13 Best Chore Apps for Kids and Families

by Haya Barnard

Best Chore Apps

Constantly tracking your kids’ chores can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, the best chore apps offer a great way to help you monitor kids’ tasks and keep your home organized. These apps have been used by many households and you may be interested to join the crowd.

Besides teaching kids about responsibilities, chore apps play a big role in helping parents teach their kids about money. Whenever you need to manage chores and build a good habit for kids without giving up your ‘me’ time, find your favorite chore apps below.

Best Chore Apps for Android and iOS

There are oodles of options when it comes to chore apps. Whether you need a chore application for kids, family, or even couples, you can always find the right choice on the market. Take a closer look at the following list and pick an app that suits your preferences.

1. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

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Cozi is a versatile family organizer designed to manage everyday life in your family. Tons of features are included, from useful reminders and calendar to shareable grocery list and meal plans. Not surprisingly, the award-winning app has been trusted by millions of families worldwide.

Featuring a nice design and user-friendly interface, Cozi allows you to track everyone’s daily schedule with a simple calendar. It also automatically sends agenda emails either daily or weekly to family members.

Need a quick and easy alternative to recipe book? Cozi features a recipe box that organizes your recipes in one place. You can add ingredients to shopping list and schedule meal plans onto the calendar.

The best part is that it allows you to create to do list and share it with other family member. It is easier to make sure your kids receive their chore checklist and get it done.

2. Happy Kids Timer

Happy Kids Timer

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Happy Kids Timer is the perfect chore app for kids. Designed with simple visual, it helps kids deal with their chore according to the schedule. Even if your kids have autism or ADHD, this app comes in handy to improve their time management and gives you more time with yourself.

Happy Kids Timer helps turn kids’ chores into a funny game, thanks to animated chores every kid will enjoy. It also utilizes awards and printable certificates to encourage you kids deal with their tasks. Using this app you can have a peaceful morning without yells and shouts.

Find 8 animated morning chores and 7 animated bedtime chores in this app. Funny animations are designed to ensure each chore will be accomplished without problem.

 If you need more features, Happy Kids Timer premium is available. The premium version comes packed with 4 added custom chores, changeable duration, and ability to name the award. Try this app and see how it motivates your kids.

3. Tody


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Looking for the best chore app for roommate? Tody could be the perfect app to give a try. Designed for iOS and Android, this tool helps manage your daily chores instead of controlling you.

Using this app you can enjoy flexibility in managing cleaning tasks with your roommate. Room cleaning is as fun as a game, thanks to credits that can be claimed for your actions. It also comes packed with an easy and intuitive interface that promises a better user’s experience.

Do you need a bit of motivation? Tody has the ability to visualize dirtiness and the cleaning effect to motivate you. There is also intuitive set up for customized cleaning plan. This means you can customize a cleaning chore that fits your needs, whether it’s a complex household or dorm.

The best part is that Tody allows easy synchronization between devices. But you will need to upgrade to premium version before enjoying this feature.

4. Sweepy


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Sweepy is a useful app to keep your home organized. It has a bunch of features to get daily chores accomplished without putting extra effort. Split household chores with other family members and transform tedious chores into a fun game.

Using this app you can track your chores and monitor the cleanliness and tidiness of each room. It automatically generates a schedule you can stick with and makes sure you don’t skip a chore. Besides, it lets you prioritize the tasks for urgent cleaning.

Thanks to the leaderboard, doing the chores has never been this fun and challenging. Compete with others and fight for a leader spot. You can also see your progress and stay motivated.

What’s great about this fantastic chore app for family is that it supports quick sync with other devices. Invite everyone in your family and keep your home organized.

5. RoosterMoney


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RoosterMoney combines chore tracker and allowance controller in one app. Designed for everyone in the family, this tool helps parents teach about money and responsibilities in fun way. Find a handful of features that will make chores juggling much easier.

Whether you are kids or parents, RoosterMoney has the right features for you. Kids can take control of their pocket money, allowance, and especially their chores. Checking statement is also possible to find out how much money you have.

If you are a parent, you can track kids’ outcome and income. Create a to do list with a chore chart to help kids earn their allowance. It also lets you create goals and rewards to motivate your kids to accomplish their tasks as assigned.

Your kids spend their allowance in one shop? RoosterMoney allows you to give them punishment by removing allowance saved in their account. You can also lock or unlock allowance and take full control.

