10 Best Gallery Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Gallery Apps for Android

Most Android smartphones nowadays are equipped with excellent camera features that allow you to take hundreds of amazing photos at every moment. Having a bunch of photo collections, you need the best gallery app for Android to organize and view the photos. Fortunately, lots of gallery apps are available on the Play Store and most of them are free to download.

It’s true that smartphones usually come with basic gallery apps with simple features. However, some users want to upgrade their photo viewing experience so they need to install third-party gallery apps for better photo and video thumbnails. If you are one of them, find out 10 best gallery apps for Android that will spruce up your phone.

Best Gallery Apps for Android

While the factory’s basic gallery app comes with a simple editing feature, third-party apps offer a handful of capabilities to manage, edit, and organize your photos and videos. More importantly, most of them are free to install on your Android devices and are memory-friendly. Keep scrolling through the following gallery apps for Android!

1. Simple Gallery

Best Gallery Apps for Android: Simple Gallery

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This is a customizable photo gallery which has been preferred by millions of users around the globe. Featuring intuitive user experience, this application allows you to recover, edit, hide, and even protect secret albums. Simple Gallery supports a wide array of the picture and video formats, such as GIF, RAW, JPG, panoramic, and so much more.

The versatile app also features an advanced photo editor. The vault lets you crop, rotate, flip, resize, or apply pictures. Simple Gallery comes with a customizable file organizer that enables you to manage the files as desired.

Additionally, this photo vault supports recovery functionality. If you deleted photos or videos accidentally, it offers a handy option to recover the deleted files. Not to mention it allows you to search for images or hide photos with gestures. Overall, Simple Gallery is a handy vault to organize your photos and videos.

2. Gallery by HD Camera

Gallery by HD Camera

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If you are looking for a gallery app that is lightweight, fast, and stable, Gallery by HD Camera is surely for you. This photo vault comes with a highly customizable organizer to keep your albums neat and tidy. This app offers three gallery functionalities in one: smart gallery, photo gallery, and private gallery.

Gallery by HD Camera lets you sort out the photos by size, name, or date. Its media files come in multiple columns—column count is adjustable, simply pinch to increase and decrease the column count. If you have a curious friend, Gallery Lock helps hide your private photos and videos.

How about relieving your memories and viewing all the pictures? Let this app make a slideshow that automatically plays all the photos in your gallery. You can change the sequencing and timing to make it more enjoyable. The last but not least, this Gallery app also offers photo editor and album grouping.

3. Photo Gallery & Album

Photo Gallery & Album

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This is the best gallery app for Android with a lot of features and functionalities. Photo Gallery & Album is specifically designed to manage your albums, photos, and videos. It supports private protection through an encryption system to keep your secret pictures and albums inaccessible by others.

The photo vault features quick app launching that lets you view photo and video collections instantly. Among its key features are HD preview and slideshow, move photos, copy photos, and share photos. The app also enables you to view high definition photos easily.

How about the editing feature? If you love to edit photos directly from the gallery app, Photo Gallery & Album provides powerful photo editing with an exclusive filter and doodle capabilities. It also supports quick-adjust, crop, rotate, flip, and many more.

4. Gallery by Cloud Innovation

Gallery by Cloud Innovation

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A simple and user-friendly interface makes this gallery app worth the thought. Gallery by Cloud Innovation lets you review special moments without ads and data connection. It works well on most Android devices and is easy to use, even for new users.

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This app provides several key features to manage your pictures and albums. Explore feature is supported by AI technology that can recognize faces and specific scenes. It allows the app to make classification by people and the scene. Combined with smart album management, you can easily modify, delete, or add the albums.

Additionally, it has a moment feature that helps list your happy moments. You can share the pictures to sharing platforms, such as WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Google Drive, and many others. If you love to make collage photos, Gallery lets you choose 2 to 9 photos for a simple collage.

