15 Best Ear Training Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Ear Training Apps

Good ears are useful for making good music. Individuals working in the music industry such as musicians, DJs, or music producers can benefit from the best ear training apps to develop the potential of their ears.

There is a long list of ear training software that can help you improve but choosing a random app is not a wise decision. That’s why we collected the best apps that can be the perfect options to get your listening skills pumped. Scroll through!

Best Ear Training Apps for Android and iOS

The following ear training apps are designed with a set of exercises to hone your ear potentials. Providing a variety of features, you can choose an app that meets your music skills and overall preferences.

1. Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear

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Perfect Ear is the most downloaded ear training tool on Google Play Store. This versatile app helps you identify melodies and learn a lot of things, such as essential music and how to sing notes.

It has abundant ear training exercises that allow you to practice chords, scales, and intervals. Rhythm training exercises are also available to improve your ability to read and recognize rhythms. And you can make custom rhythms patterns for additional exercises.

What’s great about Perfect Ear is that it is highly customizable. It enables you to create ear training exercises that are suitable with your skills and experience. Not surprisingly, this could be an ideal choice for beginners and advanced musicians.

2. Functional Ear Trainer

Functional Ear Trainer

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Ear training doesn’t have to be daunting. Try this app and turn your ear training into a fun and easy exercise. Functional Ear Trainer provides you with the right approach to enhance your listening skills, allowing you to transcribe and play music just by ear.

Unlike other software, this app offers a method that teaches you to differentiate tones in a particular key. At the end of the training session, this approach helps you identify the function of each tone in other keys. 

This tool is designed for anyone. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced musician, kid or adult, pianist or guitarist, you will find Functional Ear Trainer a handy app to train your ears. 

3. Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer

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Complete Ear Trainer improves your music theory and aural skills at a time. This ultimate application contains more than 150 progressive drills divided into several levels and chapters to help you learn more effectively.

In order to promote fun learning, Complete Ear Trainer is created like a video game. You’ll have to earn stars to unlock chapters and continue to the next level. The difficulty level increases as you progress in this app.

Plus, you can find 7 sound banks with actual sounds recorded just for you, including Rhodes piano, vintage piano, electric guitar, concert harp, and others.

And if you are a music teacher, Complete Ear Trainer enables you to customize training programs and invite your students. Using this app you can add drills and monitor their scores through private leaderboards.

4. MyEarTraining


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MyEarTraining is one of the best free ear training apps designed to hone your ability to connect real sounds and music theory elements. It allows easy ear training on the go so you can improve your skills at any time anywhere.

Created for all experience levels, this app contains 100+ aural exercises to get your music skills pumped. Whether you’re new to this subject or advanced musician, you can always find the right ear training exercises to progress.

 MyEarTraining combines different approaches, such as functional exercises, isolated sounds, and singing exercises so the results can be maximized. After using this app for a while, you’ll be able to recognize pitch better.

The best part of this app is that you can track your progress. It features updated statistics that enables you to monitor your progress from any device.

5. Piano Ear Training

Piano Ear Training

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Piano Ear Training could be the best choice for those looking for an app with personalized training exercises. It comes packed with essential aural exercises available in various levels, allowing beginners and advanced musicians to join the crowd.

Using this app you can focus on particular intervals, chords, and scales. You can also track your progress and identify if you need extra exercises in a particular training discipline.

What’s more, Piano Ear Training features a simple and clean design that lets you enjoy the session. All you have to do is follow the tutorials and get the most out of this ear training app. So many people have trusted their ear training to this application and now it’s your turn.

6. Hearing


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Hearing is a simple ear training tool to help you transcribe music by ear. Designed with a clean and intuitive interface, this app is quite easy to use. Every musician can take all the benefits of this app to improve their aural skills.

There are so many things you can do with Hearing. From practicing melodic dictations to training sight reading, this tool has got you covered. It also enables the users to read sheet music and learn to sing based on available notes.

Overall, this is a great app designed for musicians with all skill levels. Get this app for free on your Android device and train your ears anywhere anytime.

7. Audio Training

Audio Training

Download on Google Play

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Whether you’re a musician, sound engineer, or music producer, Audio Training comes in handy to help you train your ears for equalization and feedback. It comes packed with a set of training exercises, including feedback training and equalization training.

This best ear training app processes audio in real time, thus it can better your experience in training your ears. Besides, it has few options you can choose, including bandwidth options and frequency distribution options.

