10 Best Microsoft Publisher Alternatives

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Best Microsoft Publisher Alternatives

There are excellent free and paid choices available whether you use Linux or are still using Windows or Mac OS X. This list consists of several Microsoft Publisher alternatives when it comes to creating your next publication.

What is Microsoft Publisher?

What is Microsoft Publisher? 

Microsoft Publisher is a publication program that makes it easier than ever to create creative content. The software, which is part of the Microsoft Office family, integrates seamlessly with the other programs, loading and exporting material to them with ease.

Microsoft Publisher, on the other hand, has a number of enticing features and elements. Of course, the most remarkable feature is that it is really simple to use and includes many of the same functions as other Office products. All of the papers may be preserved on Microsoft OneDrive and 365 too.

Publisher also manages to maintain material in the same format as when it was generated. Emails, flyers, and booklets, for example, will appear precisely as they do on the screen. The material retains its original layout even when different devices or users view it.

Despite the fact that Publisher is not the industry’s most popular software, it is still a product worth employing because of its incredible ease of use and compatibility.

Microsoft Publisher, unlike other Microsoft 365 products like Word and Outlook, does not have a free browser-based client and no mobile app. You’ll need to obtain a Microsoft 365 subscription to utilize this template-building program.

What is Microsoft Publisher Used for?

You can operate as simply with Microsoft Publisher as you do with Microsoft Word. But rather than text editing tools, you’ll be modifying page layouts and graphic material.

The program comes with a number of design templates that you may customize to your desire. Simply customize the templates to include your company’s branding components, such as color schemes, fonts, backgrounds, text boxes, and photos.

MS Publisher comes with a large number of photos and clip art. You may use the online resources function to obtain extra photos and clip art if you need them. Borders, calendars, sidebars, headlines, and adverts are among the many possibilities for producing various sorts of publications.

With a single click, Microsoft Publisher allows you to change and add company information to any location. Text style capabilities, text-editing tools, mail merge, photo editing tools, and layout alignment settings are all fantastic aspects of this program.

Before you print or save your document, use the “Design Checker” tool to scan it for errors. You are also able to check an HTML preview of your design and print it afterwards.

If you’ve used other Office apps, such as Microsoft Word, you should have no trouble utilizing Microsoft Publisher. You may be quite productive thanks to the ribbon interface and the uncomplicated work environment.

Publisher is included in the Microsoft Office suite as well. It comes with a number of useful features that enable you to create appealing publications with ease.

Best Microsoft Publisher Alternatives

1. Lucidpress


Lucidpress has all of the best features of MS Publisher and Microsoft Office 365, such as excellent effects, versatile sharing options, and online access to your current content. To use Lucidpress online, you don’t need an Office 365 membership.

Its user-friendly application was created to work in any current web browser, ensuring minimal latency and maximum creative potential. This free MS Publisher alternative is a flexible tool for your creative design interests, whether you’re using Windows or a Mac.

Lucidpress encapsulates Microsoft Publisher’s features in a beautiful, user-friendly packaging. Without spending too much time with tutorials, you may start designing straightaway.

You may publish to a secure URL or just ask your collaborators to join you in the project. Lucidpress is a Publisher for Mac solution that works on both Mac and PC. And, because everyone may sign up for free, they can all participate in the cooperation process for free.

2. Canva for Enterprise

Canva for Enterprise

Users may use Canva to generate graphics for social media, slideshows, advertisements, and other visual material. Anyone can take an idea and turn it into something beautiful with the help of a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast library of templates and design customizations.

The platform also has the ability to include content from the web like Giphy and Google Maps. Canva is a MS Publisher substitute that can be used on the web, iOS, and Android.

3. Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign 

When it comes to the greatest Mac Microsoft Publisher alternatives, InDesign is undoubtedly at the top of the list. If you’re using a Mac and need to publish something, this program is a must-have.

The program is relatively simple to use, even for novices. In order to ensure that the program reaches and appeals to the widest possible audience, Adobe has also provided users with a plethora of tutorials, making the entire process even easier.

Another characteristic of InDesign that should be mentioned is that it is connected with Adobe Stock. This means you gain access to a massive library of millions of photos and movies at no cost.

These Adobe pictures also incorporate vector graphics, which assist your designs, and have the right amount of depth. It’s also worth noting that by purchasing InDesign, you’ll have free access to 20 industry-recognized programs including Photoshop, Lightroom, and many more.

However, it is still rather pricey, particularly if you are neither a student nor a teacher who are entitled for a 60% discount.

4. Scribus


Scribus is a widely used open-source Microsoft Publisher competitor among Mac users. The program is well known as a solution for image-setting equipment of professional grade.

This app may be used to create outstanding displays, pamphlets, forms, publications, and others. Every time it is utilized, this strong publishing tool practically smoothly helps to ensure that the publication comes to life and provides the much-needed charm.

When it comes to brochures, newsletters, and even posters, the program comes with a plethora of template possibilities to pick from. Users will find it much easier to use as a result of this.

