13 Best Motivational Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Motivational Apps

Having somebody or something that reminds you to stay positive first thing in the morning would be nice. So, you might want to consider checking out these best motivational apps in the first place. Some people might have been cynical about this kind of app but you will never know how amazing those platforms are without giving them a try, right?

This article will provide information about several apps you can consider using to get some motivation before starting your day. All of them are free to use but you can always upgrade the services. Before deciding on a specific app, make sure that it suits your phone’s platform.

Best Motivational Apps to Keep You Motivated

The app market is a place where you can find various apps for anything you need. Thus, even if you are looking for motivational quotes apps, you will most likely find tons of options. But which one is the best?

Surely, there are more than one app that may provide great services. Thus, this article has curated several apps both on the Play Store and App Store you should consider. All the apps on the list are free to download but many advanced features are only available for premium subscribers. Enjoy.

1. Habitify


As the app’s name suggests, Habitify helps you to track your habits. According to users, this app is highly suitable for those who love minimalist things and life. The app shows up with straightforward tracking features. By that, you can keep track of your habits, especially if you need motivational workout apps that work.

Habitify allows users to create goals and objectives through bullets. On the other hand, you can create a journal by a journal by using this all. It has a series of categories to keep track of your habits, whether it’s productivity, health, or even finance.

This app also features a community option. It means that you can check out the community option, read the discussions, and many more. Habitify is free for all users but the premium option starts at USD5. It will be a worthy investment, after all.

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2. Daily Quotes – Always Positive

Daily Quotes – Always Positive

Daily Quotes is a motivational quote app that gets a high rating from both the Play Store and App Store. Other than giving you lots of affirmations to stay positive from time to time, this platform also utilizes a neat yet effortless UI design. 

Thus, if you love everything that seems minimalist then this app will visually please you. According to the developers, Daily Quotes was created to help you stay on track regardless of how hard your day is. 

Other than showing quotes, you will get a nice wallpaper along with the text. So, it will be an interesting thing to own Daily Quotes as an additional app to your phone. Similar to most apps on this list, this platform is available on the app market for free. But you can always sign up for its paid version for upgraded services.

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3. Daily Motivation

Daily Motivation

The Daily Motivation app is the kind of app that will boost your mood before starting your day. The app will come up with various inspirational quotes that will light up your day. The quotes are sorted through several categories. 

Thus, you can pick and adjust what the app will send you through the settings tab. Other than allowing you to choose the quotes, Daily Motivation will also send messages depending on your preference. 

On the other hand, Daily Motivation only provides as personalized quotes as you like. Another interesting thing about this platform is how easy it is to create a motivational reminder. 

The app allows you to change the quotes by changing the backgrounds, fonts, colors, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? You can always utilize the free version even though Daily Motivation also offers a premium plan through subscriptions.

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4. MindMeister


One of the best motivational apps free that might help you deal with your life goals is MindMeister. This app helps you to create a mind map of any goal you want to achieve. 

Thus, you can keep everything on track while staying organized effortlessly. More than anything, maintaining organizedness is not an easy task – MindMeister will help you with that. It will be easier if you give this app a try, for sure.

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5. Habitica


Habitica is one of the best motivational apps for students and other users. It is generally a task manager but everything comes up gamified. The app will show a series of role-playing games that encourage you to create a healthier routine. Other than that, you can create your to-do list and keep your eyes on the goals.

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6. Fabulous


The next app you should consider is called Fabulous. As its name suggests, this app will make you feel fabulous from day one. You can even count this platform as one of the best motivational apps for weight loss, as long as you know how to use it. 

Generally, the main focus of this app is to focus on yourself – it is a self-care app. Thus, it suits everyone who wants to improve themselves both physically and mentally. 

Fabulous will encourage its users to maximize their energy levels, manage anxiety and stress, or even create routines that focus on themselves in the first place. The goal, according to the developer, is to create better habits and reach your goals. You will find a series of features that help you navigate your life. 

Some of those features include Deep Work Challenge, Iron Self-Discipline, and Daily Coaching. So, if you are looking for a good app to be your companion on your self-care journey then Fabulous is worth a shot.

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7. Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness Coach

Are you looking for motivational apps for depression? Generally, many apps are designed for those who deal with depression. However, those apps are mostly for companionship only – not for the main medication. If you are dealing with depression then you should seek help from professionals. 

