12 Best Mining Games for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Mining Games

Mining is one of the best simulation games that involve strategy and a bit of adventure. Most games require you to scour for gold, ores, or coals while others allow you to mine cryptocurrencies. No matter your preferences, the best mining games are available to choose from.

Being a tycoon has never been this easy. Featuring simple gameplay and user-friendly interface, playing these games won’t give you a headache. Get your favorite mining game to kill time and see how far you can go.

Best Mining Games for Android and iOS

Looking for the most recommended mining games? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated mining games to play in your idle time. Whether you run Android or iOS, let’s take a closer look at the following list.

1. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon

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Idle Miner Tycoon is a mining game that everyone plays. This game has been downloaded over 100M+ times on Google Play Store and still counting, making it one of the most used mining games worldwide.

The gold miner game lets you become a mining tycoon and build your own empire. Earn money and expand your business to get richer so you can rule the world.

Using Idle Miner Tycoon you can easily make money by automating your mine—no more tapping like most online clicker simulators. You can also help miners increase their digging motivation by hiring a manager.

What’s interesting about this game app is that it works both online and offline. Stay in business even when you’re out of range and build your idle empire. As a bonus, it comes with amazing graphics and easy gameplay for a better user’s experience.

2. Deep Town: Mining Factory

Deep Town: Mining Factory

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Want to be a mining tycoon? Deep Town: Mining Factory can help you achieve the goal. This best mining game allows you to dig deeper to gain more resources.

This game is set in underground cities that are full of gold and artifacts. Arrange a strategy and dig deeper to collect them. That way, you can expand your business, boost up productivity, and earn more money.

This mining simulator game features stunning animation and fantastic graphics for an immersive experience. Combined with unique gameplay, this addictive idle tycoon game can be your best option to kill time.

What’s more, this game app provides you with a chat feature to ask for resources and strategies. And if you are fond of challenges, you can compete in their weekly events.

3. Mines of Mars

Mines of Mars

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Here’s Mines of Mars, a mining role-playing game developed by Crescent Moon Games. The name speaks for itself. The game is set on Mars and offers a unique experience you can’t find elsewhere.

The story is based on space adventure that involves amazing weapons, dark secrets and tons of unique items. Offering a whole new world to explore, you can discover extraordinary things every time you play. Beware of enemies you have never imagined before!

Are you tired of typical mining games? Mines of Mars offers a customizable RPG system can be the best mining game to give you a new challenge. Not only can you enjoy a new gaming experience, but you can be entertained by unique flora and fauna.

Best of all, Mines of Mars comes with a great storyline. If you want to know how it feels to mine on Mars this game app lets you figure it out.

4. Stone Miner

Stone Miner

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Let’s say that you adore mining games but you don’t want to be a mining tycoon. Stone Miner can be a great app to play in your idle. Crushing stones with your truck can be satisfying as well as great to kill your time while waiting in the subway.

Mining resources has never been this easy. Without the hassle of digging, all you have to do is crush the stones and sell them. Use your money to upgrade your truck or get more tools to help you with the mining.

Stone Miner has different types of islands to explore. You may start with the easiest island but as you progress, ores are getting rarer. The more ores you get, the more money you can collect to upgrade your truck. How powerful your vehicle can be? It heavily depends on your effort to get more ores.

What’s great about this game app is that it comes with amazing 3D graphics. If you need a mining game to chill out then Stone Miner is made just for you.

5. PickCrafter


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PickCrafter is one of the best free mining games that comes with easy gameplay. The idle clicker game allows you to mine the biomes simply by taking control of a pickaxe. Whether you are online or offline, this game app works well on your Android and iOS.

PickCrafter highlights easy control—all you have to do is tap, swing, and mine to break blocks and earn biomes. While artifacts can help you boost your strength, Hopper enables you to collect blocks with or without internet connection.

Additionally, this game app allows you to upgrade your pickaxe. Feel free to craft or upgrade your weapon and improve your mining ability. If you feel challenged, try to defeat bosses or craft their special items. There are also more than 90 achievements to unlock.

What’s great about PickCrafter is that you can earn bonuses as daily rewards. For a better experience, ask your friends to join the game and battle with them. Do your best to see your name on the leaderboards.

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6. Coal Mining Inc.

Coal Mining Inc.

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Designed as a money making simulator game, Coal Mining Inc. offers a great way to be a tycoon. Make your dream come true by dominating the coal industry and build your own empire either online or offline.

