12 Best Apps Like MoneyLion for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Apps Like MoneyLion

MoneyLion has been a renowned pay advance and financial advisory app which currently has millions of active consumers. But due to the expensive membership fee, you may want to migrate to similar apps that cost you less. Luckily, there’s a ton of apps like MoneyLion to choose from.

Finding a cost-efficient, feature-rich pay advance app can be a real struggle. But the following list can be a good reference to take into consideration. While some apps promise no monthly fee, others allow you to access the whole paycheck.

Apps Like MoneyLion for Android and iOS

We have sorted out potential applications to provide you with the best experience of pay advance. These apps are basically designed to work like MoneyLion but they may come with some extra features. Whether you’re a frequent borrower or need apps without monthly fees, find your ideal app below.

1. Brigit


On the top of the list, here’s Brigit, a functional app that helps you spend money wisely. With this app, you are eligible to get $250 cash advance and build credit while starting a healthy habit of saving. Millions of people have saved more than $300 million and it’s your time to join the crowd.

Brigit highlights instant cash advance, making it possible to get money today and start saving. Without transfer fees, interests, and processing, this is a great app for paying advance beginners. Not to mention it doesn’t charge for late payment or tips.

Credit builder is another main feature in Brigit, with which you can build credit score up to 60 points. All you have to do is create an account and you’re good to go. No credit check or security deposit required during the process. With better credit scores, it’s much easier to get personal loans or auto loans.

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2. Dave


If you are concerned about your financial health then Dave is an app like MoneyLion to download. It promises a better financial condition, thanks to easy-to-use tools and features. With simple signup, you can start to balance your budget and get up to $250 cash advance.

Direct Deposit is among the main highlights in Dave. Using this feature, you are able to get paid two days in advance. You also have options to build credit without worrying about overdraft fees—in fact, Dave users have saved up to $200 million in this fee.

Worried about hidden fees? Dave has got you covered. It won’t surprise you with unwanted fees so you can use the money with peace of mind. For additional convenience, it supports more than 30,000 ATMs without additional charge.

Dave is completely accessible to anyone. Thanks to a simple design and user-friendly interface, it is easy to organize and plan your finance without hassle.

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3. Even


Need to get paid early? Even app comes in handy to manage your money in a better way. With this app, you can get access to 50% of your paycheck earlier and receive it in seconds. Without hidden costs and interests, you can withdraw and use the money without worries.

In addition to pay advance, Even app also supports automatic saving. All you have to do is choose a percentage to save and keep it into your savings. Feel free to transfer funds or adjust the amount at any time.

Managing your budget made simple with this MoneyLion alternative. It has the ability to detect monthly expenses and provides you with personalized snapshots showing what’s good to spend. Even also tracks your work schedule and create automatic updates to estimate your earnings.

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4. B9


B9 is a useful app to get your paycheck early. The payroll advance app makes it possible to manage money better so you don’t have to borrow money. Without credit check, interests, and hidden fees, the cash you get is 100 percent yours.

Pretty much MoneyLion, it allows you to take out money depending on the limit at any time. On your payday, money will be debited from your account—with the same amount of money that you borrowed. So, you don’t need to be surprised with interests or hidden costs.

Compared to MoneyLion, B9 offers a less expensive subscription. The digital wallet charges $9.99 per month for account fees and that’s all. No money transfers or minimum balance needed.

Best of all, B9 promotes secure and safe transactions. Thanks to the data encryption it features, you can transfer money with peace of mind. There are many other features to find in this app, such as no limit cash earning, FDIC insured account, and bilingual customer service.

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5. Branch


Are you looking for an app that gives you loans like MoneyLion? Branch is a great app that won’t make you wait. This app allows you to get instant access to your wage, tips, or reimbursement in advance so it’s all your money that you use.

How this app works is completely easy. If your company uses Branch digital wallet, this app can push your funds faster so it is possible to request your payroll advances from upcoming paychecks.

Whether you want to save money or spend wisely, Branch has got your back. If you choose to keep your money in this digital wallet, you will be able to watch it grow faster than expected. Or, you can also use it to shop online or pay for groceries.

What makes Branch more attractive? Of course, it’s zero-fee banking it promises. This digital wallet platform comes with zero fees so you can get rid of overdraft charges or ATM fees.

