6 Best Online Video Editors No Watermark

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Online Video Editor No Watermark

The popularity of social media makes everyone fond of sharing video. You can simply shoot videos using a smartphone and video editor makes it worth sharing. When it comes to online video editor, it is annoying to see the watermark on your works. How to get rid of it? Find online video editor no watermark and you will get perfect videos to share with virtual friends.

Choosing the best video editor can be an overwhelming task. Some may offer plenty of features, but you have to accept the watermarked videos at the very end. To solve this problem, you need to find video editors that free your work from disturbing watermarks. Check this out and prepare your best videos to be edited using these online video editors!

Best Online Video Editor No Watermark

  1. Online Video Cutter, enables you to crop the video as desired and rotate the video by 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
  2. Clipchamp, you can cut a large video into smaller sections, rotate videos as desired, and remove unwanted parts.
  3. Video Crop, you can cut video clips and remove unwanted sections.
  4. Ezgif, it used to edit GIF files but you can also use this editor to cut and edit videos.
  5. Movie Maker Online, a simple tool that provides plenty of features.
  6. Hippo Video, it enables you to add music from PC or Google Drive for a better video clip.

Free video editor sometimes breaks your heart by leaving the watermark. It makes you think twice before using a free online video editor. In truth, there are some video editor that kindly helps edit and enhance your videos without giving watermarks. These online video editors have been used by many people throughout the world. Now, it is your time to enjoy the convenience!

1. Online Video Cutter

Best Online Video Editors: Online Video Cutter

In a condition you need to edit a video but do not want to make any installation, Online Video Cutter is good to go. This free online video editor and cutter requires no signup and no installation. In addition, the online editor works well in any browser.

Using Online Video Cutter, you can cut a small video within 500MB. It also enables you to crop the video as desired and rotate the video by 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Interestingly, this video editor supports a variety of video formats. You can choose the output quality and formats as you like it.

Online Video Cutter, however, comes with pros and cons. It offers several pros such as free to use, no watermark and no installation needed. The video editor also allows you to add videos from either Google Drive, computer, or even URL. Cutting and editing video is only with a few clicks using this editor.

Unfortunately, Online Video Cutter works only for small video file size. At the time you have a video file more than 500MB, this online video editor is surely not for you. In addition, the video editor also lacks editing features.

2. Clipchamp


Clipchamp is an online video editor without the watermark that offers a lot of features. The easy-to-use online editor has a user-friendly interface that it does not take much time to understand how it works. You can cut a large video into smaller sections, rotate videos as desired, and remove unwanted parts of your video clips. All can be done without any installation or download.

To edit video using Clipchamp is a piece of cake. You only need to create a new project, drag the video clip you want to edit and save your edited video clips. And the most important, it does not give any watermarks to your masterpiece. Even though you do not have experience in using online video editor, Clipchamp makes everything easy for you.

The online video editor has pros and cons that can be your consideration. It provides several good things such as no watermarks and extremely easy to use. Compared to another online editor, Clipchamp is very fast that it does not require uploading. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of features for the best video editing experience.

Nevertheless, Clipchamp also comes with several cons that make you think twice before actually using the online editor. Despite its powerful performance, Clipchamp works only on Google Chrome that limits its users. The video editor only supports 3 video formats: MP4, WEBM, and MOV.

3. Video Crop

Video Crop

If you are looking for an easy and simple online video editor, Video Crop can be the one. It gives you an easy online video editing experience. Using this editor, you can cut video clips and remove unwanted sections. You can also remove the annoying background as well as zoom the video. The most important, Video Crop enables you to crop any video clips without effort.

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To edit video using this online video editor is simple. All you need is to upload the video clip and edit as you desire. When everything is finished, download the video clips without watermark. At this point, you can share with virtual friends through any social media platforms. Editing features provided by Video Crop includes rotate video, slice video, and stabilize video.

Just like the other online video editor, Video Crop has pros and cons. About the pros, you can enjoy free online editor without any installation and download. It works on any internet browser, giving you the convenience to enjoy the feature. And the most important, the easy-to-use online editor is watermark-free.

However, Video Crop provides limited features. It does not give the opportunity to explore the power of video editing. Through this online video editor is sufficient for a newbie or you who start learning video editing.

4. Ezgif


As the name suggests, Ezgif online editor is used to edit GIF files. But you can also use this editor to cut and edit videos. Ezgif provides plenty of features to improve your video such as cropping, rotating, reversing, and adding subtitles. Good news, you can also trim video without losing its quality. This lossless feature makes Ezgif a worth-using online video editor.

The editor without watermark also allows you to convert video from GIF to MP4. To edit video, simply import video file from your computer or from URL. After editing, you can save the video in various formats. Make sure the video file size does not exceed 120MB.

Being one of recommended online video editor, Ezgif comes with a lot of goodness. This video editor allows you to edit videos without losing its quality (lossless). It is also easy to use, giving you nice experience while using the editor. In addition, it supports variety of video formats.

Despite its goodness, Ezgif cannot hide its weakness. This online video editor does not support large video file size. It works only for video file under 120MB, a considerably small size compared to other video editors.

5. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online

Among others, this online video editor without the watermark is the most reliable to make wonderful videos. Movie Maker Online is a simple tool that provides plenty of features. It allows you to have fun with video editing process. Using Movie Maker Online, you can attach photos to the videos. This online tool also enables you to make HD animated videos.

Some other features provided by Movie Maker Online are trim and cut video clips, edit audio tracks, and set text styles. You can also make a video like professional by adding transitions, filters, and crossfade. In addition, capabilities of adding photos and music gives you the best experience of using online video editing tool.

There is a long list when it comes to the pros of Movie Maker Online. This online video editor gives you a wonderful video result without watermarks. It also provides fade in and fade out features that cannot be found in other online editing tools. Preview feature helps control your video, allowing you to keep in track while editing the videos.

Nothing is perfect, so is Movie Maker Online. When using this online editing tool, you will find many disturbing ads that distract your focus. Uploading speed can be very slow, which is quite disturbing when you want to share the video immediately.

6. Hippo Video

Hippo Video

Next, there is Hippo Video on your list. This online video editing tool comes with easy, clean, and smooth interface just like what you find on Clipchamp. Using online video editor without watermark enables you to add music from PC or Google Drive for a better video clip.

To edit video using Hippo, all you need is to import a video from PC. Interestingly, you can also record video straight from a webcam. At the time you have a spontaneous idea to record and edit a video, Hippo Video helps realize your idea. In addition, you are allowed to choose the video resolution before actually starting editing.

There are some good things offered by Hippo Videos. Aside from freeing your videos from watermarks, this online video editing tool also supports variety of video formats including MP4, FLV, 3GP, MPG, and MKV. If you have zero experience of video editing, Hippo Video does not bring any difficulties to you. Needless to say, it does not require installation on your PC.

Unfortunately, Hippo Video is not a good choice when it comes to editing a large video size. This online editing tool only supports video file size that does not exceed 500MB. In addition, earlier version allows you to create video from image slideshow but it has been discontinued. It becomes a great loss for Hippo.

There is a handful of options when it comes to online video editor no watermark. You can choose an online video editing tool with the best features and functions according to your video editing capability.

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