5. A+ Gallery

Best Gallery Apps for Android: A+ Gallery

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A full-featured gallery app that works well on most Android devices is here. A+ Gallery is one of the best gallery apps for Android with myriad functionalities to improve your photo viewing experience. It’s simple, beautiful and easy to organize. Not to mention it is the fastest app for searching photos, even HD pictures.

A+ Gallery boasts a simple and beautiful interface, adopting the iPhone style design for a pleasing appearance. Not only can you enjoy album collections but also the overall gallery with customizable themes. It automatically organizes your photos by time and place.

A+ is a secure photo vault, thanks to the password feature that protects your privacy. If you want to keep the secret photos and videos out of sight, simply hide them using a password. In addition to privacy features, this app also delivers backup and sync functionality.

6. Gallery by Smart Mobile Tools

Gallery by Smart Mobile Tools

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This is an excellent app to replace the existing gallery in your Android device. The feature-rich app helps organize your photos and display them in slide shows. Whenever you want to share the best pictures and videos, this gallery connects you to email and sharing networks.

Gallery by Smart Mobile Tools also brings editing features, such as adding stickers and special effects. You can also add comments to each picture and relive the best moments. Additionally, this app features an HD gallery that allows you to display the pictures to the entire screen. Zoom features are also available.

This gallery app supports pin protection, allowing you to hide private photos using numeric pins. It also brings Gallery Pro Smooth for multiple finger gestures.

7. Gallery by Gallery Go

Gallery by Gallery Go

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Your sophisticated Android smartphone deserves a modern and full-featured gallery app. Gallery by Gallery Go is what you are looking for. This app is fast, lightweight, and rich in features. You can rely on this app to organize amazing photos and videos.

Gallery helps sort your pictures by date, name, and album. It also boasts the Photo Manager and Moments feature that offers unique collage based on date, location, and event. To improve your photo viewing experience, Gallery brings HD features that allow you to display full-screen images. Gallery Lock is also supported to provide extra protection to your private photos and videos.

8. Best Gallery

Best Gallery

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As the name suggests, this gallery app is one of the best choices that you can find on the Play Store. This feature-rich app is flexible and customizable, allowing you to relive every wonderful moment with friends and family. Best Gallery supports HD photos and videos along with pinch-to-zoom features. It also comes with a photo editor to filter and edit your images.

A number of key features are available. You can take advantage of a quick search, abundant photo and video formats, customizable slideshow, photo, and video recovery, as well as intuitive gestures. Additionally, it brings visibility toggle to help hide your private images and videos.

9. Gallery by Prixel Studio

Gallery by Prixel Studio

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Gallery by Prixel Studio can be the best replacement for your existing gallery. This is a smart photo gallery that supports private and fast photo view. This HD photo gallery helps manage your images, videos, and albums. If you are looking for an ad-free gallery, this one should be taken into consideration.

To deliver convenience to your Android device, Gallery supports pin protection that helps hide your private photos. It uses a numeric pin, so your curious friends or siblings cannot find your secret. Simply choose the desired photos and give the protection it deserves. For better slideshow, this app features several slideshow effects such as Zoom, Face, Flip, Accordion, and many more.

10. Gallery Go by Google Photos

Gallery Go by Google Photos

Download On Google Play

Gallery Go is here! Developed and launched by Google Photos, this gallery app redefines your photo and video viewing and it’s one of the best gallery apps for Android available on Play Store. This app boasts automatic organization as well as editing tools to enhance your pictures. Not to mention it works offline, allowing you to save data.

Gallery Go’s automatic organization helps organize your photos by scenes, people, animals, selfies, and other categories. It keeps your photo vault neat and organized so you can find photos faster and easier. This gallery also features excellent photo editing tools, including auto-enhance to make your best moments look better. Gallery Go that comes in small file size does not consume a lot of memory space.

What makes it better? It’s surely the folder and SD card support. This feature lets you copy and transfer from and to the SD card. Additionally, folders can be used to organize your photos. Overall, Gallery Go is a smart, lightweight, and fast photo gallery for your Android device.

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