Fix GeForce Experience Won’t Open & Why It Happens

by Hashir Zuniga

GeForce Experience Won't Open

When you are new in the gaming world, then the term of GeForce Experience may be strange for you. But not if you are a game addict since you need this application to optimize your gaming experience. The problem is that sometimes you got the notification that GeForce Experience won’t open.

Many PC with gaming specification use Nvidia for the graphic card. Thus, most would use GeForce Experience for the application, especially to optimize the gaming experience. But, do understand that GeForce Experience is not solely for gaming, but also to optimize all of the graphic purposes.

What Causing the GeForce Experience Won’t Open

The most common problem that caused GeForce Experience won’t open is because you just reinstall your operating system. Usually, Windows 10 asks for frequent updates in just a spare of days. Thus, this might cause the GeForce Experience application you installed doesn’t compatible with the new OS update.

Another case, the why your GeForce Experience refuses to open is because of your antivirus program interrupted. When this happens, your antivirus detected the GeForce Experience activity as a thread and put a stop on it. Thus, it results in the application can’t open.

What You Have to Do If the GeForce Experience Won’t Open

Now you know why GeForce can act weird and refuse to open when you need it. If you are experiencing the GeForce Experience won’t open, you should not get into a panic. Here we gathered some information about several methods that you can do yourself at home:

1. Disable Automatic Update of Windows 10

As one cause of this problem, some people even try to avoid Windows 10 updates. This is because they are afraid it will affect their GeForce Experience. Then, they will try to postpone it as long as possible until it necessary for them to update. Also, they even disable the automatic update and switch to manual to have control of it.

2. Check on Your Antivirus

Just like the mentioned above about the cause of why your GeForce Experience can’t open, it can because of antivirus. The antivirus interrupts the GeForce Drivers. Thus, it caused the problem. If this is the cause, then to solve it is by simply disabling your antivirus for a short while. The antivirus software that is known to cause this problem is Avast.

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3. Re-enable GeForce Experience

You’re not using Avast nor newly updated your OS, but you got the notification that the GeForce Experience can’t open. If this happens, then you can try to re-enable the GeForce Experience. To do so, open the Run dialog by double press the Windows+R from your keyboard.

Once it Run dialog opened, type service.msc and click OK. Afterward, there will be a new window that appeared to visit Nvidia GeForce Service, double click, and set the Startup type for Automatic. Also, repeat the same process for the Backend Service of Nvidia GeForce Experience.

If available, try to find for Nvidia Telemetry Container service and change the type to Manual or Automatic. For the last step, try to open the GeForce Experience to check if this method works for you or not.

4. Reinstall GeForce Experience

If you tried the previous method, but it still won’t open, then try this one. To reinstall the GeForce Experience, first, open the appwiz.cpl from the Run dialog (Windows+R). Once it opened, look for Nvidia GeForce Experience in the installed application list.

Double click on it to uninstall the program by following the instruction. Another option, you can remove the additional Nvidia applications as well. Then, download GeForce Experience from the official Nvidia GeForce Experience website.

When the download completed, launch it to start the installation process. Wait until it completes before trying to open it and look if the GeForce Experience opens or not. Also, don’t forget to reinstall the additional applications you removed earlier.

5. Reinstall the Nvidia Driver

Okay, you did try the methods above, but still can’t open the GeForce Experience. The last resort is you should try this one, which is by reinstalling the Nvidia GeForce Experience Driver. Start the process by going to the Device Manager.

To do so, you can use short cut by pressing Windows+X through your keyboard and click for the Device Manager. Then, expand on the Display Adapters and you will find NVIDIA GeForce Graphic Card there. Right Click on the graphics card entry, select for uninstall, and follow the instructions.

Once it uninstalled, go to the Nvidia Drivers website and click Start Search to navigate the Manual Driver Search. Look for your graphics card type that is suitable for your operating system. Choose the latest result and download the driver. The next step is to install it and restart your PC, then check to confirm if the GeForce Experience open or not.

Those above are several methods you can use when your GeForce Experience won’t open. If you did all the process above but still couldn’t fix your problem, then the right thing to do is ask help from the expert. Although, usually those steps above are enough to fix your problem.

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