10 Best Evernote Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Evernote Alternatives

Evernote has been a well-known note-taking app among students, workers, or writers. Not only can it handle your notes but it also comes with many other features for easier task management and note-sharing. However, Evernote is none of the flawless apps you can always count on. With poor free plans and data breaches, you might want to consider the best Evernote alternatives.

Whether you are concerned about the app’s security or are simply bored with Evernote, there are several alternatives to take into consideration. A number of developers have successfully made functional apps that offer similar functionality and capability as Evernote. Keep scrolling through the following recommendation.

10 Best Evernote Alternatives to Pick

Giant tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are joining this battlefield. Each company launched a note-taking app that is claimed to be effective in improving your productivity. Some other developers also take part in the competition, giving you convenience in choosing the right one. Without going any further, check out the following trustworthy alternatives to substitute Evernote.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Best Evernote Alternatives: Microsoft OneNote

Previously known as a part of the Office suite, Microsoft OneNote is now available as a standalone app. Although it’s launched by Microsoft, OneNote is a cross-platform program that runs well on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Recently, the manufacturer provides a web-based version that allows users to edit notes right from their web browser.

The free app is known as a tough competitor to Evernote. Not only does it gather users’ notes, commentaries, and drawings, but it also helps share them with other users over a network. Additionally, OneNote features a Web Clipper extension that enables you to save any information from the web. In case you need to insert Excel formulas, this app can easily tackle it.

This note-taking app also brings a highlight feature to help you migrate from Evernote without thinking about your old notes. Thanks to Evernote to OneNote converter that enables you to move existing notes. No worries of losing your notes as they can be easily converted!

2. Google Keep

Best Evernote Alternatives: Google Keep

If you have a Google account, Google Keep offers a lot of conveniences. Launched in 2013, this service comes with note-taking abilities that let you store thoughts and ideas, though it lacks premium features found on Evernote. Coming with a Chrome extension, you can easily add new notes, edit, and access your storage from any device.

Keep features a variety of tools to improve your note-taking experience. Not only can it handle text notes, but it also can tackle images, audio, and lists. Interestingly, text-containing images can be extracted into characters and audio recordings can be transcribed. To make you stay organized, Keep allows you to set reminders that are connected with Google Now.

If you like to collaborate with clients or friends, Google Keep facilitates an easier collaboration. This feature enables you to share ideas and thoughts with other users. One of the best things about Keep is that it has no storage limit. That means you can save as many notes as possible.

3. Simplenote


As the name suggests, this note-taking service is very simple than Evernote and other alternatives. However, it can also be a drawback for this application as it supports text only. That means you cannot store videos, audios, or images in this service. But if you want to focus on the text content, Simplenote can be a great alternative to Evernote.

Developed as a cross-platform app, Simplenote runs well on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and Mac. As with other note-taking services, this application supports collaboration features that enable you to share thought with other users. Whenever you’re ready, the notes can be published on the web so everybody can access and enjoy your writings.

Another good thing to find on Simplenote is the ability to revert changes and format notes using Markdown. Not to mention the developer removed add for the better note-taking experience. If you are looking for an app that lets you focus on the text, Simplenote is a great alternative you should take into consideration.

4. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper

The largest cloud storage service, Dropbox, also joined the note-taking app rivalry as it released Dropbox Paper. You can expect much from this service, even it offers more features that can’t be found on Evernote. Let’s mention the ability to import content from Instagram, Spotify, or YouTube to make your note-taking experience more engaging.

The cross-platform service also boasts advanced formatting features that make its competitors left behind. You can also make attractive notes containing images and tables. Additionally, Dropbox Paper doesn’t eliminate collaboration functions so you can let other users to view and edit your notes. It makes no surprise that Dropbox’s application can improve your productivity.

Furthermore, it is good to know that Dropbox Paper comes with a user-friendly interface. Both new and expert users can easily take advantage of its features. Not to mention the content is easily accessible for anybody, even if you are left-handed. Thanks to the left-hand menu that comes with this application. Overall, Dropbox Paper is an amazing alternative that you can find.

5. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is one of the best Evernote alternatives for better note-taking activity. The cross-platform service comes with mobile support, allowing you to operate the app right from your Android or iOS handheld. It also supports major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It makes sense that Zoho is a great application to meet your preferences.

This note-taking service has many things to love. It allows the users to format their notebooks with attractive front covers. Besides, you can also use a card system to organize the notes according to specific categories. Additionally, get the best out of this application through a useful tagging system that enables you to search the notes.

What makes it better? Zoho Notebook ensures your privacy and note security with Touch ID support, especially on iOS. For other devices, you can rely on the passcodes to ensure that nobody accesses your notes. Much like Simplenote, Zoho enables you to revert changes in case you need to bring it back to its older version.

6. Apple Notes

Apple Notes

Apple, the largest tech company released Apple Notes back in 2019. Even though it’s a newcomer on the battlefield, Apple Notes proves that it can be the best alternative for Evernote, especially for Apple users. The good thing is that you don’t need to download this app as it will be automatically available on your Apple devices.

Apple Notes features a simple and user-friendly interface with basic formatting options. Despite its simplicity, this note-taking app supports tables so you can sort and organize information easier. In addition to table support, Notes enables you to store images, documents, and sketches from your Apple devices.

When it comes to search-ability, your notes are pretty easy to search, thanks to the search bar feature that it has. Though basically it uses individual folders to store the notes, the search bar can be a useful tool to help save time. For improved security, Apple Notes enables you to add password so nobody can read your notes without permission. Unlike other cross-platform services, Apple Notes is only available for Apple users.

7. ProofHub


ProofHub is basically project management software but it also works great as a note-taking application. This service boasts an efficient note management system that allows you to gather thoughts and ideas from partners or clients and share them. With such convenience, it makes sense that ProofHub is among the best alternatives to Evernote.

This application brings a lot of attractive features for an engaging note-taking experience. It has color-code features that enable you to identify the notes based on their colors. ProofHub also allows you to make private notes so your clients or partners won’t be able to access it. Not to mention the app lets you add comments to collaborate with other users.

The software offers a pin option so you can pin favorite or important notes to the top. It makes the notes accessible and saves a lot of time. However, ProofHub is not a free app so you have to choose the right plan and pricing. But before making a purchase, you can start a free trial and figure out if it works best for you.

8. CintaNote


Have you ever heard about this application before? Well, it might be not as popular as OneNote or Google Keep but it can be an amazing substitute to Evernote. This note-taking service offers a simple and clean interface, so learning how it works will not spend much of your time. Unlike other services, CintaNote only supports mobile devices including Android and iOS.

What makes it stand out? This Evernote alternative is able to capture texts from other applications as well as attach images to notes. It also features synchronization that gives you easier tasks. Additionally, CintaNote enables you to encrypt notebooks with passwords and create automatic backups so you don’t need to worry about losing your writings.

9. Notejoy


Notejoy is another collaborative tool to support the work productivity of your team. This application works great as a note management system to make your hard collaboration time a good time. The service lets you write notes and share with the entire team, as easy as writing and sending an email.

Your partners can easily give feedback to the notes, thanks to reactions and note views features that come along with this app. It also supports threaded discussions so everyone can get involved in the forum for the better project result. As the best part, Notejoy is able to perform lightning speed search so you won’t spend much time looking for the desired notes.

10. Box Notes

Box Notes

The cross-platform application makes note-taking much easier than before. Box Notes is an online app that boasts fast performance to improve the productivity of your team. It comes with tons of features such as organizing business reviews, writing newsletters, and taking meeting notes from any device. It also lets you share ideas and track plan projects effortlessly.

The best part of being a web-based service is that you can access Box Notes from anywhere and at any time. To ensure the security of your projects and plans, this best Evernote alternative features enterprise-grade security that meets the standard of global compliance. With Box Note, you can securely upload notes and share ideas with your team!

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