12 Best Video Player Apps for Android and iOS

Best Video Player Apps

Even if your phone has a default video player, using a third-party app is a good idea. Check out the best video player apps below to enhance your mobile video experience. Many of them don’t require you to pay for any subscription in the first place, though.

This article, on the other hand, covers information about the apps that you would love to use for watching videos. Some options on the list support offline watching while some others ask you to use internet connection in the first place.

Best Video Player Apps for a Better Watching-Video Experience

You will find plenty of options on the app market by simply typing “video player” on the search box. However, not all apps are created equal – you have to weigh and consider several aspects before deciding on a specific app. 

Whether you are looking for a paid or free video player app, make sure that the app is compatible with your phone. So, here is a list of the best apps that you should consider using for playing videos from your phone.

1. FX Player

FX Player

If you are looking for an Android video player that balances both quality and features, FX Player is surely a perfect choice. Keep in mind that this app is only available on the Play Store – iOS users should look elsewhere, though. The app offers HD video playback up to 4K – if you are willing to pay for such features. 

It is also possible to watch a video while using another app. Thus, it will be shown like a picture-in-picture display. The UI design is basic but you get a bunch of features that will enhance your watching experience.

Download on Google Play

2. PlayerXtreme


PlayerXtreme might not be the most ideal choice if you are looking for a URL video player app. However, there are tons of features that you would love from this app. It equips itself with 40 codecs so that you can play almost any major video format smoothly. 

Users agree that there is almost nothing that PlayerXtreme couldn’t play. It also means that you can play any type of video file without converting the files in the first place. PlayerXtreme supports 4K video playback, which is a great deal. 

You can store as many videos as you want, considering there is no storage limit in the first place. If you plan to watch a video in different languages, then you can do it effortlessly with PlayerXtreme.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. BSPlayer


When it comes to the best video player apps then it won’t be fair without including BSPlayer on the list. This app is one of the longest-lasting players in this industry. And compared to most apps on this list, BSPlayer has been around for a bit longer. 

This is why many users love this app in many ways, especially for watching any type of videos on smartphones. Things that make BSPlayer stand out is its multi-core hardware decoding. Other than that, it features hardware-accelerated playback. 

In case you want to cast your favorite videos on other compatible devices then you can use BSPlayer for a DLNA service. While several apps on the app market require you to install another tool for subscription, this video player app can do anything at once. 

The free version allows you to play videos but the paid plan helps you with more features and better support – it costs USD5.99.

Download on Google Play

4. KMPlayer


This video player app is quite popular for desktop users. Thus, when KMPlayer also comes to the smartphone market then you can play almost any video type smoothly. More than anything, this video app is such a solid option for those who need a VIP experience. 

Other than allowing you to play your favorite video on your phone, KMPLayer also supports Torrent playback. It is also effortless to convert your video files into MP3 content. Another thing that makes this video player app stand out on the market is its support for Chromecast. 

Other than that, if you are signing up for its paid plan then you can start Torrent playback while being downloaded. Fun, right? Thus, it is impossible to not include KMPlayer on the best video player apps list.

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5. Xender


Xender is also on the list of best video player apps for both iOS and Android. Generally, this app helps you to transfer various files effortlessly. However, today, you can enjoy more features and functions offered by Xender. 

Other than sharing and sending files, you can play any video by using this app. The process won’t overwhelm you, even though the features offered are not as advanced as most apps on this list. Since Xender is a free app, it won’t hurt to give it a shot. By that, you can send videos by using this app and play it directly without using another video player app in the first place.

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6. Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format

As its name suggests, Video Player All Format is suitable for any kind of video type. It is also one of the top best video player apps for both iOS and Android. The UI design is highly basic but you can do almost anything you need by using this app. 

Several features offered by this app include a night mode, speed playback control, a privacy folder, and Chromecast support. The free version is more than enough to play videos on your phone. However, just like other free apps on this list, you will have to deal with ads in a few spots. 

In case you want to upgrade your experience, the paid plan costs USD3.99. Video Player All Format is not the best choice at the corner but you can play videos seamlessly with it.

