9 Best Green Screen Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Green Screen Apps

Video editing comes to the next level. Not only can you use basic editing tools such as trimming or overlaying, but also you are able to improve video with green screen. Dozens of apps are available to give amazing effects to your video, but choosing the best green screen apps for your device can be a real struggle.

Green screen apps work like a real green screen used in the film industry. It lets you add background effects like New Zealand, Golden Gate, and other places you cannot reach at the moment. Keep on reading for the most recommended apps for Android and iOS.

9 Best Green Screen Apps for Android and iOS

Using a green screen app is the best way to add background effects to your video. While replacing background after recording may affect video quality, green screen app ensures the quality of your final video. Here are the best apps for an awesome background you should install on Android or iOS.

1. Chromavid


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On top of the list, there is Chromavid that becomes one of the best apps for both mobile operating systems. This green screen tool is useful not only to record videos but also to capture photos with chroma key effects. With this app, you will be able to enjoy amazing images or videos with impressive backgrounds only with a smartphone camera.

How does Chromavid work? Before using the app for photo or video shoot, make sure everything is configured correctly. Once everything is set, choose a chroma color which can be blue, yellow, red, or green. It can be a plain wall or curtain. Choose a background video or image from the app to replace the chroma color and start shooting. That’s it.

Explore your creativity with different backgrounds available in this app. If you want to share with friends or community, share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Do you like this app? Chromavid is available in free and subscription version. If you subscribe, you will be able to enjoy unlimited recording, free premium pack, and no Chromavid logo.

2. KineMaster


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If you need a green screen app that comes with a complete package, KineMaster can be a good answer. This popular video editor comes with tons of features and functions to produce incredible videos on your smartphone. Aside from green screen functionality, it offers basic editing tools such as combine, add layer, and color adjustment.

For an amazing video with special effects on the background, choose one among available colors. However, there is no special palette so you need to use the slider from the RGB palette and it can be tricky. Once you pick a color, replace the background. You can easily dim or brighten the background, adjust transparency level or change details.

To improve your video, use dozens of editing tools that come with this app like trim, crop, add voiceover, control speed, and apply filters. Additionally, this app lets you export 4K video at 30fps for high-quality results. Unfortunately, the free version has KineMaster watermark, and the only way to remove it is upgrading to the premium version.

3. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio

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This is a full-featured video editor that makes your stop motion movie making experience more engaging. This app is designed with a well-designed and user-friendly interface that allows you to produce animated videos without too much effort. Thanks to a multitude of features, especially green screen that helps you produce awesome video.

With the green screen feature, you can change the background according to the scene. You can make the figure fly, dive deep in the ocean, or go anywhere you want. After recording, use a wide array of editing tools to improve the video. Whether you want to create a soundtrack, sound effect, or apply filters, this app can easily handle it.

Stop Motion Studio offers a lot more features, such as copy, paste and insert frames, animation guides, and overlay mode. With an interactive timeline, working with hundreds of frames will not make you overwhelmed. Much like other video editors, it enables you to share your masterpiece on social networking or simply save in the gallery.

4. PowerDirector


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PowerDirector is the editor’s choice on Play Store and it becomes one of the most recommended green screen apps. With over 50 million downloads, this app can be a great partner to produce high quality videos just like professionals. It brings a wide selection of editing tools to your fingertips, so you can create your own videos or movies right from the smartphone.

This app is supported by an intuitive interface and copious features that make it powerful. But if you want to focus on green screen feature, PowerDirector is worth trying. To replace background, you will need to select a background color like blue, green, red, yellow, or other colors. You can also change denoise value to adjust color hardness and brightness.

Besides green screen, you can enjoy other editing tools such as trim, rotate, combine, add text, control brightness, and add voice overs. Once you are done, export videos in 4K resolution for the best quality and share with your community on Facebook or YouTube. The free version of PowerDirector comes with watermark and you have to upgrade to the premium version to remove it.

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5. VivaCut


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If you are looking for a professional green screen app for mobile devices, VivaCut must be on the list. This full-featured video editor lets you create a masterpiece, whether artistic films or funny moments with friends. Thanks to advanced video editing tools that allow you to express your creativity for awesome video results.

