11 Best Diary Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Diary Apps

Using the best diary apps will help you to maintain your journaling habits. Writing is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you want to keep it as a regular activity. It will be easier and possible if you use a reliable app to help you write anytime you need.

This article comes up with a list of apps that you can consider for your journaling companion. From a regular look of a journal to something with a super nice template, you can find anything you need on the list below.

Best Diary Apps for iOS and Android

Generally, there are many apps that you can find on the app market. However, not all diary apps are created equal. Thus, you may need to give each app a try in the first place. Below is a list of apps that you can consider trying if you are looking for a decent journaling app to maintain your writing habit.

1. Diaro


In case you are looking for a daily journal app that also allows you to organize your posts, Diaro is a app that you should take a look at. The UI design is neat and clean while being functional in the best way. Arranging and organizing your posts by dates and locations will be tremendously effortless.

Users have choices to put each post in different folders. While everything is seamless and easy to navigate, Diaro offers a free version. However, if you take journaling seriously then you might want to upgrade your plan. It starts at US2.99 per item.

You will never know whether or not Diaro is for you without giving it a try. Thus, the free version is a great shot to find out if you are ready to commit to its paid version.

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2. Grid Diary

Grid Diary

As the app’s name suggests, Grid Diary offers various templates that will make your journaling journey way more exciting. You can always use this app as a daily diary app that accompanies you anytime you need. Grid Diary is a free app but you can always upgrade your features by paying USD2.99 each month, at least.

Most journaling apps mentioned on this list are coming as a blank page. Of course, it is fun to play with a blank canvas. However, if you are a person who prefers templates than anything else then Grid Diary is the perfect choice. The fun part is that you can customize the template as much as you like.

Grid Diary also comes with inspirational quotes daily. It is also effortless to attach media, to enhance your daily journal. More than anything, this application suits you who love visuals more than anything else.

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3. Daylio


Daylio is popular for its visual quality. Thus, for people who prefer visual appearance more than anything else, Daylio is a perfect place to start the journaling journey.

This app is surely free and the premium plan starts at USD2.99 per month – it is such an affordable price, compared to most apps on this list. Other than allowing you to create your journal, you can input your feelings today. It is no wonder if Daylio is one of the best mood diary apps available for both iOS and Android.

Similar to many apps on this list, Daylio features various features for journaling, including your goals, reminders, and exporting options. Since everything is mostly visual, you don’t need to type a single word on the app. The UI design is highly appealing while all the tools are accessible in many ways.

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4. Diary


On the other hand, if you prefer a simple diary app more than anything else then Diary is a perfect choice you should consider. This app is generally like a diary book with a lock that you commonly see during your teenage phase.

People love using this app due to the ability to customize the entire look of each post you create. You can choose the background color, font type, and text colors. Other than that, you can share anything you’ve written through email and other social media platforms.

Diary, more than anything, is a perfect choice for those who prefer a free diary app. However, since the app is free, you need to deal with a bunch of ads. There is no option to upgrade the services, unfortunately.

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5. Day One

Day One

Another journal app that you should consider using is called Day One. This app is available for both Android and iOS. However, users agree that this will be a perfect choice for those who wear the Apple ecosystem – the synchronization is effortless, while the UI design is compelling in many ways.

Similar to many apps on this list, Day One features a free version which already comes up with many essential tools. However, if you want to make the most of the app, you should pay USD2.92 per month. But don’t worry – the free trial will help you to figure out whether or not the premium version is worth the money.

Day One has various templates that will evoke your writing spirit. Other than that, you can add various elements, from location and weather to step count and what song you are playing. More than anything, the UI design is none to beat.

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6. Penzu


If you are looking for an online diary app that comes up with robust privacy and security services then Penzu is surely the answer. This app is accessible from multiple platforms. You can even get to the features through your favorite web browsers effortlessly.

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Generally, the free version is enough to accommodate your needs when it comes to journaling. However, if you need a higher level of encryption and security then you should sign up for its premium app. The premium service costs USD19.99 per year – it is worth the money in many ways, after all.

In case you want to write regularly, you can always create a reminder in the first place. Thus, you won’t miss any writing session. The only drawback of Penzu is not being updated that often. If you don’t mind the drawback then this app might be the best online platform to write a diary that you should consider.

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7. Journey


Is there an app to write a journal? Yes, there are quite many apps that allow you to create journals and diary entries through your smartphone. One of those apps is called Journey. As the app’s name suggests, Journey will be your companion when it comes to writing and saving your thoughts.

According to users, this app comes up with a super nice UI design and intuitive layout options. You can save various things in this app. Whether it is your daily words, food journals, anything you name it, you can get use of Journey in many ways.

This app also allows you to add media to each post. Other than that, Journey provides a series of security options so that you can write everything as privately as you like. However, this app only provides limited services for the free plan.

You have to upgrade your plan for USD3.99 per month to enjoy all the features effortlessly. Other than that, you cannot sync your subscription across platforms. Thus, you have to pay for a different subscription if you use two different platforms.

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8. Diarium


Is there a free journaling app? Yes, there is – but Diarium is not one of the free apps you can rely on. While the app is available both on the Play Store and App Store, you should consider investing your money on this app. However, if you are using Android devices then you may enjoy the free version in the first place.

This app is created for various platforms. The main spirit of creating this app was to provide an excellent consumer-oriented journal. Users can write and keep their favorite experiences on this app regardless of the device.

Diarium is perfect for those who take journaling as a routine because it comes with various options of export and import. Other than that, you can backup your data to the cloud effortlessly. In case you want to share what you write, Diarium provides an option to share your content to multiple social media platforms through one click.

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9. Momento


Momento is a perfect journal app for iPhone devices and other iOS devices. This app allows you to use this app for free up to three feeds. If you decide to continue using the service, you can enjoy the features by paying USD2.49 per month.

According to the company, this diary app is specifically designed for those who’ve been using social media actively – regardless of platform. Everything you post on social media will be collected, gathered, and synced to Momento. Thus, you have a nicely arranged digital archive of your social media posts

While everything is very fun to arrange in Momento, this app might not be for everyone. It is quite segmented. Still, there are plenty of things that you will get by using this app. You can also track your habit through Momento, which is not a feature offered by many apps on this list.

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10. Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal

If you are looking for the best journal app for Android and iOS then you should consider this one – Five Minute Journal. As its name suggests, this app features a quick-and-easy journaling method. Everything is effortless even if this is your first time using this app.

Just like journaling in general, you can write everything on this app. Other than allowing you to write stuff on each page, FMJ will ask you questions each morning. It helps you to find out things that make you grateful every day. All in all, this app is a perfect choice to get through a small habit. Another interesting thing about FMJ is that you can attach media and export your writings into PDFs.

You have to pay USD4.99 to enjoy all the features. Still, it is a worthy investment, especially if you take journaling seriously.

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11. Daybook


What is the best free journal? Well, you should take a look at Daybook. This app may only offer minimal user experience. However, since everything is free, you can get all you need from a journaling platform by using this app.

Other than that, everything you’ve written is stored in the cloud. Thus, you can get the backup and restore your writing across devices effortlessly. All in all, Daybook is a perfect choice for those who look for a free app for journaling that can be accessed everywhere. For now, this app is downloadable on both the Play Store and App Store. It won’t hurt to give this app a shot, after all.

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All the apps mentioned on the list above are not specifically the best food diary apps. However, you can use the apps for various needs, considering almost all the apps support multiple uses. Other than that, journaling is about writing down anything you need in the journal, right?

Well, that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best diary apps available on the Play Store and App Store. Many of them are free but you will get more features by upgrading your subscriptions.

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