11 Best Archery Games for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Archery Games

Bows and arrows have been around for centuries. Our ancestors used these tools to collect food but people nowadays have a better idea to use their bows and arrows. Are you an avid archery enthusiast who wants to hone your skills in a different way? The best archery games have got you covered.

Archery games are specifically designed to give you a unique experience of aiming and shooting. Whether you want to join a virtual competition or make new friends with other archers from different countries, there are several game apps to take into account.

Best Archery Games for Android and iOS

Finding a cool and fun archery game requires extra effort because dozens of applications are available on the internet. If you need a reference, look no further. We’ve gathered top-rated archery game apps that are worth playing. Let’s check out the list.

1. Archery Master 3D

Archery Master 3D

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Archery Master 3D is a top archery game on your mobile. The realistic archery game simulation is featured with amazing 3D graphics, stunning animations, and easy controls. Take a deep breath, aim your target, and shoot your arrows. Can you hit the bull’s eye?

Being one of the best archery games, this particular app has plenty of features. Let’s mention 4 beautiful locations that give you a distinct arrow shooting experience. Feel free to choose between archery field, pine forest, rain forest, and desert that you like the most.

In addition to the picturesque location, this Archery Master 3D has over 20 archery equipment that can improve your accuracy. You can also explore more than 100 levels that offer different challenges.

What’s interesting about this game app is that you can compete 1-on-1 with real players. Get connected to the internet and use online mode to enjoy this feature.

2. Archery Big Match

Archery Big Match

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Looking for the best bow and arrow game? Archery Big Match could be the most recommended option to try out. Providing the feeling of real archery, it comes in handy to sharpen your aiming and shooting skills in real life.

This game app has loads of features that ensure a better user’s experience. Thanks to a simple control, it is suitable for players of all ages. It also supports multiplayer that allows you to have fun with your friends. Not to mention it highlights multiple language interfaces.

One of the best things about Archery Big Match is that it supports offline mode. Whether you are out of range or you experience a bad internet connection, you can still enjoy the excitement of this archery game.

Tracking your achievement made simple with this app. It has an option to view your achievement, making it possible to improve yourself in the future. Best of all, it supports a leaderboard with which you can brag about your archery skills.

3. Archery Elite

Archery Elite

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Here’s one of the best archery games to play in your spare time. Designed with excitement in mind, this shooter game brings lots of fun with a simple and user-friendly interface. Get your bow and arrow ready, aim, and release to shoot your targets.

Archery Elite is a multiplayer game that allows you to play with friends. There are several modes to choose from, including deer hunting mode, PvP mode, and Wi-Fi Battle mode. And if you prefer solo performance, it supports single player mode that is completely satisfying.

Want to be the bow master? You will need to unlock hundreds of shooting level. What’s interesting, this archery game lets you explore multiple shooting arena from the field, lawn, coast, and even Iceland. Dare to challenge your skills?

Overall, Archery Elite is a cool and fun simulation game that is suitable for pro and newbie. With realistic graphic, it makes you feel like you’re in the game.

4. Archery World

Archery World

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Brought to you by Gunfire Game, Archery World offers the most realistic archery game in your mobile. If you are an archer in real life then it would be easy to use this game app. All you have to do is pull the bowstring, aim your target, and fire. You can see the arrow dances before hitting the bull’s eye.

In this game you can find a collection of special bows, each of which offers a distinct archery experience. Whether you want to use them for shooting fruits, bottles, or even hives, you can always find the best bow.

This best bow game has over 400+ levels to unlock if you want to be the archery master. Or if you can’t get enough of a challenge then you will never lose interest in this app.

Archery World is completely free to download. It also runs well on most Android devices, not to mention it comes with a small download size. Best of all, it supports offline mode that makes it possible to play without internet connection.

5. Archery Club

Archery Club

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Want an archery game that supports multiple players? Archery Club is one of the most recommended options to take into consideration. With extensive upgrade systems and exciting game types, becoming a bow master has never been this simple.

The best archery game allows you to play with other players in real time. Invite your friends or find a bow master from around the globe and enjoy exciting archery matches. With multiple game types available, feel free to choose your preferred game type.

If you feel your bow is not strong enough, an extensive upgrade system lets you bring the bows to another level. Find new pieces and strengthen your bows for an ultimate performance.

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Are you tired of shooting in archery field? Say no more. Archery Club is featured with multiple detailed venues, allowing you to shoot in various environments. Whether you want to shoot in the forest or at the university, simply make your choice. 

