8 Best Shadow PC Alternatives & Similar Services

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Best Shadow PC Alternatives

Cloud computing is no longer the future, and Shadow PC is one of the most reliable cloud computing infrastructure providers out there. However, only some people fit into it. Luckily, there are various Shadow PC alternatives that you can choose from. Check out your options here.

A Glance at Shadow PC and Its Intriguing Details

A Glance at Shadow PC

Everybody should be able to have access to advanced computing technology, despite whatever device they have in hand. That mission is what Shadow.tech believes and tries to deliver. Thus, the born of Shadow PC back in 2016.

Shadow PC is considered one of the top cloud computing platforms there is. It is a service that enables you to access a high-end PC through cloud infrastructure. With only a strong internet connection, you can enjoy Windows 10 through your devices.

Currently, Shadow PC supports Windows devices, MacOS, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi OS. Moreover, you can also access the service via your Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and Oculus VR.

This service can only mean installing whatever you want, be it high-graphic games or high-processing software, without buying expensive equipment. As long as it is Windows-10-supported, then you are fine.

When it comes to cloud computing, many providers usually share their servers. Though it bears benefits, a specialized server will make your experience smoother, especially during peak hours. That is what Shadow PC offers.

To complete the service, Shadow PC provides superior specifications in their PCs, such as 1 GB/s download speeds, GTX 1080 graphics card, and 12GB of DDR4 RAM. As for the storage, you will have 256GB of it, and it is upgradeable up to 2TB.

As of now, Shadow PC is available through servers spread over eight data centers in multiple countries and will continue to expand. The future of cloud computing will surely be exciting to anticipate.

Best Shadow PC Alternatives to Consider

Even though Shadow PC has a lot to come, it might not be suitable for you who do not feel that it will fulfill your needs, be it feature-wise, price-wise, or location-wise. In that case, you can try some of these recommendations:

1. Parsec


With quite a list of famous clients like EA, Xbox, and Ubisoft, Parsec is nothing to be overlooked. How is Shadow PC vs Parsec compared side by side?

Actually, by definition, Parsec is not really comparable to Shadow. While Shadow hosts a server for you to access, Parsec connects you to your own PC, and enables you to control it from afar.

In other words, with Shadow, it is as if they lend you a new computer. But, with Parsec, it is like you watch a stream from your own.

Despite the difference, Parsec still does a good job of helping you to do remote work. According to the specifications, Parsec does not necessarily focus on cloud gaming, although the infrastructure is enough.

For starters, Parsec works well with an average latency of 240 FPS, and 50 Mbps download speeds. That makes Parsec suitable for remote working and playing single-player games smoothly.

What if you invite your friends to play games or collaborate? Do not worry because Parsec provides you with a shareable link so that you can invite people to join the stream.

Currently, Parsec is available for Android, Linux, MacOS, and Windows devices. Although iOS users sadly cannot join the fun for now, you can still use Parsec for free through those devices.


2. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now

If you seek the ability to play games properly from these Shadow alternatives, then PlayStation Now is the must-install.

PlayStation Now is a cloud-gaming platform that enables you to access and play great choices of games without having to install them on your device. Thus, it has a slightly different mechanism than Shadow, which gives access to a whole PC that you can use for other than gaming.

Depending on the game you choose, you can access PlayStation Now from your PS4, PS5, or even a Windows PC. You can also download the games into your PlayStation device and play them offline. However, the privilege is not available for Windows PC.

Due to the mechanism, you can actually access PlayStation Now from Shadow PC. However, the price may not be easy, as you have to pay double for the subscription. On the contrary, you do not have to purchase games individually if you subscribe directly to PlayStation Now.

In 2022, PlayStation Now merged with PlayStation Plus, allowing you to choose the tier of subscriptions most affordable to you. Remember that compared to other cloud gaming providers, PlayStation Now is considered one of the cheapest.


3. Plutosphere


Do you need a Shadow PC alternative for VR games? Then Plutosphere is the way to go.

Normally, if you want to access VR games, you must own a virtual reality headset and a PC. With Plutosphere, only a VR headset and an internet connection are enough.

With Plutosphere, you can access Steam, Oculus, or Epic Store easily. Some of them are pre-installed, and some others you must configure yourself. And, if you already have games on those platforms, you can re-access them and continue where you left off.

What makes Plutosphere very convenient is the fact that it enforces hourly billing. The billing system allows you to pay the exact amount you play, so you can still play at your pace without feeling like you are wasting money on a subscription.

For one hour of playing, you need 600 PlutoTokens, which is roughly around $2. The more PlutoTokens you buy at once, the cheaper it will be.

However, if you are an avid gamer, getting a monthly subscription would be best, as it will save you a significant amount of money. There are also add-ons like persistent storage and no-loading features for a more enjoyable playing experience.

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PlutoSphere uses AWS, which expands the reach of the service. You can access Plutosphere on iOS, Android, Hololens 2, and whatever device has a web browser. 