When you are interested in focusing on green screen functionality, this professional app comes with a boast of Chroma key that lets you combine videos like Hollywood box offices. Simply choose a solid background, find your favorite effects and Hollywood Chroma Key is ready to make your video completely different.

This best green screen app comes with not only green screen feature but also other visual effects like glitch, fisheye, RB, grainy, and much more. When combined with a cool transition, producing amazing overlay is not impossible with this app. You can also enjoy video adjustment that enables you to control brightness, contrast, saturation, and other elements of the video.

6. Magic Green Screen

Magic Green Screen

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Developed by BadonguTech, this video editor can be a great choice to replace background. This app is simple and easy to use, so beginners won’t find trouble when using it. Besides green screen, it offers many other features to improve your video quality such as brightness and contrast adjustment.

How does Magic Green Screen work? Choose a background with solid color and point the camera on the subject. Run the app, then tap on the background to be transparent. Adjust the sliders for precision, tolerance, brightness and contrast to get the desired effect. When you get it, click the record icon and start recording. If you want to stop, press the power button or back button.

Aside from easy-to-use and real time green screen, this app offers a number of features like rear and front camera compatibility and sliders for easy adjustment. Whether you need to create an amateur video or simply want to have fun with green screen, this app is worth your consideration. However, this app may require permission to record audio and capture images.

7. Veescope Live Green Screen App

Veescope Live Green Screen App

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If you are seeking out a free app with high ratings on the App Store, Veescope could be it. This green screen app receives more than 4 million downloads and becomes one of popular video editors for iOS platform. With this tool, creating your own masterpiece is no longer impossible. Thanks to dozens of features that help you express your creativity.

Veescope supports up to 12 megapixel for green screen photos and up to 4K UHD resolution for videos. After capturing a photo or recording video, edit with advanced video editing tools. Not only does it feature green screen or blue screen, it also offers 6 layers of video editing and supports stop motion animation. Interestingly, you can add new backgrounds for weather forecasts.

The simple green screen app works well on a solid background with any colors like green, red, blue or yellow. If you want to switch background while recording or add movies from the camera roll, Veescope can easily handle it. Additionally, it supports live preview with Airplay so that you don’t need to record over and over again. The best of all, this app is free yet offers in-app purchases for more contents.

8. Green Screen by Do Ink

Green Screen by Do Ink

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This is a great app to upgrade your video editing skill to the next level. The 2019 winner of Best Apps by the AASL emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use, allowing anyone to create their own masterpieces right from iOS devices. Despite it is basically a teaching and learning app. Green Screen by Do Ink enables you to produce amazing video results.

With this app, you can express your creativity through story telling or video explanation. The green screen effect lets you create attractive animation so the viewer will be more interested to listen to your story or explanation. This simple app feature live video camera, combines up to 3 elements, trim video, and capture photos.

For the best video results, Green Screen by Do Ink allows you to record videos in high definition formats. After recording video, use various editing tools to perfect the final result. You can opt to mix audio tracks or trim unwanted parts to make it more awesome. Once it is finished, export your project and save in the gallery or share with friends. Unfortunately, this app isn’t free and it costs $4.99.

9. Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio

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This is a chroma key application that works well on iOS platform. It allows you to change a plain and boring background into anything you wish, thanks to green screen technique that helps mix two frames together. Green Screen Studio has a variety of tools to remove or apply backgrounds manually, in case you don’t have a suitable green screen background.

The professional app comes with an easy and intuitive interface for easier operation. With the ability to load background or foreground images, it allows users to customize video as they like. Or, you can also use the automatic green screen feature for a practical reason.

After recording video, enhance it with dozens of editing features. Use the auto-enhance filter to improve your video automatically or add fun stickers and text to it. Besides, you can also adjust brightness and contrast, crop, rotate, and many more. Green Screen Studio is available at $4.99 on the App Store.

Creating a masterpiece video or photo is no longer a dream with the best green screen apps above. Those professional apps enable you to replace plain background into anything you could imagine. Explore your creativity and share it with your community.

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