11 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives and Similar Sites

by Haya Barnard

Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

In 2019, ThinkGeek shut down the online store and then merged the e-commerce operations with a selected selection of GameStop’s online operations. This sparked quite an outrage among its customers, and you might be one of them. So, here are the best ThinkGeek alternatives where you can satisfy your geekiness.

In this digital era, you can find anything you need and want from a cornucopia of e-commerce websites on the Internet. Some businesses offer a wide range of products to serve most of the needs of their customers. While some focus on things that appeal to a specific demographic or community. ThinkGeek fell within the latter category.

What was ThinkGeek?

ThinkGeek was the website to go shopping for all types of nerdy merchandise. The website was a popular online store among geeks and technology lovers. It was known for its nerdy wares, such as unusual gadgets, collectibles, and more.

The founders launched the website in 1999 based in the USA as a side project while already running a modest startup.

If you’re a lover of Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Doctor Who, or Star Wars, ThinkGeek could help you get closer to your favorite characters. They included a section for each franchise where you could find all types of related merchandise, memorabilia, gadgets, and decor, among other things.

For example, you can even find obscure pop culture goods that are hardly found anywhere else. ThinkGeek was also notable for the unique April Fools gags, which presented a variety of false and bizarre campaigns.

When ThinkGeek announced that it would cease business in 2019, all geeks who appreciated the company’s products saw it as a piece of devastating news. In addition, many physical stores have been closed this year. So, if you’re concerned that you can’t find your favorite collectibles and gadgets, there are some best ThinkGeek alternatives to help you.

Best ThinkGeek Alternatives to Geek Out About

Without a question, it was one of the most visited online retailers for geeks. Many individuals are still looking for websites like ThinkGeek nowadays. The good news is that other such stores are plentiful. So, why don’t you start reading this post to learn about all of the geek sites where you can buy geeky items online?

1. Wish.com


Wish, an online shopping platform that allows customers to purchase products directly from merchants. In terms of functionality, it’s comparable to eBay or Amazon.

This alternative to ThinkGeek is recognized for selling a diverse selection of products, as evidenced by the very eclectic adverts that can be found on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.

The firm is well-known for offering things at ridiculously low prices. Some things are even given out for free. Since its inception in 2010, the company has grown to be a major player in the e-commerce market.

However, there are some hazards associated with shopping on Wish. The vast majority of Wish’s merchants are based in China. This means that a significant amount of the items on the market is fake.

As a result, while the company may be legitimate, the merchandise it sells may not be. It’s difficult to tell if a thing is real until you order it and receive it. Many Chinese retailers ship straight to Western countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

There is no middleman because Wish allows you to buy directly from a factory. This translates to lower prices at the expense of quality control. There is no middleman, no physical store, and no staff restocking shelves. Thus, the customers benefit from the cost savings.

You’ll come across knockoffs of well-known brands. The quality is clearly inferior to those of things sold in other stores or on other websites, but if you’re ready to take a chance, Wish can be a terrific deal. You can discover low-cost goods that will do the job.

2. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth, like ThinkGeek, is a popular online geek retailer. The online retailer has a great user interface design and it offers tens of thousands of licensed products. Finding Hollywood or movie-related stuff is very simple.

Entertainment Earth is able to provide professional guidance, anticipate, and respond to changing market demands effectively and quickly thanks to the company’s broad technical and industry knowledge, the purchasing experience, and unrelenting efforts to increase internal efficiency.

Entertainment Earth’s continuing drive to provide smiles to clients around the world is fueled by a vast selection of available items paired with the expanding attraction of pop culture.

3. NeatoShop


NeatoShop, on the other hand, is a site that isn’t entirely focused on gadgets and technology. It offers greater selections of items that are unique and contemporary. In addition, This ThinkGeek substitute has a whole area dedicated to novelty items.

This website has a great selection of hoodies and t-shirts in a wide range of colors and styles. T-shirts depicting artistic works, funny figures, or one-liners, for example, are available.

You can also select from a variety of subjects such as comedy, horror, fantasy, science fiction, politics, and so on. Each shirt comes in a variety of sizes, so it’s suitable for everyone. If you’re a nerd, you’ll enjoy the site as well.

4. DiscoverGeek


This ThinkGeek alternative is a website established in Las Vegas that celebrates all things geeky, technological, and scientific. DiscoverGeek was founded in 2017 with the goal of offering genuine product recommendations, research-based entertainment, and convention coverage.

Have you ever tried looking for a geeky present on one of the big online retailers? It’s a bad idea. Thousands of random products populate those sites, and many of them remain at the top of their search results for years.

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DiscoverGeek’s founders developed this website as a result of their frustration and set out to create a platform where users could finally find new things. They hand-pick and curate the products the online store features from a variety of websites.

