featuring multiple functions, it helps you complete your favorite word puzzle game just like a pro. No crossword puzzles are too difficult for Word Expert.

Not only can you become a crossword master, but you can also tackle a wide variety of word games like Word Builder, Anagrams, Q without U, and Words of 2 and 3 letters. Just pick your favorite word game and let this app help you.

There are tons of features brought to your table. For instance, you can take advantage of its quick search to find words easily. It also supports multiple search modes to find possible answers to the puzzle. Wildcard search is also available in this app. Best of all, it doesn’t require internet connection.

Download on the App Store

10. Crossword-Solver.io


Crossword Solver is a web-based app that helps you solve complicated crossword puzzles. Created with a user-friendly visual and modest design, you won’t spend a lot of time using this site.

This best crossword solver app and site has three main fields for given clue, known letters, and length. Fill the blanks with provided clues or letters to find possible answers. What’s interesting about this site is that you can learn how to be a crossword puzzle master.


11. Wordplays


Solving complicated crossword games and anagram becomes so much easier with Wordplays. This fantastic site works better than similar websites, and yet it doesn’t support pop culture.

Using Wordplays is very simple. All you have to do is enter crossword clues or available letters and let this app find the answer for you. Use question mark (?) to represent blank letters. Once you click the button, it will display a list of potential answers.


12. Dictionary.com


Known as one of the best crossword finder solvers, Dictionary.com helps you with crossword puzzles. It allows you to solve difficult words in several ways: check from a given clue or enter known letters. You can also specify the length of the word.

This decent website works well for daily crossword puzzle, quizzes, and even scrabble. It also has several sections to find meaning of the word, games, and even word of the day. If you’re struggling to get a word, then Dictionary.com is made just for you.

One of the best things about this site is that it supports pop culture. Not to mention you can read useful articles about words and languages to improve your insights.


13. Crossword Clue Solver

Crossword Clue Solver

Here’s another best crossword solver app and site to cheat on your games. Featuring a simple and clean layout, you won’t be disturbed by intrusive banners or ads. Once loaded, you can easily search for answers.

Crossword Clue Solver works in a simple way. All you have to do is determine the number of letters and enter letters you already have. Let the field blank to represent blank letters. Then you can hit the Search for Answer button to start the search.


14. Crossword Monkey

Crossword Monkey

Next on the list, there’s Crossword Monkey, a crossword solver site that is completely easy to use. It has two boxes—the first box allows you to enter clues while another box lets you enter letters or patterns. Use question mark (?) to represent the blanks.

What’s great about Crossword Monkey is that it’s connected to crossword puzzles from popular publishers like New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Not to mention they’re happy to give you tips to be a professional crossword solver.


15. Crossword Heaven

Crossword Heaven

Trust your crossword puzzle games to Crossword Heaven. Compared to similar sites, this web-based crossword solver is rather crowded with words. But still, it works well to solve difficult words based on provided clues.

This free site provides you with links to popular dailies, such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, and Washington Post. With millions of word database, Crossword Heaven can be one of the best options to get your crossword puzzle solved.

Good news, a new feature has been added to this site. Now it comes with a word search page that allows you to provide a pattern and see potential words that match it. This feature might be not perfect but it works well to help you solve the puzzles.


With a long list of the best crossword solver apps and sites, there’s no time to get stumped. Whether you’re more into Android-based, iOS-based, or web-based crossword solvers, you can always find the right app to help you complete the game.

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