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6. OurHome


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Organizing your family is simple with OurHome. This best chore app will motivate your kiddos to do their chores and take responsibilities. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy their ‘me time’ and save their effort.

This app has everything you need to make sure everything is accomplished, from shared grocery list to family calendar. You can also view progress and activities of each family member for easier monitoring. How to use OurHome is simple—assign chores and make sure your kids do it.

Some kids need more motivation than others. That’s why OurHome comes with goal and reward feature to encourage less motivated kids to get things done.

There are many other features to find in this app, including reminder to make sure none of chores are missed out. It also supports easy synchronization between devices.

7. Chores & Allowance Bot

Chores & Allowance Bot

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If you are seeking out a versatile app for organizing family task list then Chores & Allowance Bot is just for you. Made with your fun and convenience in mind, this app helps you keep track of family chores and allowance.

It has helped thousands of kids manage their money and helped parents keep their houses organized. Featuring easy synchronization across device, tracking chores and allowance is brilliantly simple.

There are oodles of features to find in this tool, such as easy setup for daily to monthly allowances and easy chores assignment to multiple children. And if your kids are wasteful, simply deduct money from their account.

What’s great about Chores & Allowance Bot is that it supports multiple currencies. Not to mention it is super easy to use for kids and parents. 

8. Chores App

Chores App

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Want to transform your daily chores into a challenging game? Chores App could be the perfect tool for you. It is loaded with feature to manage household tasks and keep everything organized. See which tasks your family members have been doing and save a lot of time.

Using this app is quite easy. Create your household and add family tasks. Add your family members and now your housemates can perform tasks or create a new one.

With Chores App you can also earn points and view the scoreboard. What’s interesting is that it has chat feature which is not available in other chore applications.

9. SmoresUp


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Getting your family organized is not an easy job. But with the help of SmoresUp you can enjoy every task and stay happy. This chore app offers highly customizable chore management that allows parents manage household tasks and get help from their children.

It also comes packed with allowance management that provides reward for every chore completed. Schedule management is also available, providing you with a family planner for events and appointment.

What’s great about SmoresUp is that it has family networking system, allowing everyone in the family to access a secure way to stay in touch. There’s also a profile for all family members—if your kids are old enough, they can manage their responsibilities.

10. Child Reward

Child Reward

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Star point system never gets old and you can find it in Child Reward. This best free chore app is designed to help every parent manages household chores and involve their kids in organizing family tasks. Kids will receive a number of stars after accomplishing every chore.

This app has a panel which connects parent’s and kid’s account. Every time your kid completes the task, parents will automatically receive a notification. Parents can either reject or confirm the task after checking.

What’s more to find in this app? There’s a calendar and to-do-list for easier chore management. You can also view statistics of kid’s achievement to help you consider how many stars they deserve.

11. Nipto


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Nipto helps you manage household chores in a fun way. With this app you can divide chores with your couple, roommate, or family and make sure everything is accomplished.

Nipto turns your tasks into a game in which your family members are the players. Each player must accumulate point throughout the weekend and the winner get a reward.

Not only does it work well for kids, but it also changes your feeling when doing the chores. No more complaints, yells, or debates on who does most household tasks.  

12. Flatify


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Flatify is an easy to use chore app to make your life easier and more efficient. There are so many things you can do with it, such as creating to do lists, managing finances, adding shopping list, and more.

How to use this app is pretty simple. Once installed, create a profile and add your family members or roommates and divide the tasks. You can track bills, set reminders, and even track your expenses.

What’s more, Flatify is packed with history feature to view completed tasks. Or if you wish to know upcoming events, this app has got you covered.

13. Merge


Download on the App Store

Merge is the best chore app for couples. Designed for iPhone, it allows you to create tasks in four different categories, including chores, shop, vote, and pay.

If your spouse and you dispute over household chores all the time then Merge is made just for you. You can share tasks and keep track of your partner’s accomplishment throughout the day.

With Merge you can do many other things like set due dates, set task urgency, create reminders, and even sync reminders. Plus, it allows you to add profile picture and add comments on completed or new tasks.

Dealing with daily chores can be daunting. If you need help for splitting the tasks then you need to download one of the best chore apps above. There are so many options with different features so it is much easier to pick one that meets your needs.

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