Audio Training is a cool app for those who need a simple tool to hone their listening skills particularly in equalization and feedback. However, your training experience might be interrupted by pesky ads.

8. Ear Training

Ear Training

Download on Google Play

Ear Training is an Android app designed to provide you with useful ear training lessons. This mobile app includes about 100 different training lessons that are divided into three sections: Section A, Section B, and Section C.

Both Section A and B contain 20 rhythmic lessons and 20 melodic lessons while section C has 10 lessons for rhythm and melody. With different choices included, this app offers comprehensive training exercises to get you improved.

9. Progression Ear Trainer

Progression Ear Trainer

Download on Google Play

Music students can take benefits from this app to train their ears. Focusing on chord progression, this Android app has all the features you need to progress.

You can do many things with Progression Ear Trainer, such as enable or disable any chord in a particular key, change the amount of chords, and test on progressions in all modes. It also supports looped playback and toggle inversions.

What’s great about this app is that it displays all possible chords, thus you can see each chord quality. If you need some simple software without additional charge then Progression Ear Trainer could be your best option

10. EarForge


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EarForge is a well-designed mobile app to enhance your sense of pitch. This ear training application is loaded with features including notes and chords lessons. Upgrade your insights into notes with 30-level program and improve your ability to identify chords with the right lesson.

EatForge makes your ear training more fun with quizzes. All you need to do is unlock the quiz and upgrade to the next level. You can also collect stars while learning using this fantastic app. Besides, it comes with profile feature that allows you to find your stat.

 This app is available in two versions: free and pro. If you want to enjoy more features, upgrade to pro versions and find additional features like specific notes and chords training, custom note lesson, and ad-free training experience.

You will also like exclusive themes offered in the pro version. Using this feature you can enjoy a beautiful app whilst training your ears.

11. The Ear Gym

The Ear Gym

Download on Google Play

This is a comprehensive ear training app you can find on the market. Built for every musician, it allows you to learn about music theory better than any other app. Thanks to a wide selection of exercises for intervals, scales, pitch, and more.

In addition to intervals and scales training, it includes 29 types of chords for honing your sense. It also features analysis training and exercises which is not present in other applications. 

The Ear Gym has a simple design that makes it friendly for users of all levels. Find ear training and exercises that are the right fit for you and upgrade your skills to a whole new level.

12. Chet


Download on the App Store

Chet combines ear training and game in a single app. It offers a great way to hone your skills and have fun at once. Whether you are idle, waiting for a bus, or taking a stroll to the park, spend your time wisely and play this game.

If you love a little challenge, Chet allows you to compete with musicians. Achieve high scores so you can be at the top of the leaderboards.

How to join the challenge is quite simple. You will have to correctly playback musical sequences in a limited time. If you do it flawlessly, you will get a bonus. Are you interested to join? 

13. Ear Trainer

Ear Trainer

Download on the App Store

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Ear Trainer is an awesome ear training app with a user-friendly interface. It has been trusted by music students, musicians, and anyone who is eager to improve their ears.

The educational tool includes a large selection of exercises. You can find different types of exercises for a variety of music theories, including interval, chord, scales, notes, pitch and melody.

The best part of Ear Trainer is that you can create your own custom exercises. Arrange exercises that match your skill or area of interest and upgrade your music skills.

14. Tenuto


Download on the App Store

Tenuto has a set of customizable exercises to level up your musicality. Whether you want to learn recognizing chords or identifying intervals, Tenuto has the right exercise for you. Not surprisingly it becomes an ideal app for beginners to advanced musicians.

Besides highly customizable exercises, you can find 6 musical calculators for different purposes, such as scales, intervals, chords, and more. Coming with a simple design, Tenuto is one of the great ear training apps on iPhone.

15. EarMaster


Download on the App Store

EarMaster simplifies music theory for you. This ear training tool is built for musicians at all levels, allowing you to build music theory skills and upgrade yourself. If you are looking for an app with fun exercises then EarMaster is the answer.

The free version includes interval identification and chord identification, each offers customized exercises. It also contains 20+ lessons for beginner course that helps you get more insights into music theory.

What’s more, this tool lets you learn to sight sing and get instant feedback. And if you want to level up your rhythm competence, this application has got you covered. EarMaster is available for free but you can take benefits from in-app purchases.

Finding the right ear training app that matches your skills, experience, and area of study can be a bit tricky. But now that you have got comprehensive information about the best ear training apps for Android and iOS, you can make a better decision.

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