14 Best Lie Detector Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Lie Detector Apps

Your smartphone can be anything, from a communication tool to audio recorder to video editor. And if you want a little fun, downloading the best lie detector apps can transform your device into a cool tool to detect lies so you can prank your friends or family.

Bear in mind that the following apps are designed for entertainment purposes, which means they don’t actually work to detect lies. Use these applications responsibly.

Best Lie Detector Apps for Android and iOS

When browsing through the internet, you’ll find abundant lie detector apps for Android and iOS. But if you don’t want to download useless apps on your device, you’ll need a good reference to guide you. Luckily, you’ve found one. Check them out!

1. Voice Lie Detector Prank

Voice Lie Detector Prank

Do you want to know if someone lies to you? Download this app on your Android-based or iOS-based device and get ready for the surprise. Featuring a user-friendly interface, this app detects lie through voice so you can ask anything to the suspect.

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, Voice Lie Detector Prank can be the perfect tool to have fun. All you need to do is choose a friend or family to test, hit the Start button and ask some silly questions. If you’re done with the question, press the Stop button and see the answer.

You can find a lot of funny questions and check if they lie or not. Many people have tried this app for lots of laugh and it’s time to join the crowd.

This lie detector test app will ask permission to access your phone’s mic to record the audio. Make sure you hit the Allow button so it can work optimally on your device.

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2. Truth and Lie Detector Prank

Truth and Lie Detector Prank

If you run out of ideas to prank your friends or family, this app is so new and fresh. Only by asking some funny questions, this lie detector allows you to figure out if the answer is true or false. All is possible with just a tap of a button.

Truth and Lie Detector Prank app is loaded with features, including prank mode, decent graphics and sounds, and computer voice that sounds so real. Using your phone’s mic, it also records and analyzes what you say before showing the result.

Just as with most lie detector apps out there, this tool is designed for fun. It’s not recommended to use this app other than entertainment purposes in that it doesn’t provide real lie detector functionality. 

With more than 1M+ downloads on Google Play alone, it becomes one of the best lie detector apps to find on the market. 

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3. Lie Detector Simulator Fun

Lie Detector Simulator Fun

This app simulates lie detector for fun. Designed with mischief in mind, it scans a fingerprint to detect lie. Feel free to prank your family or make fun of your friends. Everyone will think that you have a real fingerprint scanner and lie detector that really works.

Before using this app, first preset answers in the settings menu (set truth and lie options). Then, ask your friends some ridiculous questions while having their finger on the scanner. This app works by displaying the preset answers—feel free to make silliest questions ever.

You can also play for fun by canceling the settings—this will make the app respond randomly between lie and truth. Overall, it offers a fun game to simulate lie detector tools. Always remember that it’s not a real fingerprint scanner or lie detector. 

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4. Lie Detector Test Prank

Lie Detector Test Prank

When you’re looking for a funny prank tool, this best lie detector app should be on the list. It simulates a lie detector by analyzing your facial expressions and shows hilarious results that make a good laugh. It also shows you funny sentences based on your facial expressions.

Using this lie detector is completely simple. Run the app and shoot your friend’s face using camera. Ask your friend some silly questions that you know the answer. Control the results between true and false by pressing the volume button.

If you want it to be true, you need to press the volume up button. And if you want it to be false, press the volume down button. Featuring a big button on the screen, this app is quite easy to use. Try it with your friends or family and enjoy the hilarious moment.

Download on Google Play

5. Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank

Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank

Working like a lie detector, this simulator app could be one of the best prank apps to make a good laugh. You have an option to control the results without your friend’s knowledge so they will think that it’s a real one. Not to mention it supports a talking voice.

Additionally, it simulates a face scanner but the control is yours. How it works is extremely simple. Choose a photo of your prey from your phone gallery or take a new one. Hit the start button and this app will scan over the photo. Next, it will select a result between true and lie.

If you wish to change the result as you desire, simply press the volume button during scanning. That’s how you can decide who is telling a truth and who is telling a lie.

Overall, this is a great lie detector app to have fun. As you can take full control of the results, this best free lie detector app doesn’t signify anything.

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6. Lie Detector Simulator

Lie Detector Simulator

Created by TrombonSoft, this lie detector app offers a fun game to play with your loved ones. It has the ability to simulate a voice scanner, allowing you to figure out if someone is telling a lie or truth. This app uses your mic to record and analyze the results—or you can control it by yourself.

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In order to control the results, the Lie Detector Simulator requires you to press the volume button. Press volume button Up to make a truth or press volume button Down to make a lie result. This game is so much fun, especially if you haven’t played it before.

