How to Cancel Tinder Subscription on iPhone and Android

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Cancel Tinder Subscription

Today there is no time to feel sorry for yourself as a single person. Thanks to your phone which can connect you with the people around the world. Just download Tinder to erase your loneliness. Just like the other app, if you want premium features you must do a subscription. Once you’ve done it, you will get more service from them. But sometimes you want to stop the subscription too. So, here you will find the way to subscribe and how to cancel Tinder subscription from your phone.

Tinder is a dating app that mostly used by people recently. Actually, Tinder can also be opened on the web, but it is more comfortable to access through your phone. There are two types of its subscription, those are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Of course, once you desire the features, you must pay the cost. That is why some people want to stop it. You can find the way how to cancel Tinder subscription in this article.

The Difference of Tinder Subscription

Tinder Plus and TInder Gold

Before we discuss further steps to subscribe until how to cancel Tinder subscription, you need to know the differences between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. In fact, there is no significant point. But if you are concerned about your social life and really focus on finding your one, the features might help you much. These are the differences we talk about:

1. The Price

Of course, the difference you will see is from the price. Tinder costs you around $9.99 for a month as the Tinder Plus membership. This price is applied for those who under 30 if you are older than 30, you have to pay $19.99 a month.

If you want to change from Plus to the Gold, it means you upgrade your membership. It only cost you $5 more per month added to the previous cost. But if it is your first-time subscription, you pay around $29 for a month. However, the price depends on your age and location because Tinder is a social media location-based.

2. The “Likes You”

There is a grid layout where you can see people who have seen your profile. They could be detected from since last logged in. Thanks to this to Tinder so you are able to auto-match with the one you are interested in. No need more swiping again. On the other hand, you can see who like you before you swipe too. But this feature is exclusively for Tinder Gold member. Your personal matching is available 24/7. If you are the Plus one, you can still get old Tinder access which a yellow heart icon appears on your profile. This shows you for those who have already liked you before.

3. Picks Feature

Besides the price, there is another major difference (for someone who concerns their personal progress). It is called the Picks feature. While you are the Gold subscribers, you can see from 4 to 10 Tinder profiles considered as highly match. If your membership is a Plus, you still get the access to “Top Picks”, but Tinder doesn’t help you to do the selection. By upgrading to a Gold membership, you will get “bells” once there is a compatible profile with you.

Steps to Subscribe Tinder

Subscribe Tinder

Now you know the differences between the Plus and Gold membership. If you really focus looking for a date, we suggest you join as a Gold member. But if you are not pressed by time, it is okay to be the Plus first. You will find how to cancel the Tinder subscription at the end of this article. The steps below are to do a subscription:

1. Open Tinder App

Find your Tinder app in the app drawer. It is easier if you just remember its icon: the pink box with a white flame inside. Then, tap to open the app.

2. Enter Profile and Setting

You will be directed to your homepage. See at the top of the page, tap the profile icon. Some people put their photos, but others just let it as an icon. After tapping the profile icon, you will find a gear icon inside. Find it on the near the top-left corner, it is placed there. Tap that icon for entering the setting page.

3. Choose the Subscription

There will appear two choices, whether you want to be a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. Choose what you want. Remember, the differences we have discussed above. Once you have selected the membership, the price will appear right after that. You will be offered three price plans, those are 12 months, 6 months, and 1 month. Select a plan then tap continue.

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4. Follow the Rest Instructions

Now it is almost done. Tap the “ADD PAYMENT METHOD” button to continue the process. Follow what appears on your screen. In this step, you have to set up your payment. It depends on your settings, but usually, Tinder asks you to verify your identity with the Google Play Store or Apple ID. It is their requirement before you subscribe.

How to Cancel Tinder Subscription in Easy Way

We will discuss the way how to cancel Tinder subscription in both versions. So, whether you use an iPhone or Android, you still have to read this whole article. We won’t discuss how to cancel Tinder subscription through desktop (web). Because it is easier and once you get the problem, you can try it again later. If the problem persists, Tender has a team that will investigate and guide you further process. Below are the steps in canceling the subscription:


Tinder on iPhone

You can do a cancelation of subscription anytime you want. The steps below are for iPhone users:

  1. Open iTunes on your iPhone.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password now, but you have to select the iTunes Store. This could be found from the main menu. After that, select the View Account.
  3. Log in with your account (Apple ID and its password).
  4. You will move to the Account Information. Scroll down the screen until the bottom. Find the Setting section.
  5. Select to the Subscriptions and then tap Manage link.
  6. Select to the app subscription you want to cancel. In here you must tap Tinder app.
  7. Turn off the auto-renewal by sliding it. Or, you can simply select Unsubscribe.


Tinder on Android

Don’t worry if you are using an Android phone. There is a simple way too on how to cancel Tinder subscription. Follow the steps here if you are the Google Play user:

  1. Just like the iOs users, you have to enter the Google Play Store app to find which app you want to stop subscribing.
  2. Open the Google Play Store app, then find Tinder in “My Apps & Games” button on the left corner side. Or, simply just search the app by typing its name on the search box there.
  3. Once you have found Tinder app, tap to open it. If you find Tinder through the search box, just tap the “OPEN” button.
  4. Now you are inside the Tinder app. Select cancel or unsubscribe, after that, you will be warned sure or not. If you are already sure, choose “Confirm”.

Wrapping Up!

Now you already knew the differences of Tinder memberships, steps to be its member, until how to cancel Tinder subscription. We suggest you cancel the subscription not nearly the end of the period. It is due to avoid your payment settlement once using Credit Card for example. You must make sure when your account is charged.

By following steps on how to cancel Tinder subscription, it doesn’t mean you cannot access the Tinder at all. If you already subscribed, whether Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold membership, you are still able to use its membership. Because you have paid so Tinder lets you use the rest period. But when it meets its expiry date, your membership won’t be extended. You will be back just like the first downloader.

After you are successfully followed steps on how to cancel Tinder subscription, you cannot get the refund of subscription payment. You can’t also get the prorate cancellation refund based on the date you do a cancellation. Remember, you cannot cancel the subscription just by deleting the app. Deleting Tinder from your phone doesn’t mean stopping your subscription.

Within billion data Tinder had gathered, it is a good app if you want to make new friends, a date, even more, serious relationship. It is your opportunity to find new people from another city or over the country. Just try to download Tinder and open yourself for making a new friend. Don’t be shy and come over join with various people in Tinder.

Lastly, talking about the membership, it is okay to feel confused in the first place. But it is important for you to get wide access rather than the ordinary user. As our tips, you can try subscribing as Tinder Plus first before joining as Tinder Gold. We think it is cheaper and gives you more experience before focus on using Tinder. However, it depends on your concern, if you really want to look at the right one, Tinder might be the best solution to try.

Don’t be in a hurry to follow our steps on how to cancel Tinder subscription. Probably you might find your match here!

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