Reset Network Settings on Android in Easy Steps

by Hashir Zuniga

Reset Network Settings on Android

While you are using Android, sometimes you get troubles like Wi-Fi is not connecting or signal to drop. This matter really something to everybody because today everybody is connected through the internet. A smartphone is like a lifesaver in the palm of your hand whenever and wherever you are. So, once you get the connection problem you need to know how to reset network settings on Android. In this article, we will show you a simple way to do that.

The reason why you have to reset network settings on Android is not only caused by Wi-Fi connection failure. All things which are related to the internet are about the network. The symptoms could be seen when you are stuck in the middle of the download, error in GPS direction, cannot receive an email, social media won’t show you its page, and many more. It might take your time. But don’t worry, once you know how to fix it, network conflict would be a piece of cake.

Steps to Fix Your Connection by Reset Network Settings

Now sit down and get your phone. Follow the steps below to reset network settings on Android. Actually, each phone has a different setting or troubleshooting methods. But, if your problems are Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi connection, or mobile data network, there is commonly way used in every brand. Remember, once you reset the setting, you might lose your custom settings and information before. Your phone will be back to its default setting.

1. Swipe Your Phone

The first thing to do is swipe your phone and find the setting icon. Sometimes people customized icons placement. They usually put into one folder, but some others let it appears on the page.

2. Open the Settings

Open Android Setttings

Once you find the settings app, you can open it. If you are confused, just looking at the gear icon. Usually, every brand uses this picture as its setting app icon. Tap the icon to find the menu to reset the network settings on Android. Another possibility why you cannot find the gear icon is because of your theme. If you use a theme, usually the creator made a special icon for the setting. You need to read each icon until you find the setting app.

3. Choose Backup and Reset Menu

Reset Network Setting on Android

Tap the setting icon to open the app. Then, you have to scroll down to find “Backup and Reset” menu. Tap that button and you will be directed to a new page.

4. Choose Reset Network Setting Button

Reset Network Setting on Android

Your next step is finding the button to reset the network settings on Android. Scroll down until you see the “Reset network settings” option. If you can’t find “Reset network settings”, just search it on the search button.  There is a short explanation under its option. It informs you kinds of reset that you will do. Aware of this information because it applied to any changes you will make, such as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other networks settings. As we mentioned before, once you make a reset, all comes back to the default settings.

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5. Tap the Reset Setting Button

Reset Network Setting on Android

When you tap the Reset Network Setting button, you will be directed to the new page. So, don’t be worry if you accidentally taping but want to undo the reset. In this part, you will be convinced again whether you are agreed to reset or not. Your phone also informs which part that is changed to the default setting. If you are sure to want to do a reset, then tap “RESET SETTINGS” button.

6. Default Setting

Now you have succeeded doing reset network settings on Android. You might check all settings has been created before. You won’t find any of them. You need to adjust the default setting before using it again. But if you want to try to apply the default setting, it is your call.

Things to be Concerned When You Reset Network Settings on Android

We have told you that each phone has a different way to reset the network settings. Even though there is one general method, every Android has its concern. See what we mean below:

  • Jelly Bean

Checking the data roaming and APN is mandatory. If you have no problem with it, tap the APN menu and click “Reset to default”.

  • KitKat

Make sure the mobile data is on once you want to reset network on Kitkat. To reset the network, you must find the Data Usage button. After that, search APN menu and tap to reset.

  • Lollipop

Lollipop Android has more advanced network settings compared to the previous series. On the other hand, it causes more bugs and lags. It is because of the new features like HSPA + 3G and LTE. So, if you want to reset the network settings, you must turn off the mobile data and then turn it on again. But if it doesn’t work, go to Settings button, click “More” and find the Cellular Network Option. Tap Access Point Name and choose Reset button. Ignore the new APN option.

  • Marshmallow

Once you reset the network settings in Marshmallow, the effect will relate to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Just like the other method, you go to setting menu and click “backup and reset” button. Choose “Network Setting Reset”, then click “Reset Setting”. Once you see the box titled “RESET SETTINGS”, click it.

  • Nougat

To reset network settings on Android in Nougat version is quite the same with Marshmallow. But there is a little different on the first step. You don’t have to choose “Backup and Reset” button here, but it is changed into the “Wireless and Networks” menu. Then, you will find the “Network Setting Reset”. The warning option will appear, click here to reset.

  • Oreo and Pie

These two are the new version of Android. They are now commonly used in the smartphone. But there is no different way to reset from Nougat version. You can follow the steps on the Nougat because the menu and method are exactly the same.

Those are guides to reset network settings on Android. Hopefully, this article eases your problem in facing the situation. We also put kinds of Android because we know that everybody might use different Android version. But if you have tried for times and still can’t get your Android network fixed, you can contact the nearest service center for help.

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