4. Paperspace


As one of the cloud computing services, Paperspace holds a huge similarity with Shadow. Unlike the ones mentioned above, which are limited to games, Paperspace offers you the freedom to install whatever you want.

But, it is not “whatever” per se. Before getting a Paperspace, you should do a little questionnaire on what you want the machine to be. It is to avoid the machine being used for an unlikely cause, such as bitcoin mining. But, aside from that, Paperspace is a free space.

Parsec is available in the machine to be freely used by gamers. You can access Paperspace through any browser-ready device by downloading its client app and even Android smart gadgets.

In terms of pricing, Paperspace utilizes the pay-per-hour system. With less than $1 an hour, you can already get an 8 GB CPU and 30 GB RAM, which is a pretty good deal. However, there is also an obligatory monthly payment for permanent storage and other features.

In 2019, Paperspace included Gradient, a machine-learning platform that can be used for collaborating on ML projects. The relatively new service can be enjoyed for free for limited features.


5. Blacknut


To find the perfect and free Shadow PC alternative, one must seek it deeply. However, if you seek a way to play games for fun, for free, with your family, nothing is better than Blacknut.

Blacknut is a family-friendly cloud-gaming solution that lets you play games without having a high-end machine. It is accessible through mostly any internet-connected device, such as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and even smart TVs.

How family-friendly is “family-friendly”? For starters, you can play Blacknut’s games for free on more than four screens simultaneously. It also enables you to create multiple accounts for each family member and put a personalized password and age restriction in each account.

There is a limit on famous games on the platform, but Blacknut offers you more than 500 games to play without installing them beforehand. You need roughly $16 monthly for a subscription, and you are good to go.


6. Nvidia GeForce NOW

Nvidia GeForce NOW

It is safe to say that GeForce NOW is one of the best Shadow gaming alternatives out there. Both software has slight differences in usage, with GeForce NOW solely used for gaming. But the quality is on-par.

You can access GeForce NOW through various devices such as macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Moreover, GeForce NOW is also accessible through Nvidia Shield and Smart TVs.

GeForce NOW provides an extensive list of games that you can purchase individually. Moreover, it can also connect to your EA Access, Epic games, or Steam account.

To make your gaming experience even better, GeForce NOW also supports a great choice of controllers. An in-game chat feature also makes gaming with friends more interesting. With up to 4K display, gaming cannot be more fun.

With such high-end features, it is normal if GeForce NOW puts a high price on its service. Fortunately, you can enjoy GeForce NOW for free.

The basic plan includes a basic rig and 1-hour playing limit. However, once you upgrade your plan, you will enjoy a fantastic gaming experience, with up to 6 hours playing limit and significantly less time to queue for games.


7. Loudplay


Loudplay is a Russian-based cloud gaming platform with high capability and potential. Though the server’s location seems far, Loudplay can get customers from around the world, such as India, Europe, Brazil, and the USA.

Feature-wise, it shares the same characteristic as Shadow PC, which enables you to install high-processing software. But, looking at the specifications, you will no doubt be tempted to use it for gaming.

Loudplay enforces Intel Xeon processors in each machine, along with 400 GB SSD, 32 RAM, and 6 GB CPU. In terms of gaming, it provides 60 FPS with 1080p quality. Perfectly sufficient for games such as GTA 5 or God of War.

You can access Loudplay through Android, MacOS, and Windows devices. Although iOS is not yet supported, it is redeemed by Loudplay’s support for AR and VR-based games.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial or free plan at Loudplay. However, it does not mean you have to spend money blindly. Like a few options mentioned above, Loudplay also uses the pay-hourly system. With less than $1 per hour, you can relish Loudplay’s features without fault.


8. Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming

If you are actively seeking alternatives for Shadow cloud gaming, then it is likely that you are an avid gamer. And, as an avid gamer, you are likely to love games that Xbox provides – or own the console yourself. Thus, the need to glance at Xbox Cloud Gaming as a solution.

The guess may seem far-fetched, but Xbox Cloud’s feature is guaranteed to take the interest of game lovers out there. Especially because of its extensive, highly curated list of high-quality games.

Aside from that, once you register for an Xbox Cloud account, you will also have access to a generous amount of EA Play games. You can access both kinds of games freely without purchasing them individually or installing them on your device.

Xbox cloud is very accessible, too. Aside from enjoying the game through Xbox’s consoles, you can also enjoy them through iOS, Android, or web browsers. Moreover, access from tablets and Smart TVs is also available.

The only thing you need to consider, though, is that you should have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership beforehand. The service requires a monthly payment, starting from $14.99 for an account.

Moreover, the internet requirement is also slightly higher compared to the other cloud gaming services. But it does not take much, either. With only 20 Mbps and a 5 Ghz Wi-Fi connection, you can already enjoy the fun of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Despite the limitations, just know that Xbox Cloud is currently in its Beta phase. So, more exciting features will surely come soon.


Every cloud computing and cloud gaming platform has its own strengths and drawbacks. Hopefully, this list of shadow PC alternatives will help you find the right one.

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