They are a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Network, an affiliate advertising program that allows them to make money by linking to Amazon.com and other related websites. The companies featured on this website are not affiliated with or in any way linked to DiscoverGeek.com.

5. Geeky Gift Ideas

Geeky Gift Ideas

This alternative to ThinkGeek is a fun-filled multi-fandom and multi-purpose website. Geeky Gift Ideas has a wide variety of fascinating presents for geek men and women, ranging from popular anime to Star Wars. You’ll find fantastic gifts and ideas when looking for unique things for your geek side.

The founders aim to make a fantastic website for your geeky side. Moreover, the site is still being updated every day. Thousands of amazing gadgets and one-of-a-kind presents will be available at Geeky Gift Ideas.

An online store where you can browse a hand-picked selection of fantastic products, electronics, and gadgets while learning about the latest cool gifts for him or her. This website contains information about a variety of fandoms, including Doctor Who, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and others.

6. Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee

This ThinkGeek alternative was invented by a fan of strange pop culture artifacts in the 1970s. After three decades, the business is still going strong, and you can find a lot of unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Archie McPhee is a wholesale supplier of amazing items, according to this website. This is the store to go if you’re crazy about monster series, such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Frankenstein. Here you can find a whole area dedicated to air fresheners, horror-themed cards, and other fun items.

7. J!NX

J!NX  This website like ThinkGeek is a well-known online clothing brand that specializes in nerdy and gaming-related gear. This will be an ideal ThinkGeek alternative if you like computers, gaming, gadgets, robots, ninjas, and all technical things.

J!NX, situated in California, was created in 1999 by two best friends who shared a passion for games and pop culture. It is run by a dedicated team of people that are driven to create collectibles and memorabilia that allow fans to interact with their favorite franchises.

8. FireBox


Try this ThinkGeek substitute if you’re the type of buyer that thinks outside the box. They began in 1998 with the domain name hotbox.co.uk. Firebox.com was born after a hasty name change due to the fact that the name Hot Box was already taken by another company.

It provides an incredible selection of alternative products, including lifestyle accessories, homewares, exotic beverages, cutting-edge technology, one-of-a-kind presents, and much more. They even have a section dedicated to Firebox creations.

9. Scientific Direct

Scientific Direct

Another good ThinkGeek alternative to buy scientific products online is Scientific Online. You can buy things relating to robotics, astronomy, science kits, and much more on the website. Edmund Scientifics’ Barrington, New Jersey site has been a resounding success for more than 50 years.

A modest optics company has become the place to go for odd science activities, gadgets, gifts, and demonstrations. Scientifics is where science hobbyists and engineering enthusiasts from all around the world go to feed their innovations and ideas.

Scientifics Direct, Inc. is now a self-contained company. It continues to offer the most up-to-date and innovative science-related products through its catalog and website.

10. Loot Crate

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is yet another ThinkGeek alternative. It’s a geeky and gaming subscription-based company that sends the subscriber monthly shipments of geeky and gaming products. You’ll be blown away by the remarkable selection of collectibles.

Loot Crate, Inc. was founded in 2012 and is the world’s leading fan subscription box company. Loot Crate works with major players in the entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture industries to create interactive experiences and digital content, as well as produce unique video projects.

They have a crate for everyone, whether you’re a gamer, anime enthusiast, or pop culture connoisseur. They put together a unique collection of collectibles, clothes, figures, and other items that you won’t find anyplace else.

Crates are delivered right to your front door. Every month, it’s like getting a fantastic birthday present from a friend.

They’re a fan-run company. From great heroes to infamous villains, and everyone in between, they openly celebrate memorable moments and figures.

They know what it’s like to hunt for that one-of-a-kind collectible or wait in line for an autograph. It’s why they’re committed to collaborating closely with creators and licensed partners to develop innovative products and experiences for their customers.

11. HotRate


This ThinkGeek substitute is the place to go for the greatest reviews on anything from computers to televisions, photography, gaming, watches, and more. They’re a product comparison website that was formed out of a desire to find outstanding things fast and conveniently.

They’ve spent hours optimizing their review process to ensure you get the most useful, unbiased, and informative feedback on your next purchase. They got you covered whether you’re a gamer, a photographer, or just looking for the greatest watch for you.

Different crews consist of professionals in their fields who are all enthusiastic about the things they review. Their comparison evaluations provide you with a quick look at the greatest products on the market, with something for everyone’s budget.


Each of those websites has something unique to offer. Some are one-of-a-kind gifts and geeky items, while others are necessities. All of those best ThinkGeek alternatives, on the other hand, are fantastic resources. And if you’d like to add to your geeky collections, Entertainment Earth might be your best bet.

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