This is one of the best mining games that provide you with a complete set of features. Using this app you can expand your production, upgrade new buildings, discover new maps for coal mining, and gain huge resources. You can also recruit managers for increased production efficiency.

Coal Mining Inc. is designed with amazing performance and immersive 3D effects, providing a realistic gaming experience. Plus, it offers easy game play that allows you to run a coal mining company without spending much time learning how to do it.

Whether you are a newbie of pro, Coal Mining Inc. is a great mining game app to play. Make your business grow and rule the world through the coal mining industry.

7. Crypto Idle Miner

Crypto Idle Miner

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Crypto Idle Miner is somewhat different from gold mining or coal mining games but it is fun to try out. For your information, mining is among the best ways to collect crypto so you are encouraged to mine Bitcoin by joining a blockchain.

This particular simulation game allows you to become a Bitcoin tycoon. Only with a few simple clicks and taps, you can do many things like hiring managers to automate the process, upgrade your rigs, and mine coins. You can even build your own crypto company and level up to boost your profit.

Crypto Idle Miner highlights educational features with which you can learn more about crypto trading and crypto mining. It also comes packed with Tycoon option that lets you start your own adventure and become a leading crypto miner.

To motivate the users, this game app is featured with leaderboard. Be an ultimate Bitcoin tycoon to see yourself on the first row on the leaderboard.

8. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

Download on Google Play

Much like the previous game app, Bitcoin Mining is a unique crypto mining game to make yourself a tycoon. If you are tired of mining coal, gold, or typical mining games then this application can be a great alternative for your idle.

Bitcoin Mining brings you to an environment in which you are required to get Bitcoins in your house, farm, and everywhere. You are allowed to buy some improvements to expand your own empire.

Featuring high-quality design and amazing graphic, this particular game app lets you learn more about crypto mining. Although it doesn’t accurately represent Bitcoin mining in real life, still it is a great application to become a virtual tycoon.

New feature has been added to this best mining game. Get the latest version and find a new type of auto miner to improve gaming performance. You can also increase Bitcoin income by viewing ads, a feature that was not available in previous versions.  

9. Gold Mining

Gold Mining

Download on Google Play

As the name suggests, this mining app encourages you to dig and get gold. Becoming a miner opens your opportunity to be a mining tycoon. In this simulator you can merge and own a miner to automatize the digging process.

Gold Mining has loads of features, including money cube that allows you to get idle income only with a simple click. It also highlights Bug & Merge to upgrade your miners in idle so you can mine automatically, even without playing.

Find a large selection of props, all of which can affect idle tycoon and idle miner. What’s more, this best mining game lets you switch scenes and skins in a matter of seconds.

If you have friends who like playing tycoon games, feel free to invite them to the game. You will be able to get profits whenever your friends get diamonds. That way, your way to become a miner tycoon is getting shorter.

10. Miner Empire

Miner Empire

Download on Google Play

Looking for a clicker game to build your own empire? Look no further. Miner Empire is a fantastic idle clicker game featuring dwarves and dragons that live in a wonderland. With the mine field is filled with crystals, gems, and diamonds, this is your way to become a billionaire.

Miner Empire is loaded with features. Easy control and gameplay make it suitable for pro and noob—all you have to do is tap to build your own empire. You can also sell gems to collect clicker cash.

Featuring awesome 3D graphics and realistic sound, this best mining game gets you immersed. Earn as many profits as you can and make your dream come true.

11. Mining Inc.

Mining Inc.

Download on the App Store

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Mining Inc. is a fun mining tycoon game with millions of users from all over the world. In this particular game, you can build your own empire and become a mining billionaire. 

Discover a diverse environment with new buildings, machines, and even vehicles to achieve your goal. As you start, you will need to mine gold. As you progress, you can unlock other types of gems like rubies, diamonds, and even rare gemstones.

Improve your production by hiring the best managers. Best of all, it allows you to enjoy challenging quests to unlock new content.

12. Gold Miner Classic Senspark

Gold Miner Classic Senspark

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

How about being a gold miner and expanding your business? Gold Miner Classic could be your best option when it comes to mining game offline.

The legendary game app takes you to the best gold mining adventure. Featuring simple design and fun gameplay, Gold Miner Classic is addictive for players of all ages.

There are different functions to find in this game, such as sending gold or dynamites to other users and using your rubies for a second chance. What’s more, it has a built-in invite option to invite your friends via Facebook.

Get your best mining games and be a virtual mining tycoon. Whether you are into conventional coal mining or crypto mining, several options above deserve your attention.

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