13 Best Outfit Planner Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Outfit Planner Apps

Do you always spend hours in the morning only to plan outfits? If it’s a yes, you might need to download the best outfit planner apps to help you out. With these apps, you can get rid of daunting outfit planning and save a lot of time.

Outfit planner apps are designed with advanced technology and artificial intelligence, allowing you to plan outfit with just a tap. Enjoy the streamlined process and cut your time in the morning so you can focus on other tasks.

Best Outfit Planner Apps to Save Your Time

There are many outfit planning apps on the market but finding the best one can be tedious. To simplify your work, we’ve collected the most recommended tools that will help you with outfit planning. Check out the following list and make your decision.

1. Smart Closet

Smart Closet

From its name, you know what this app is going to offer. Smart Closet is among the most used closet manager and outfit planner that offers a clean and user-friendly interface. Not only does it work for women, but it also supports men’s closet!

With Smart Closet, you can choose clothing from a wide selection of brands and add them to your closet. Alternatively, take picture of your own clothes and add them to the closet. For more attractive photos, remove background with a single click.

Outfit planning is the main star of Smart Closet. With this tool, you can plan what to wear in a calendar and save your favorite. If you plan a trip, it comes in handy to help you pack outfits so nothing is missed.

There are many other things to find in Smart Closet, such as detailed statistics of your closet, backup and restore, customization, and more.

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2. Acloset


Managing your fashion items made simple with Acloset. This is the best outfit planner app to sort clothes by different criteria like brand, pattern, color, and even material. Receive outfit recommendations according to the weather and show off your best style.

This particular app allows you to check fashion items in your closet and tells you how they’re dressed up. For a better experience, you have an option to search your favorite outfits by categories like brands, styles, body types, and occasions. 

Discover more than 300,000 fashion items from over 5,000 brands and upgrade your appearance. Thanks to daily outfit recommendations, finding suitable outfits won’t be daunting. As a bonus, you can take photos of your own clothes and add them to your closet.

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3. OpenWardrobe


As soon as you download OpenWardrobe, you will be able to bring wardrobe management to another level. This functional tool lets you take pictures of your fashion items, upload to a cloud-based wardrobe, and create outfit catalogs for easier outfit planning.

OpenWardrobe is among the best free outfit planner app with a bunch of features. It supports up to 100 fashion items and has useful tools to organize your closet, such as sorting, search, filters, and tags. Featuring AI-based background removal, your fashion catalogs will look more professional.

On top of that, it is possible to add photos of your own closets or get them from online stores. It allows easy synchronization between devices for easier access to your wardrobe content.

Do you want to share with family or friends? OpenWardrobe has a built-in share option with which you can publish your look on your favorite social network.

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4. Bantoa


Bantoa is a great app to simplify your searches for the best style. This outfit planner app allows you to discover outfits for every occasion and style so you always be trendy. With thousands of fashion items to opt for, this is among recommended apps to make your life easier.

Once downloaded, you will be able to figure out if the fashion items fit your body and style—this is the most efficient way so you don’t buy the wrong outfits. Besides, you can also buy the products directly from online shops.

Best of all, Bantoa allows you to create your own outfits. Explore your creativity and see how you can make trendy fashion items for fun. Overall, Bantoa is the best outfit planner app for everyone who needs to upgrade their fashion style. 

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5. Getwardrobe


Want to create outfit catalogs of your own? Then Getwardrobe is a good app to mention. It allows you to take photos of your fashion items and upload them on a cloud-based wardrobe so you can easily plan what to wear for everyday or special occasion.

This particular app makes it possible to remove the background of every photo. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will be able to create magazine-style outfit pictures to simplify outfit planning. Plus, it has an outfit planning calendar equipped with weather information in your location.

What’s more, this free outfit planner app allows you to synchronize wardrobe content between devices. You can also arrange clothes and make collages for more attractive visuals. And if you care about your family, it is possible to curate outfits for your family members.

Best of all, Getwardrobe has a shop feature with which you can bring up your closet while shopping. That’s how you can find outfits that will fit best.

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6. XZ (Closet)

XZ (Closet)

Supporting millions of fashion items and outfit ideas, XZ (Closet) is a fantastic wardrobe app to meet new outfits. As soon as you download the app, you will be able to access a bunch of features like easy outfit upload, simple outfit management, and more,

With just a quick answer of yes or no, you can choose item images similar to your own outfit and add them to your closet. It also allows you to manage items even without taking photos. For a professional look, it provides background removal and image trimming functionalities.

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Overall, XZ Closet is an amazing app for outfit planning that will help improve your experience. If you want to look stunning for everyday activities or special occasions, it has abundant outfit ideas to steal from—you don’t have to spend much time on this.