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Because the program is free, it seldom receives upgrades from the tiny number of volunteers who keep it functioning. It also does not have the most appealing user interface.

You’d have to learn how to use the program on your own. If you’re on a budget, there’s no other program for Mac users that can aid you for free.

Another thing worth highlighting is that Scribus is not accessible for Macs running on the 32-bit architecture. Only the development version or Scriber 1.5.5 are available to 64-bit users. Furthermore, you would have to navigate the software’s clumsy interface.

5. Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher

The Belight Software-created publisher is an absolute Microsoft Publisher alternative for users. The program is attractive, user-friendly, and simple to operate. The finest part about the software’s UI is that it is completely smooth.

Once you get started with this program, there isn’t much you’ll need to learn or assistance with. Things are pretty much logical thanks to the UI.

Swift Publisher is ideal for creating flyers, publications, newsletters, and other printed materials. If you run into any problems when designing one of these, you may always turn to the software company’s training videos.

Even with all of that said, the 500+ professional-looking templates provided by the program are undoubtedly what excite consumers the most about it. This simplifies and streamlines the editing and publication process.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the fundamentals. The Swift publisher offers some of the most useful tools, such as Master Pages, guidelines, grid layers, and others.

Apple Photos and Aperture are also integrated with Swift Publisher. As a result, you may now save your work as a PDF, JPEG, or even other formats.

If there is one flaw in the program that is frequently mentioned, it is the lack of reliability when working with a big number of pictures. When printing standard brochures, leaflets, and articles, the program performs admirably.

6. Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher

This alternative to Microsoft Publisher offers a wide range of publishing options to assist users in putting together files. Texts, visuals, photos, and other types of data can be found in these files.

Image framing with a fantastic scaling option, text wrapping around objects, unique grids, and snipping are just a few of the features. The complex guidelines and grids, as well as the snapping tool, only add to the software’s beauty and usability.

Users may easily create tables and indexes with this program. These features are easy to add with only a few clicks and look great. A section organizer may also be used to organize the information, and keyboard shortcuts can be used to make it easier.

The program also includes a slew of Affinity applications. These applications ensure that the software can assist in the dissemination of documents in a timely and efficient manner.

Another useful aspect of the Affinity program is that it allows users to construct text frames of any shape. You may also link many text frames together throughout the page. This function considerably aids in the development of the publication’s aesthetics.

Advanced typography, a smooth workflow, and professional outputs are just a few of the software’s features that you’ll like. The software’s opaque control and seamless gradients only aid in achieving the ideal finish for the publications.

7. Pages


This is the solution Apple devised for its clients, and it is widely utilized in iWork, which is arguably the Apple counterpart of Microsoft Office. If you are familiar with the Microsoft Word interface, you will most likely comprehend the interface quickly.

The amount of almost-ready-to-use templates in Pages is the first thing that will astound you. Pages, on the other hand, is a free Microsoft Publisher counterpart with its own set of issues. The UI is not user-friendly overall.

However, the program does have the majority of the functions. So, unless you’re a true pro with a crystal-clear understanding of how to proceed, you’re likely to become lost in the program.

8. LibreOffice


LibreOffice is a free MS Publisher substitute that allows you to create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents, all of which may be saved in Microsoft Office formats.

Without the exorbitant price tag, LibreOffice provides virtually all of the features of premium word processing and other apps. While ODT is the program’s default file format, you may save documents in a variety of alternative formats.

This covers Microsoft Office file formats, making LibreOffice files easy to share with others. Microsoft Office files can also be opened using the software.

LibreOffice is an excellent free alternative to Microsoft Word and other commercial word processors and office suites. Its programs are intuitively accessible and arranged, and the suite includes a few additional apps.

To get the most out of the application, power users will need to install Java Runtime Environment. However, casual users may probably skip this step and just enjoy the fundamental functionality of word editing, spreadsheet creation and administration, and presentation creation for free.

9. QuarkXPress


In a WYSIWYG environment, QuarkXPress is a desktop publishing program for designing and altering complicated page layouts. It is compatible with both macOS and Windows. QuarkXPress 2019, the most recent version, allows you to publish in 37 languages.

Individual designers, major publishing companies, and organizations utilize QuarkXPress to create a wide range of layouts, from single-page flyers to multimedia projects for publications. Ebooks, websites, and mobile applications are now supported in newer editions.

10. Print Artist 25

Print Artist 25

This software is a low-cost substitute to Microsoft Publisher. Thousands of professionally designed themes and stunning visuals highlight the platform’s amazing range of capabilities. A digital picture editor and photo clip arts are among the other significant features.

The software’s clean assortment of gorgeous templates, on the other hand, produces similarly spectacular results when used to create diplomas, calendars, labels, and stationery. Above all, the platform is easy to learn for newcomers.


While there are free Microsoft Publisher alternatives available if your budget is limited, you’ll also get the best in the market, which will save you a lot of time thanks to the free templates and simple drag-and-drop functionality. If you’re confident in your publishing abilities, Pages is a smart choice.

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