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6. Payactiv


Here’s Payactiv, a functional payroll advance app to get paid before your paycheck. Your wages will be transferred into your Payactiv card or bank account as preferred. Once transferred, use it for everything you want, from paying bills to picking up cash at Walmart.

As one of the best apps like MoneyLion, it helps prevent you from unwanted debt or loan. All the money you get is completely yours—no interests, hidden costs, or additional fees for the process.

Before using this app, you will need to create a Payactiv account so you can get access to faster and convenient payment with Payactiv Visa card. Thanks to ultimate security, get some peace of mind when earning, saving, and spending your money.

SmartSpend and SmartSave are among the main highlights in this app. Using these features, you can stay on track and know what is safe to spend. It also lets you track spending and get alerted when your balance turns low.

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7. FloatMe


Next on the list, there’s FloatMe which helps you manage your money and get paid in advance. This feature-rich pay advance utility comes packed with innovative tools that bring your finance to another level. Not to mention it helps you make better financial decisions.

With FloatMe, you can manage your finance, save money, meet bills, and avoid overdrafts. Pretty much like MoneyLion, early payroll also becomes the main star in this application. Instantly connect your bank account, tell where you work, and you’re good to go.

This free app like MoneyLion doesn’t check your credit and it supports more than 10,000 top-notch financial institutions like Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and more. Simply sign up as a member and get access to all the convenient features.

How FloatMe prevents you from overdraft is quite simple—it will notify you if you are at risk of overdraft. Besides, it helps you monitor any significant event in your bank account and won’t let you miss a thing.

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8. Fundbox


Fundbox is an app similar to MoneyLion in that it offers fund at your fingertips. It helps transform your smartphone into a financial partner, thanks to the ability to access credit in a matter of minutes. Simply get this app, apply for credit, and get a decision. You’ll be able to draw funds when approved.

Fundbox has a lot of reasons to love, but the main star is the fast credit process. With just a few taps, you can draw funds for paying bills, buying home essentials, and more. Security also becomes one of the main highlights, allowing you to access credit with peace of mind.

Before proceeding, you need to learn how it works. Download this app and apply directly. Get a decision and wait for a few moments. If you are approved, you will be able to draw funds.

What’s more interesting about this app is that you don’t have to wait for days before approval. Besides, you have an option to make automatic repayment so you never forget it.

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9. SoFi


Next on the list, there’s SoFi, an app like MoneyLion that helps you with financial planning. With this utility, you can save, spend, and earn money. No need to worry about account fees, monthly fees, or bank overdrafts. It also doesn’t charge minimum balance fees.

If you are looking for an app that does it all then SoFi has got you covered. Not only can you manage your money, but you can also invest and trade, apply for loans, and check rates in a single app. Plus, it lets you earn cash reward if you save and spend with SoFi Money.

What’s more, it provides access benefits for SoFi members. Upon joining, you will be eligible to get unlimited access to financial and career planning. No additional cost required. Featuring a simple design and attractive interface, SoFi app is accessible to anyone.

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10. Earnin


Earnin is another app to get your salary in advance. Whether you need urgent money or you simply don’t want to miss the best offer in your favorite store, this app gives you access to your pay before the actual payroll.

Using this app, you can earn up to $100 per day or up to $500 per paycheck. There’s nothing to worry about hidden fees, interests, or credit check. Everything is transparent in Earnin.

How to get started with this app like MoneyLion? You will need to connect a bank account and add a debit card. Add your employer, verify email, and see how it works.

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11. Albert


Whether you need more money right now, Albert can help you out. Rather than applying for credits, this app lets you access your pay before your paycheck. Enjoy your salary at the right time and free yourself from unwanted debt.

Albert supports up to $250 instant cash in advance from your upcoming paycheck. If you’re concerned about interests, penalties, or credit check, then this app is made just for you.

This feature-rich pay advance app highlights smart saving and top-notch security for your ultimate convenience. Protect your sensitive information and let Albert helps with your financial life.

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12. Stash


MoneyLion offers investment service and so does Stash. This personal finance app makes investing affordable and easy, making it an ideal app for beginners and young investors. Millions of people have trusted their finance to Stash and it may be your turn.

Unlike most apps like MoneyLion, Stash doesn’t support pay advance. Otherwise, you can focus on spending and investing and get unforgettable experiences.

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Plenty of apps like MoneyLion are available on the market, allowing you to earn money faster and easier. Now that you know recommended apps to go, you can simply make a better decision.

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