Not only is it fun, this app is also super easy to use. It has clear visuals with big buttons to start and stop recording, so it’s unlikely to get puzzled when using this tool. For a more hilarious game time, prepare funny questions for your friends.

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7. Lie Detector Simulator 2020

Lie Detector Simulator 2020

This is another best lie detector app to make fun of your friends. Ask some questions and pretend that you don’t believe them. Also, tell them that you have a lie detector to find out if they are telling a truth or lie and see their reaction.

Lie Detector Simulator features a fake fingerprint scanner that will give you fake results—even you can easily control the result as you want. There are three results that will appear, including True, Maybe, and False.

To make it work, tell your friend to tap on the fingerprint scanner. Start asking some questions and let this app do the job. It will start to show random results or you can control what result it should show. Your friends will never know they’re getting fooled.

Download on Google Play

8. Lie Detector Test Real Shock Finger Polygraph Test

Lie Detector Test Real Shock Finger Polygraph Test

How about telling your friends that you have a real lie detector app that really works? Ask them to try this app and find out how they get shocked with the results. Many people have tried this app for fun and you might be interested to join the crowd.

This lie detector simulator features a fingerprint scanner on which your friend can tap and hold their finger. While doing this, ask some weird questions and tell them if the app can detect whether or not they tell lies. This is a fresh trick to prank your friends.

What’s interesting is that you can hack the results. Simply press the truth or lie lights off before your friends start and you can control the results. Just as with most lie detector tools, this app works just like a game and it doesn’t actually detect lies.

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9. Lie Detector – Simulator

Lie Detector – Simulator

Next on the list, there’s Lie Detector – Simulator, a convenient app to fool your friends or family. Whenever you want to have a hilarious moment, use this app and have someone answer the question while others are waiting for the results. Your friend will be shocked with the results.

This game app works efficiently to make fun of your loved ones. One of the best features is that you can control the result—press volume button up for truth result or press volume button down for lie result. If you don’t press any button, it will return to the previous answer.

Download on Google Play

10. Lie Detector Test Prank

Lie Detector Test Prank

This is a funny game app that simulates lie detector. It can easily detect if someone is lying or telling the truth. Feel free to decide the result to fool your friend simply by pressing the volume.

Ask your friend to tap and hold on the scanner. Ask some questions and it will analyze the result, either truth or lie. If you want to fool your friend, press the volume button up to result “true” and volume button down to result “false” while scanning.

In this app, you will enjoy cool graphic including for the finger scanner, indicator lights, and control buttons. It also shows fingerprint animation that looks real.

Download on Google Play

11. Truth and Lie Detector

Truth and Lie Detector

Say funny things and find out if it’s false or true with Truth and Lie Detector. Using this app, you can ask a friend or family to place their fingers on the screen and say something—you can also ask some questions. This app will decide if you’re telling the truth.

Truth and Lie Detector is designed with a simple interface, featuring a finger scanner and control button. This best lie detector app allows you to easily choose between true, lie, or random by tapping the screen.

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12. Face Lie Detector

Face Lie Detector

While other lie detector apps feature finger scanner, this tool comes with a difference. It features a built-in face scanner and fingerprint scanner that allows fun detection for truth and lie. With easy to use tools, this is an app to have fun with people around you.

To make it feel realistic, it comes with a robotic voice. What’s interesting is that the app will stop scanning when you remove your face and resume when your face gets back. However, this is only a prank app that doesn’t prove anything. Use Face Lie Detector for entertainment purposes only.

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13. Lie Detector Fingerprint Test

Lie Detector Fingerprint Test

Designed for iPhone, this is one of the best lie detector apps that is completely fun. With a fingerprint scanner, it scans your finger and pretend to analyze if you’re lying or telling the truth. Tell your friends or family that you have a real lie detector to make them shocked.

To use this app, have someone touch and hold the fingerprint scanner. Ask your friend to tell something or answer some questions so this app can decide if it’s a truth or lie. This app works randomly so you will never know the answers. Everything is a surprise.

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14. Lie Detector Fingerprint Simulator

Lie Detector Fingerprint Simulator

And now, here’s a lie detector simulator that lets you scan fingerprint to figure out if someone is lying or not. Many people have used this app to prank their friends, making it one of the most popular lie detector apps for iOS.

Just like most lie detector apps, this simulator is quite easy to use. Place a finger on the screen and let this app perform a quick scan. The screen then will display the result, either true or false. Nobody knows that you’re making fun of them.

Download on the App Store

The best lie detector apps offer a new experience to make a good laugh. If you’re bored with old school prank techniques or you simply want to try these apps, use the list above as your reference. Pick one and get ready to laugh.

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