12 Best Eye Color Changer Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Eye Color Changer Apps

Make your nice selfies more beautiful with eye color changer apps. As you may guess, these applications are designed to change your eye color through special effects. Whether you want to have fun or plan to buy new contact lenses, the best eye color changer apps can help you out.

There are tons of apps that promise eye color changing function. However, finding an app that really works may take some extra effort and time. If you need a little help, you’ve come to the right page. Scroll through and get inspired.

Best Eye Color Changer Apps for Android and iOS

We’ve done the difficult part of sorting out eye color changer apps on Google Play Store and App Store, so we can provide you with the best apps to change your eye color. If you are having fun with this game then you need to check out the following applications.

1. Pretty Makeup

Pretty Makeup

Enjoy a virtual makeup experience to the fullest with Pretty Makeup. This beauty photo editor comes with a boast of adorable makeup effects and editing tools to make you look gorgeous in every photo. From hair dye to lip color to eye shadow, it has everything you need for the perfect selfies.

Eye color changer is among the main stars of Pretty Makeup. It has a large selection of eye colors to choose from, so you can change as many colors as you like. Find a color that fits you and show off your beautiful eyes to the world.

Besides eye color changer, Pretty Makeup has a bunch of features to beautify your selfies. For instance, it allows you to change your hairstyle and color. It also provides a vast selection of lip color, eye shadow, and eyeliner to perfect your face even without makeup.

Let the whole world see your beautiful face. This application is equipped with a built-in share feature with which you can share photos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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2. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is undoubtedly popular among selfie enthusiasts. This is a photo editing tool that comes packed with amazing makeup filters from various brands of beauty products. Whether you want to dye your hair or change eye color, it has got your back.

As one of the best eye color changer apps, YouCam Makeup includes a huge selection of contact lenses from most brands. Feel free to change contact lenses with just a tap, so you can find out which one that fits you best.

Eye makeup and eyebrow selfie filters are also available. With these features, erase and edit eyebrow position, thickness, and color as desired. You can also try various eye makeup from popular brands before making a purchase.

If you’re concerned about how you look while doing a selfie, YouCam Makeup promises a perfect face on every photo. Thanks to a complete set of makeup effects and powerful editing tools that allow you to enhance your face without actually applying beauty products.

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3. Pixl


Known as a versatile face retouch and photo editor app, Pixl is among the best beauty apps to download on Android and iOS smartphones. With this app, you can get the best look with a new face, thanks to face retouch and photo editing tools it offers.

As a functional eye photo editor, Pixl has much to offer. Not only can you remove red eyes, but you can also change the color of the lens. Thanks to artificial intelligence and powerful algorithm, it is possible to get super realistic selfies and photos to share with anyone.

What’s more, Pixl comes loaded with face retouch options from pimple remover to clear skin, and from teeth whitener to acne remover. You can also get perfect tan skin without sunbathing, thanks to the tanning photo editor. Simply select areas to tan and adjust the tone level.

And if you feel too chubby, this photo editor app gives you the reshape option. Slim and change the shape of your face and make your lips bigger or nose thinner in a matter of seconds.

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4. Facetune2 Editor

Facetune2 Editor

Facetune2 has been around for a while and currently, it has millions of active users worldwide. This photo editor app is developed by Lightricks and it comes packed with abundant features to retouch your selfies. Getting a perfect look in every photo made simple with Facetune2.

Enhance your photos with a long list of editing tools. It has dozens of filters to choose from, makeover tools to retouch your face, and a remover option to get rid of pimples, blemishes, and stubborn zits. With this app, you can expect fair and perfect selfie photos.

In addition to eye color change, Facetune2 comes with a set of tools to enlarge your eyes, make on-flick eyebrows and stunning eyelashes, as well as create bright and sparkly eyes. You can also change hair color to fit your eye color with just a tap.

Overall, Facetune2 is one of the best eye color changer apps you can get on the market. With a complete set of editing tools and sharing button, you can happily share amazing selfies with the world. 

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5. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio

If you’re looking to buy new contact lenses then Eye Color Studio helps you make the best decision. Featuring hundreds of eye colors, there are more than enough colors and effects to try out. It offers a simple, safe, and efficient way to find the best eye color that fits you.

Whether you want blue eyes or green eyes, this app lets you try them all—even you can apply cool effects with just a click. Or if you feel daring, Eye Color Studio offers scary eye effects, alien eyes, and animal eyes to choose from. But what if you can’t find a color that fits you?

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The good news, it comes packed with a create-your-own option with which you can create and personalize your eye color effect. All you need to do is upload a photo of a pet, a friend, or anything with beautiful eyes you want to copy and let this app do the job.

