11 Best Twilio Alternatives & Competitors

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Best Twilio Alternatives

Customer engagement is still a core to growing your business. One of the ways to increase this aspect is by using these Twilio alternatives.

Twilio might have been here for a while now. This platform has also become one of the apps that help lots of companies to grow their business – specifically by increasing customer engagement.

However, there is no single solution that could tackle all the problems and challenges faced by a company. This is why you need to check out the apps similar to Twilio below and find the one that suits the most for your company.

Why is Twilio So Popular?

Customer engagement is one of the things that help to increase your business growth. However, maintaining a long-lasting relationship with customers may never be an easy task.

While they keep expecting consistency when it comes to experiences across all the points, your company has to make sure that the strategies are connected and related across the platforms and channels.

Twilio, on the other hand, provides solutions that help companies and businesses to see and hear what their users or customers want. Its feature that provides API building blocks allows the company to come up with innovative yet intuitive communication solutions.

This platform also allows the system to adapt to various use cases that live in both browsers and mobile apps. Another interesting thing about Twilio is that the company can handle conversational messaging on web chat and Facebook Messenger.

Despite all the good things offered, Twilio also comes up with a few worth-considering things, such as:

  • The options are more expensive than other Twilio similar tools.
  • Compared with other platforms, the analytic feature is quite limited. It only takes care of the delivery status and troubleshooting.

Best Twilio Alternatives

More than anything, the best choice always depends on your company’s needs. However, if you are looking for a Twilio cheaper alternatives then the list below might help.

1. Vonage Communication API

Vonage Communication API

So, what’s better than Twilio? Well, Vonage deserves a spot on the top-three list for sure. This platform offers simple yet powerful services while being cost-effective in the first place.

It has various APIs that allow users to send SMS messages, notifications, and many more. Those services also make Vonage a better option for bigger-scale companies.

Another interesting thing about Vonage is the ability to provide customer experiences through programmable messaging, voice, and video – a service that Twilio doesn’t provide.

This platform is relatively effortless to set up while supporting both web and mobile views seamlessly. The only drawback of Vonage is that it can be stressful to cancel the subscription services.

Still, if you are looking for a reliable alternative to Twilio that comes up with an easier setup that suits a larger-scale company, Vonage is an excellent alternative.

2. Plivo


It is quite interesting to find the result of Twilio vs Plivo. Generally, Plivo is a cloud-based platform that provides tools, software development kits, voice APIs, and other equipment for VoIP.

The services allow a company to handle customer interaction in over 190 countries across the globe. This platform enables programmable messaging sequences that could work on various customer support cases.

Things that make Plivo different from Twilio is its ability to forward SMS to email. Other than that, this platform covers more countries, while Twilio is only available in 180 countries.

This platform comes up with a more affordable platform and it applies phone number masking that protects sensitive user data. Of course, it has a few drawbacks, such as:

  • The API channels only support MMS and SMS – there is no option for social media or other popular chatting options.
  • Even though it supports programmable messaging, it doesn’t support two-way conversations.

3. Podium


On the other hand, if you are looking for an alternative to Twilio that provides robust services for customer interactions via SMS then Podium is surely the best.

Compared to Twilio, this platform has preconfigured pricing packages while the former offers pay-as-you-go charges. Other than that, Podium focuses more on services that help a company to get more reviews from the customers, collect payments, and send marketing campaigns through texts.

Regardless of the pricing plan that you choose, Podium always offers text marketing campaigns. All in all, this platform helps businesses through several aspects, such as:

  • Collecting payments.
  • Gathering reviews through text messages.
  • Providing a dashboard menu that allows you to manage all messages from customers.
  • Incorporating AI technology to automate customer interactions.

Despite all the good things offered, Podium has a few aspects that require your attention. For instance, its web chat conversation is only available through text messages.

Compared with other options on this list, Podium is considerably more expensive while offering limited third-party integrations.

4. CometChat


When it comes to the best Twilio competitor, it is unfair to not include CometChat. This platform has a few similarities to Twilio – one of them is its three-in-one feature that focuses on text, video, and voice for messaging.

Compared to Twilio, this platform allows users to media-sharing and read receipts. On top of everything, both tools combined may increase the efficiency rate significantly.

CometChat enables full control while providing 24/7 proper customer support. Other than that, you can implement the tools through APIs, SDKs, UI kits, and chat widgets.

Everything you need to know about CometChat is available on its official website, including the pricing plan. All in all, if you are looking for an alternative to Twilio but better then CometChat is a worth-considering platform.

5. Bandwidth


Bandwidth is one of the Twilio competitors that come up with a more laser-focused service on texts. The messaging API from this platform allows you to set up SMS and send SMS messages for free.

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Long story short, Bandwidth is a perfect choice for companies who want to have seamless interactions with customers through SMS. Another interesting thing about this platform is that you can find out whether or not your SMS campaign works.