This app is highly recommended for people who are not confident with their fashion taste. Or if you don’t have any idea of what outfits to wear on a special occasion then this app has got you covered.

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7. Pronti AI

Pronti AI

Pronti has everything you need to organize your closet and make the most out of it. With the ability to take photos of your fashion items, manage them, and get ideas, easily plan your style for formal occasions, dates, or even travel.

How to use Pronti is completely simple. Get started by taking photos of your outfits and add them to your closet. Choose an occasion or event you are dressing for and this app will deliver inspiring outfit options and ideas. Pick a style of your favorite.

Do you need some new clothing items for special occasions? Use Pronti to shop online and discover outfits you will want to dress with. It includes thousands of brands and popular designers within your preferences.

Building your style is simple with Pronti. Optimize your wardrobe, make use of all your items, and stay stylish.

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8. Pureple Outfit Planner

Pureple Outfit Planner

Pureple is among the best outfit planner apps with millions of downloads on the App Store and Google Play. The fashion app is designed to maximize your wardrobe by planning inspiring outfit ideas for any occasions—casual, formal, semi-formal, you mention it.

This particular app offers a ton of features. For instance, it lets you create a virtual closet by categorizing items, adding outfits from the web, and editing multiple items. And the main star is the ability to suggest outfits from your own closet. Thanks to AI technology, it learns your style.

What’s interesting from Pureple is that you can use it like Tinder. With just a swipe, you can decide if smart outfit suggestions fit your preference. Using artificial intelligence, it will learn your favorite style and provide outfit suggestions you’ll love.

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9. Cladwell


Available for Android and iOS, Cladwell helps decide which outfits to wear today. With this app, you can build a closet and enjoy outfit planning each and every morning. With just a few simple taps, it lets you browse more than 16,000 clothing items and add them to your virtual closet.

Get daily outfit inspirations based on your closet items, weather forecast, and where you want to wear it. Swipe through the ideas and find your favorite. And if you need a bit more inspiration, all you have to do is browse virtual wardrobe to see what you have.

Cladwell is more than an ordinary wardrobe app—it’s a tool to upgrade your personal style. Enjoy style quiz and track your outfits each day to discover more insights into your appearance. With it, you can also shop smarter with the ability to create a shopping list.

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10. Stylicious


Stylicious is the best outfit planner app to organize your closet without hassle. Thanks to daily updates, you will get inspired by professional stylists who will be happy to spread positive vibes. Creating fabulous looks for every moment made simple with this app.

Using Stylicious won’t get you puzzled in that it includes easy to use tools and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone. All you have to do is take the pictures of your fashion items and create outfit planning that fits you the most.

What’s more, the Lookbook feature allows you to mix and match outfits in a matter of seconds. Serve pretty much like a fitting room, never buy new outfits without trying them here.

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11. My Dressing

My Dressing

Your awesome virtual closet is here. My Dressing is designed to help you build and enhance outfit planning experience in a simple yet amazing way. There are so many things you can do with it, from taking pictures of your outfits to editing them.

How about creating your own outfits? It is possible to make beautiful clothing items of your own and share them on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Plus, you can create collections of outfits you have created.

Having a large collection of fashion items? No worries. This best outfit planner app has a smart search feature that allows you to browse outfits and clothing items in a matter of seconds. Browse from anywhere anytime and upgrade your style.

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12. Your Closet

Your Closet

With millions of downloads, Your Closet is an outfit planning app that comes with a boast of easy planning on a calendar. It also serves as a virtual closet organizer with which you can take pictures of clothing items and add them, edit pictures, change background, and many more.

Designed with an intuitive interface, this tool includes a handful of features. One of the main highlights is outfit making that allows you to create trendy outfits to meet your style. It is also possible to add notes, duplicate outfits, and even rotate pictures.

As one of the best outfit planner apps, Your Closet is ideal for anyone who wants to simplify their outfit planning. It is also suitable for users who need to stay trendy while traveling without thinking too much.

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13. Closet Love

Closet Love

Not least of all, here’s Closet Love, a virtual closet that helps you save much time on outfit planning each morning. Managing your clothes has never been this easy, thanks to abundant features brought to the table.

Closet Love provides you with adorable outfit ideas from various categories so you can mix and match as desired. It also supports online shopping for clothing items where you can find thousands of variations. But no worries, advanced filters are equipped to improve your experience.

Best of all, Closet Love allows you to meet professional stylists who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

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Use one of the best outfit planner apps above and see how it changes your daily outfit planning. Pick a tool with useful features that meet your preferences so you can simplify morning routines and upgrade your style.

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