Eye Color Studio includes plenty of features. In addition to hundreds of eye colors, it is equipped with brightness and contrast adjustment for realistic results. It also has a share option that makes it possible to share your photos on social platforms.

Download on the App Store

6. Eye Color Changer by VysionApps

Eye Color Changer by VysionApps

This is an app that changes eye color with just a few taps. Many people have trusted this app to try different eye colors and now it’s your turn. Once you get this app, you will get access to abundant eye colors and effects, from blue eyes to green eyes and even cat eyes.

There are so many useful features to find in this app, such as realistic eye colors, size adjustment, and photo editor. You will also find red eye removal option just in case you take a picture in a low light environment.

What’s interesting is that you can find special eye effects like cat eyes, animal eyes, and even flag eyes. And if you are an anime enthusiast, you will love to try Naruto and Sharingan eyes. Pick a special effect or eye color that fits you and enhance your photos.

Using this application is super easy. Once downloaded, launch the app and upload your photo. Change eye colors as you like and see how you would look in different eye colors.

Download on Google Play

7. Eye Color Changer Real

Eye Color Changer Real

Designed to help you try new eye colors, this application includes a large selection of eye lenses and colors. Find a favorite color that fits your hair or skin tone and upgrade your look. Thanks to a simple interface, this app won’t get you puzzled.

There are plenty of features to find in this tool. For instance, you can easily upload photo from phone gallery or take a picture from your camera. It also has automatic eye detection that makes sure eye effects are applied in the right place.

Additionally, it includes hundreds of eye colors with different effects, such as simple, marble, alien, animal, exotic, and more. Thanks to opacity adjustment, you can make the eye color effect look more realistic—even it supports background effects for highlighting.

For your convenience, this best free eye color changer app gives you two options. You can either save image to photo gallery or share it to your favorite social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Download on Google Play

8. FoxEyes


If you are looking for an eye color changer app that includes tons of exotic eye colors then FoxEyes is made for you. Trying new colors for lenses and eyes have never been this easy, thanks to ease of use tools and features brought to your table.

Whether you are anime enthusiasts or animal lovers, this eye color editor lets you try out cool and amazing eye effects. Simply upload your photo and it will automatically detect your eyes before applying the effect. Don’t forget to adjust brightness for a realistic result.

On top of that, FoxEyes is equipped with filter effects to enhance your photos. If those preloaded eye effects don’t fit you, feel free to make your own eye color. Upload from your gallery or take a picture of your favorite eyes. This app will generate a new eye effect for you.

Download on Google Play

9. Hair and Eye Color Changer

Hair and Eye Color Changer

Here’s one of the best eye color changer apps that allow you to have fun with your photos. Simply choose a photo and choose different hair colors and eye colors to see a new you. Once you are done, share your new look with your loved ones or save it to the gallery.

This modest application includes more than 40 hair colors with different shades of brown, red, and blonde. It also has a long list of eye colors and lenses to try out. Use this app to simulate hair and eye color changes before you actually upgrade your look.

Download on Google Play

10. Eye Color Changer Editor

Eye Color Changer Editor

Try different eye colors with this functional application. Featuring a wide selection of eye colors and lenses, you can discover an eye color that fits you. Either you are into blue, green, or even red eyes, this app has got you covered.

Using this app, you can start the editing process by selecting a picture from your gallery. Choose from a long list of eye color lenses that fit you the most. Adjust the size to make them more beautiful. Feel free to change colors and lenses until you find the best one.

Download on Google Play

11. Eye Color Changer Editor by Editr Apps Inc.

Eye Color Changer Editor by Editr Apps Inc.

Designed for the iPhone, this is a fantastic app to edit your eye color. As one of the best eye color changer apps, you can do a simple experiment with different colors of contact lenses without hurting your eyes. If you find a good one, get the same color in real life.

In addition to eye color changer, it also features red eye removal, adjustable eye size, and adjustable position. Coming with a user-friendly interface, using this app won’t be a problem for you.

Download on the App Store

12. Eye Color Changer by Tarika Sultana

Eye Color Changer by Tarika Sultana

So many girls believe that wearing contact lenses is a great way to look charming. If you plan on using new eye colors but you don’t want to hurt your eyes, this eye color changer app has got your back.

This application is designed to help you try different eye colors in your photo. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, so it’s impossible to skip the cute one. Just don’t forget to adjust the shape and size to make it more realistic.

Available for iPhone, this is a great app to have fun. Share your photo on social networks and see how your friends react.

Download on the App Store

Thanks to the best eye color changer apps, you don’t have to try different contact lenses directly onto your eyes. Simply use this application and experiment with your photos to find your favorite eye colors.

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