So, Mindfulness Coach is an app designed to reduce stress. It is also utilized at military vets and proven to reduce stress effectively. Thus, this platform might be a perfect tool to help you manage stress in the first place. 

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There are various exercises you can find on the app’s database to ease your mind. So, if you want to start your life with a stress-free mind then you should consider Mindfulness Coach as part of your morning routines.

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8. Visuapp


It won’t be difficult to find options of motivational apps for iPhone devices on the App Store. However, if all you need is a platform that allows you to create a visual vision board then Visuapp is what you need. This platform encourages its users to get a balanced life by creating goals. 

One of those things that make Visuapp different from other apps is its “feng shui” characteristic. This app comes with nine categories, from money to travel. To start your motivation journey, you can simply put pictures on each tab to know your goals in the first place. 

Everything is effortless to operate and highly straightforward. Visuapp is compatible with both iOS and Android for free.

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9. iWish Bucket List

iWish Bucket List

Several motivational running apps are available for free both on the App Store and Play Store. However, if you are looking for a motivational platform specifically designed for iOS phones then you should consider iWish Bucket List. 

This platform’s main goal is to provide reminders and motivations through both words and visual aspects. You will get the message every morning on your phone screen. Other than that, you can create a vision board that helps you tackle your goals as well as remind you why you create the goals in the first place. 

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can see how far you’ve come. The history of each goal you’ve completed is stored and can be seen through the app. It is not fair to judge the app without giving it a try. So, if you are an iOS user then you should try iWish Bucket List.

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10. Motivate: Daily Motivation

Motivate: Daily Motivation

The name of this app already reflects the functions and features offered, right? Well, Motivate: Daily Motivation will send you positive affirmations daily, similar to most apps on this list. Other than infusing positive words, the app will send your music, videos, and other interesting content. 

All the messages you get are hand-picked and curated by professionals. So, it is highly possible to get a personalized affirmation every day. This app is free but offers premium plans for those who want to enjoy more services. 

Still, the free version is worth trying – if you like what you get then you can commit to its pro plan, after all. This app also sorts the features into a few categories and comes up with several filters. 

By that, you will get daily motivation depending on your needs in the first place. You will never know how amazing this app is without giving it a try, for sure.

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11. ThinkUp


There are several fitness motivational apps that you can find on the Play Store and App Store. However, if you are looking for an app to keep track on your outlook in life then ThinkUp might be an excellent companion for you. According to the creators, this app may help users to achieve a happier and healthier life. To prove it, you surely need to give this app a try.

Generally, this platform will be a nice addition to your phone. It comes with positive affirmations that will help you to start your day. So, you will get infused by positive words daily. Other than sending you positive words, you can also adjust and personalize what kind of affirmations you want to receive.

Users can add music and record their voices to say that affirmations – not all similar apps provide this feature in the first place. Of course, you can put images and other elements to make your daily affirmations more appealing to you. ThikUp is available for free, both on the App Store and Play Store. Still, there is always an option to make your experiences premium.

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12. Unique Daily Affirmations

Unique Daily Affirmations

This app is one of the best free motivational apps that you should consider downloading. It helps you to stay motivated since you open your phone. Unique Daily Affirmation comes up with a reminder or alarm that shows up on your screen. 

Thus, you will start your day with a better mood and good mindset. Also, you can record your affirmation and show it on your phone’s screen.

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13. Strides


Have you heard of Stride? This app is highly popular due to various functions and features offered. As one of the best inspirational quotes app for iOS devices, Stride comes up with a neat and effortless UI design. It will be a perfect friend for your daily life, especially if you spend most of your day with your smartphone.

This platform provides several tabs that will make users choose their goals way easier. It allows you to keep track of your goals in various ways, depending on the category you’ve picked. For instance, Stride offers services to stay on deadline-driven track comfortably. On the other hand, you can still manage your behaviors and habits through the same platform.

Stride also arranges several subtopics to control your to-dos, such as relationships, hobbies, financial, and health. Everything is available in one app for free but you can always upgrade the services from USD5 per month. This app is worth your investment in many ways, though.

Download on the App Store

Generally, there are quite many options if you are looking for apps to motivate you daily. Some platforms even bring a more specific niche, such as motivational apps for working out for instance. Thus, it seems like you will find a specific app that you need once you know what you want in the first place.

So, do you find your favorite motivational app on the list above? This is everything you need to know about the best motivational apps you can use for daily affirmation. Feel free to give each name a try to find out whether or not that app is for you. The free version and free trial plans are surely worth a chance.

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