6. Shooting Archery

Shooting Archery

Download on Google Play

Amazing graphics, stunning animations, and immersive sound effects are things you’ll get in Shooting Archery. This application is dedicated to archery pros and noobs who need to hone their aiming and shooting skills in mobile device.

The game app features a simple and easy touch control that allows players of all level enjoy a better gaming experience. Various targets are available, including circular targets, square targets, dummy targets, and fruits—even moving target is also featured for a realistic feeling.

What’s more Shooting Archery enables you to fire in a variety of weather. Whether you want to play in summer or winter environment, this app has got you covered. Find a collection of competitive and exciting levels to improve your skills.

This particular game application is free of charge. Since it has a quite large download size, be sure your device has enough space before downloading.

7. Bunny Shooter

Bunny Shooter

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It’s time for bunny hunting! Bunny Shooter is a fun archery game that requires your precision to hit all pesky bunnies that have stolen your carrots. Grab your bow, aim your targets, and fire. This time, you have to concentrate because your targets can move anywhere.

Your precision is a must but your logic and creativity is also needed to find a way to advance to the higher levels. Featuring a simple and easy control of bow and arrows, this best archery game is suitable for everyone in your family.

As you progress, you will be able to reach new worlds. Unlock new features like cool arrows and find the best bunny hunting experience. You can also enjoy beautiful graphics and nice animation that makes your gaming time more fun.

With more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store, Bunny Shooter is one of top-rated archery games to find on the market. This game app is space-friendly for most Android devices in that it comes with a small download size.  

8. Archery Battle 3D

Archery Battle 3D

Download on Google Play

Archery Battle 3D is one of the best free archery games to play on your Android. The exciting game boasts stunning 3D graphics in various locations, such as archery field, amusement park, and even Iceland. Play on your preferred locations and enjoy the vibes.

This particular game supports multiple players, allowing you to invite your friends and challenge them for 1-on-1 tournament in real time. Or you can also play with new friends from all over the globe. Supported with a simple and intuitive control, preparing your bow and aiming the bull’s eye comes easy.

Archery Battle 3D has loads of features to enjoy, such as coins and trophies reward if you win the tournament, advanced matches as you progress, and Facebook invite that allows you to compete with your Facebook friends.

There are 80 levels to travel through. And if you prefer single-player mode, you will be able to earn stars and get special rewards. If you have sufficient space on your device, Archery Battle is worth downloading.

9. Arrow Master

Arrow Master

Download on the App Store

Next on the list, Arrow Master is a free archery game designed for iPhone and iPad. This mobile game has impressive graphics and animations that give you an immersive archery match experience. If you want to be an archery master then this app is made just for you.

Arrow Master highlights easy touch control that makes it suitable for players of any levels. With different options of targets, you can aim your arrows to square targets, circular targets, dummy targets, and fruits. You can also challenge yourself with moving targets.

For a better experience, this game app offers a variety of weather system. Pick the weather to have fun with your bow and arrows and see how you enjoy the atmosphere.

10. Archery Champ

Archery Champ

Download on the App Store

Archery Champ is a shooting game that boasts a fun and competitive archery match. Complete all levels and become a master archer so you can rule the leaderboards.

This app is more than a 1-on-1 classic archery game because it also offers single play mode. There are hundreds of archery games to unlock, making it one of the best archery games you can find on the market.

The particular game offers realistic 3D graphics and stunning animations that make you feel like you are in the archery field. It also boasts a variety of archery locations such as Iceland, archery field, forest, and many more. Of course, it brings you an impressive archery gaming experience.

What’s great about Archery Champ is that it comes packed with various equipment. Feel free to customize or mix and match your bow and arrow components to make it unique.

11. Bowmaster


Download on the App Store

Fight against the villain army led by Bloody Mask in the Bowmaster archery game. The quest game requires your shooting skills to defeat enemies and win the battle. Reveal the story and get your armor, magic rings, and arrows.

In this game, your precision is needed for the apple shoot game. Shoot the apple using your bow and arrows without hitting the man’s head or else you might kill him. As you progress, the difficulty increases. Can you accomplish the mission to battle the villain?

Bowmaster comes packed with a number of features like realistic graphics, simple gameplay, and character upgrades. It also has different arrows that makes your shooting game experience more fun. What’s more, it features strong enemy AI which requires more effort to defeat.

With dozens of the best archery games to choose from, it is much easier to make a decision. Whether you are a pro archer or newbie, you can always find the right archery game app to play on your mobile device.

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