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7. Video Player – All in One Player

Video Player - All in One Player

When it comes to the best paid video player apps, Video Player – All in One Player might not be the most ideal choice. However, there are various features that you will get by using this app. This app is specifically created and developed for Android users. 

Even though all the features offered can be used for free, you can play your favorite videos effortlessly – the experience is great as well. According to users, Video Player – All in One Player provides functions and services that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Of course, you can use this app for streaming. All in all, Video Player – All in One Player is a perfect choice if you are looking for a video player app that supports HD and allows you to have all the controls while watching videos.

Download on Google Play

8. AllCast


Generally, this app is created and designed to cast any video content to another compatible device. Today, AllCast will help you to send any content stored on Xbox, Apple Tv, Roku, Chromecast, or other DLNA compliant devices so that you can stream or play it by using your phone. For now, this app is available for download on both the Play Store and App Store. 

Some users consider this app a bit rough compared to other similar apps on this list. However, once you get through the entire thing and feature, you can get AllCast functions smoothly. 

AllCast is a free app but you can always upgrade the features for USD4.99. Since this app is available for the Android operating system as well, it means that you can turn any Android device into a receiver. Interesting, right?

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9. VLC


VLC surely deserves a spot on the list of the best video player apps for iOS and Android platforms. This one is quite a popular choice for desktop users, which also becomes one of the most in-demand video player apps for smartphone users. 

All the features offered by VLC are unique and useful in many ways. You can play almost any kind of video by using this app. Other than that, you can simply put a URL on the dedicated box to stream it directly – everything is as seamless as it sounds, for sure. 

One of the most common issues while playing videos on your smartphone is the codec incompatibility. The good news is that VLC has various in-built codecs on its system. Thus, there is no need to download additional plugins to make the app functional. This app is free and comes with a bunch of features that will spoil you – and enhance your video-watching activity.

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10. AC3 Player

AC3 Player

When playing video by using an Android phone, you may find it difficult to deal with AC3 codec. Of course, that issue is fixable, but it can be annoying at times. Thus, if you need a video player app for Android phones that won’t bother you with this specific codec then you should consider using AC3 Player. 

Once you download this app, you can play almost any type of videos effortlessly, regardless of the codec. Other than that, this Android app is quite interactive and tremendously user-friendly. 

Besides supporting AC3 codec, you can also make various adjustments, including frame rate and overall performance. So, which is the best video player for Android? AC3 Player is the answer, though. You can control almost anything with this app in the first place.

Download on Google Play

11. MX Player

MX Player

Are you looking for the best offline video player apps? If so then you should consider MX Player as your choice. This app is quite popular and has been downloaded by millions of people on both the Play Store and App Store. 

MX Player gains popularity for a reason, after all. It supports so many formats since the start – way before the current video player apps even compete on the app market. Other than allowing you to play various videos smoothly, you can use gesture controls that will enhance your experience – including pinching to zoom. 

As one of the best apps to play videos, it supports subtitles. Also, you can lock the app in case you are living with kids. MX Player enhances your watching experience for free. However, you can always upgrade the service by paying USD5.99. All in all, if you are willing to pay for a video player app then MX Player is a perfect choice.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

12. Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player

Have you heard of Archos Video Player? This app is quite popular and comes with a free plan as well. Archos is specifically designed for Android devices and you can play almost any type of video format by using this video player app. Of course, the app is compatible to play various subtitle file types. 

Thus, Archos Video Player surely makes a great addition to your phone, especially if you are using Android devices. So, what is the best free video player app? Well, Archos Video Player is a perfect choice. 

It also offers a paid plan that costs USD0.99. Thus, you should give the free version a try before committing to Archos’ paid plan – which is highly affordable for a pro application.

Download on Google Play

The best video player apps in the world surely depend on our preference in the first place. Sticking with the free ones may require you to deal with annoying ads. Thus, giving the paid video apps would be a good consideration – as long as you are willing to spend a few bucks for an app.

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best video player apps. Make sure that you’ve checked the review and that your choice is compatible with your phone’s operating system. So, have you found your favorite video player on the list above?

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