By that, you can optimize your messaging for a more focused purpose. Bandwidth allows you to send messages through its platform with no limit. In case you are not ready to sign up for its paid plans, you can use the free trial options.

All in all, Bandwidth is a perfect option for companies who use SMS to interact with and notify their customers.

6. Zipwhip


There are several Twilio SMS competitors that offer more specific features and tools for communication. Zipwhip happens to be one of them. Generally, this platform provides powerful features when it comes to texting for business.

You can send alerts and reminders to customers through a few clicks while blasting marketing promotions in a more efficient way. All the services are accessible through both computers and mobile devices.

Other than that, Zipwhip is compatible with various third-party apps that will support your business. Well, unlike Twilio this platform is not a tool that automates things for you.

However, it saves time and comes up with reliable features. Zipwhip provides various template options and scheduling text message features.

For smoother business communication, you can use its auto-replies feature when needed. While Zipwhip is not necessarily the best on this list, it is always great to have options, right? Feel free to get its free trial on Zipwhip official page.

7. Infobip


While there are various websites similar to Twilio, Infobip comes up with options that allow you to build communication channels from scratch. Even though you build everything from zero, you can access all the tools in one convenient place.

Things that make Infobip reliable include its ability to create programmable communication API that suits your business – keeping customers happy is your priority, right?

All in all, Infobip is a perfect platform to leverage your marketing strategies while connecting with customers at a deeper level.

Do you need a personalized omnichannel? Infobip is a perfect platform that allows you to create one. The services include any kind of communication through SMS, WhatsApp, email, video, voice, and other messaging platforms. On top of everything, Infobip comes up with way better global outreach.

8. Messagebird


Are you looking for platforms similar to Twilio that specifically handle social media interactions? If so then you should consider Messagebird.

Messagebird is a cloud-based platform that comes up with APIs. You can utilize this platform to communicate with customers through various social media channels.

Compared to Twilio, Messagebird offers more options to interact with customers, such as through LINE, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Yet, the rest are relatively similar – they use drag-and-drop tools to automate customer interactions.

This platform also utilized AI-powered tools for better agent efficiency while keeping the UI design as interesting as possible.

However, Messagebird is not a mobile-friendly choice. Other than that, it is not a perfect choice for those who prefer something more affordable.

9. Sinch


Sinch might be a perfect choice for those who are looking for an excellent platform that enhances email marketing campaigns. This platform supports email integrations with Mailgun and Mailjet for easy and speedy setup.

Sinch also comes up with intuitive UI designs and visual tools for those who want to get rid of the coding process. Compared to Twilio, Sinch provides more varied options, such as:

  • Various verification solutions through its APIs.
  • Customer interactions are available through several platforms, such as LINE, Viber, and Telegram.

Other than those great things, Sinch also lacks in a few aspects. For instance, there is no transparency when it comes to pricing.

Other than that, the video meeting capabilities are lacking in comprehensiveness. On the other hand, the SDKs are only available for JavaScript, Android, and iOS.

10. Telnyx


Telnyx is surely a cheaper alternative to Twilio, especially for those who prefer something more budget-friendly. This platform offers communication services over the phone, via video, fax, and text as well.

Telnyx also comes up with a multi-cloud network that runs privately. This platform allows real-time data and voice communications.

On the other hand, the voice API feature comes up with several services, such as agent coaching, answering machine detection, media streaming, and conference call. However, Telnyx only offers connections across WhatsApp, SMS, video, and voice.

Here are several services from Telnyx that make you like this platform more.

  • Supports global number porting.
  • Provides API documentation with comprehensive knowledge.
  • Comes up with a flexible platform for communicating with customers.

However, it also lacks several aspects. For instance, Telnyx doesn’t have email services in the first place. Even though the platform comes up with flexible communication platforms for customers, it only offers limited channels. Still, it can be a perfect choice for those who prefer something more budget-friendly.

11. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a free alternative to Twilio that offers feature-rich online workspaces. It has extensive tools that support project management, team collaboration, and CRM.

By using Bitrix24, all the customer service activities, sales, and marketing are streamlined into one convenient platform. Compared to Twilio, Bitrix24 has a more predictable billing for subscriptions.

Other than that, this platform is more about CRM software that features unified communication features. Bitrix24 may come with various premium features, but most are free while Twilio only offers free trials with limited options.

Similar to other platforms on this list, Bitrix24 has a few drawbacks so you can reconsider your choice. Those include:

  • Many useful CRM features are only available for paid plans.
  • The setup process is more complex than other platforms on this list.
  • While Bitrix24 offers plenty of services, the UI design is quite messy and cluttered.

As explained earlier, no single platform or tool could tackle a company’s problems and challenges. Thus, weighing each option’s pros and cons before coming down with a specific choice is crucial.

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best Twilio alternatives you can give a try. Make sure that your choice accommodates the business needs in the first place.

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